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Meet Your Meat, World Beef Expo

Written by PETA | September 29, 2008

Some PETA activists stopped by the World Beef Expo in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to show them a thing or two about beef—namely, that all meat is murder.

Calling attention to the similarities between killing humans and killing animals for food, one of our activists lay on a “grill” on a busy sidewalk, her skin painted to mimic the charred flesh that some people still happily consume at barbecues. Meanwhile, local activists passed out free copies of PETA’s “Vegetarian Starter Kit” to passers-by who asked for them—and you can bet a lot of people did!

Check our pics of the great demo below—and check out for more info!


Human BBQ- 1.JPG

Human BBQ- 7.JPG

Human BBQ- close up.JPG

Written by Amanda Schinke

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  • not buying it says:

    Get a life… it’s not murder… for it to be murder there would have to be a law stating it’s murder and there isn’t. You can just thank God above that at least your ancestors where smart enough to eat meat otherwise you would not be here today to make this stupid claim. That said I do not condone killing animals for sport as it is totally un necessary. but come on really we need to eat meat. we are designed to eat meat. God even says in the bible to eat meat. time for organisations like yours to have a more realistic and less extremest view on life….

  • Anne Marie says:

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and beliefs… however, it’s not pleasing to anyone to have another’s views shoved down their throats.

  • brIannafgfgh says:

    after seeing this it made me wonder how i can live with my self!! im a huge animal love HUGE!!! but i still eat meat and everything else!!! untill my friend showed me the vidoe “meet your meat” on this web site,now thanks to my bfffff jackie im a part vegetarian!!!! 🙂 THANK YOU SOOO MUCH JACKIE!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

  • Ari says:

    cool!!! when i saw this photo i recognized the cone thing in the background and i recognized that it was the grand avenue mall downtown! do you think you will at beef expo next year because if so i’ll go and cheer peta on!

  • Nick says:

    You used a topless woman to get your point across? Congrats on another job well done PETA.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Michelle I wouldn’t worry about livestock becoming “overpopulated” since most animals such as dairy cows are artificially inseminated in the first place. Humans thus control their rate of reproduction. The world’s grain production on the other hand could be used far more efficiently to feed the human population rather than wastefully recycling it through animals.

  • Michelle says:

    This is completely false information. All meat is not murder. God put animals on earth for a reason with out the processing of meat products the world would be overpopulated. The consumption of meat goes way back even farther than vegetarianism. I think that you people should put more effort in your research before you make yourselves look ignorant.

  • Little Drummer Boy says:

    Very convincing and brilliant indeed!!!!!!!

  • Crystal says:

    What a wonderful way to shed some light on the subject! I hope many take heart stop it murdered animals. Great work Peta!

  • milik parrish says:

    GO PETA!!! u guys are awsome. it about time some one thought about the lives of animals. thank u for inspireing me to become a zoologist! also wat do you guys say about spay and nutering animals? i think thats also cruel.

  • John Carmody says:

    This is just a perfect way to get attention for the meat issue well done PETA!

  • Allie says:

    Absolutely Fabulous Demonstration!! Love the grill!

  • Vegan4animals says:

    Wow! I commend those activists. How can they not get it after seeing human BBQ!

  • Ryan McReynolds says:

    Yes let’s have much more unequivocal “meat is murder” and much less “please slaughter your chickens gently.” Given that eggs are murder for male chicks and dairy is murder for calves it would be nice if you could change that “vegetarian” to “vegan” of course…

  • Judith FFFA says:

    This is great PETA!!!You need to do more of these! These people are simply wonderful the best the bravest! Meat is cruelty and murder! Brilliant PETA simply Brilliant!!!MEAT is MURDER MURDER MURDER!!! Abolish Animal Slavery! Most of my heroes wear masks!

  • Elaine Huggins says:

    Thank you soooooooooooo much for helping the animals you guys are the best .. after seeing those vodeos i havent eaten any meat for 5 days now its a start thank you so much God Bless Elaine Huggins

  • lynda downie says:

    Brilliant demo just brilliant!

  • SASHA says:


  • ian says:

    These are the exact types of demonstrations PETA should be doing more of. Excellent job! This makes perfect sense.

  • Hjalmer says:

    thank you peta for doing this it helps aware the meat eaters that they are eating a animal who died a painful death