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Meet Oklahoma’s Dog Breeders

Written by PETA | October 26, 2007

Oklahoma ranks close to the top nationally in the number of breeders currently doing their dirty work in the state, and The Tulsa World recently featured a fascinating investigation into Oklahoma’s culture of breeding, from the hideous puppy millers to the other vile breeders, who parade their sickly “pedigree” animals around and worry about their posture, while they completely ignore the fact that the miserable animals are languishing in hutches and cages not fit for a rock, let alone a living, breathing animal. Much like the shelter animals down the road from them, who will die because these people have chosen to make their living bringing more dogs into a country that has millions more than it can handle.

It’s all a little depressing, but definitely worth checking out—particularly this video, which shows the legal conditions that licensed breeders keep their animals in, because the USDA has told them it’s “acceptable.”


On a much more positive note, The Chicago Tribune is holding a contest to pick Chicago’s most beautiful dog. If you’re a dog lover, a Chicagoan, or just someone with an interest in canine aesthetics, you can go check it out here, but be sure to vote for a mutt. Because everybody loves a mutt.

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  • Kathy says:

    Rose you are right. They also go to the puppy sales in Choteau bid high on dogs and take them to the van and kill them…just so mills can’t get them. And a lot of those dogs would have gone to good puppy homes not mills. They are cruel. If only Oprah knew what was really going on with PETA. I dare the Tulsa World go undercover when PETA is there and uncover THEM. They are a big organization with big money that’s gotten out of hand.

  • Kate says:

    Kelly You haven’t a CLUE about responsible breeders. Make money? HA…I am about 10000 PLUS in the hole. I DO breed for the betterment of the breed. I don’t THINK about breeding my dogs until at 2 years of age they pass all OFA tests that cost hundreds of dollars EACH DOG. They are shown to prove their worth and if they don’t do well they are NOT bred. They are welcome to stay here til they die of old age or I screen very carefully their new homes. ALL my dogs petted out leave here spayed or neutered MORE MONEY. Make money? HA! We are a newer breed and if we are to have a healthy line and consistency we must do it right. So shut your pie hole until you’ve walked in MY shoes. OH YES…and I do rescue!!!!!

  • katherine says:

    NO ONE has the right to mistreat an animal…and NO ONE has the right to tell me if I can bred my dog….they are my children! We could save money if some of the breeders of children were spayed but we haven’t suggested that yet…have we? Nor am I hear to defend puppy mills with tons of dogs but I am here to say…I will keep my own dogs and their family going without burdening the rescue possee….and don’t need PETA telling me the rules! READ PETA’s agenda! Move to India….they have lots of rats for you!

  • rose says:

    please you know NOTHING about dogs or breeders. most so called “purebreds” in animal shelters do not conform to the standard have to be spayed or neutered and dont have available AKC papers rendering them un showable anyone who sells dogs for a profit is a puppy mill a real breeder cares about hisher animal. when you think about it they lose money on stud fees vaccinations registrations etc. additionally designer dogs are never shown and cannot be registered. how can you claim to be a proanimal organization if all animals were spayedneutered where would we be in 2030 years? please get a life! you dont have to like everybodys decision but its freedom of choice. peta has even been known to let showdogs out of their crates.many people dont want a shelter dog because they often have health or behavior problems. now lets not forget that peta was recently caught dumping dead animals into a dumpster? where did those animals come from? still people address the real issue of puppy mills dogfighters and abusers etc.

  • DeWayne Bumphus says:

    In McAlester Ok there is a dog catcher who is cruel to the animals and using the purebreed dogs for his own personal profits. If anyone is willing to help me in my fight against this cruel dog catcher please email me at or call me at 918 3025277. Thanks DeWayne

  • annie says:

    Perez Hilton just bought a dog from a puppy mill and posted on his blog about it. Is there some reason you haven’t raked him over the coals yet or at least taken his blog off of your blog roll?

  • Caboose says:

    Blame money for all these problems. Stupid dollar. Peso FTW.

  • Ariel says:

    kelly As always your great posts get right to the truthful points. I would like to add that the AKC dog show on tv is proud to be sponsored by Eukanuba who as we know does horrendous experiments on dogs in their torture labs!

  • Caboose says:

    Take up arms and destroy the mills. Make a new mill for feeding the puppies Windmill grinds grain

  • Margarita says:

    Good work from The Tulsa World.

  • Susannah S says:

    The USDA told them it was “acceptable” just as the USDA has declared factory farming acceptable or the high speed slaughter of animals at slaughterhouses which results in animals being scalded alive. That too is “acceptable.” The USDA is about as useless and unaccountable as a government agency gets. They have long ignored their true responsibility to protect animals in favor of the lobbies and agribusiness. So it’s not surprising that they find the puppy mills “acceptable.” The agency people must spend so much time in their little rabbit warren offices that they have forgotten that most living beings require more than a few square feet to live well.

  • kelly says:

    Many would be shocked by the lobby that is actually supporting the puppy millers these days The “reputable” dog breeding world. Yep the various breed club members AKC people and all the rest. To start AKC now makes most of its income on puppy mill puppy registrations. They lobby FOR the mills against rules and regulations that can stop the suffering but perhaps potentially decrease the cash flow in for those dog shows and big salaries. Then there are your local “reputable” breeders you know the ones who say they breed only for the “betterment” of the breed and don’t make money. Load of crap. They sure do make money and few to none are licensed or on the books or reporting income. Many are running illegal businesses out of homes or breaking dog limit laws or zoning laws or environmental laws or whatever. So they fight ANY humane law any rule any call for licensing anything that would take dog breeding out of the dark underground place it inhabits. They put themselves in the position of fighting laws that would apply to commercial kennels or puppy mills because they only care about their own selfish interests. And the torture and suffering go on for the dogs trapped in these hellhole mills.

  • Mr. Chief says:

    Why not do something about it? Cocks Luger

  • jess says:

    fusion dog FTW!

  • liliana says:

    Why all these monsters exit? the dogs have to pay a big price just for these horrible people gain a profit. I hate all these animals cruelty people.