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Meet Amanda Kyle, Fieldworker

Written by PETA | May 28, 2010

The following is a post that originally appeared on PETA Prime.

Because of your support, PETA is able to work in local communities, helping individual animals in need. Thousands of animals are helped by PETA’s Community Animal Project (CAP) each year. This is the second in a series of posts chronicling the work of CAP—this post is from Amanda Kyle, fieldworker for CAP. The first post can be found here.

As a CAP fieldworker, I was out one day delivering doghouses and straw bedding to dogs who are forced to live outdoors when a passerby alerted me to two semi-feral dogs suffering from severe skin infections. When I stopped by to check on the situation, I found these two frightened puppies living on what appeared to be an abandoned property. They wouldn’t let me get close enough to touch them. Both dogs had bloody sores and were missing a lot of hair. No one was home, so I left a note, gave the dogs food, and put straw bedding inside a wooden box that seemed to serve as their “house.”

Puppy With Mange

I tried for several days to track down these suffering puppies’ guardian—I talked to neighbors and stopped by at different times but could find no one who seemed to know anything. The puppies had been surviving off scraps that neighbors and passersby left for them.

Days later, when I stopped by, this time at night, the temperature was 18 degrees, and the note I left the first day was still on the door. I couldn’t leave these puppies out there any longer. I can’t even imagine how painful the below-freezing temperatures must have felt on their cracked, bleeding skin. I spent hours trying to catch these poor, frightened puppies, and I finally succeeded in coaxing them into carriers.

A vet determined that they both had a severe case of mange covering about 80 percent of their bodies. Their skin was also badly infected from the bleeding wounds, and they were suffering from a severe hookworm infestation. The vet who examined them gave medications to give them a little relief while we continued our search for the puppies’ guardian, but the vet recommended euthanasia because of the severity of their condition. By this time, the two puppies seemed to have realized that my team and I were all there to help, and they warmed up to us quite well. They even let us pet them, so we were able to give them the love and attention that they craved—likely the only time they’d ever received any at all.

While I spent several more days trying to track down a guardian for these pups, another one of our fieldworkers brought the puppies home to stay with her and her two dogs. For those few days, these two sweet pups got to experience things that all dogs deserve to have every day, all their lives—shelter, regular meals, veterinary care, companionship, and compassion.

Even though the puppies were so much better off than when I found them, they were still suffering terribly. The medication gave them only a little relief from the infections that had grown so severe during the months with no medical treatment and poor nutrition. Had I left them where I found them—abandoned, freezing, and hungry—their condition would only have gotten worse and caused them even more pain over the days or weeks before they succumbed to their ailments. They likely would have died a miserable death. Because of their terrible suffering, we took the veterinarian’s recommendation of euthanasia and gave these angels a peaceful release from their pain and suffering.

Puppy With Mange

Even though this was such a sad case, I’m so thankful that we got the chance to give these dogs some care and much-needed relief. Part of what is so important about CAP’s work is that I get to help animals for whom no other help is available. PETA’s spay-neuter clinics are lowering the number of homeless animals in this region so that in the future, all pups (and kittens) will be born into loving homes, not on the streets. Until that day, we won’t turn away from those who are in need, even though our hearts break while carrying out this work.

Amanda Kyle goes out into the community every day to rescue and improve the lives of animals in PETA’s own neighborhood.

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  • losimkus says:

    Delfassaugs enatuerge

  • Maru Vigo says:

    I have been in similar situations many many times and I will never be able to understand how people can be so indifferent to the suffering of animals that are on this earth to enrich our lives and make them much better. Amanda thank you very much for your compassion compromise and tenacity to keep going despite it all.

  • Jillouise says:

    Thanks for helping the animals Amanda! You rock!!

  • zuhaila says:

    thank u so much for the help and work that you’ve done. i’m so happy that these poor animals had a chance however brief to live with lots of love and care. your story restores my faith that as a human being feeling for animals in need being compassionate for them and loving them is indeed part of our nature and not the privilege and responsibility of the selected few. i wish everyone would see themselves as guardians and caretakers for animals in the world cos i truly believe that we are. thank u again. Zuhaila from Malaysia

  • Denise LaChance says:

    Thank you for what you did for those poor dogs and for what you continue to do.

  • Raj says:

    Hey Amanda People like you always remind me that humanity still exists. I want to thank you from deep of my heart. God bless you ! I wish from God to give you more strength and resources so that you can continue helping poor animals. Amen !

  • PJ Sowers says:

    breaks my heart am crying right now… I am happy that you tried to do the best that you could for them.. makes you sick to your stomach.. and yes they are in heaven..

  • Sylv says:

    “Only for a couple of minutes while he cleans up the dogs mess..He also drugs the dog during the day so it sleeps and no one knows there is a dog in there….I had animal control investigate but they said there is no law against keeping a dog locked up in a cage its whole life” Take some video go to your state representative or even governor and tell them what animal control told you. Tell them there need to be better laws. Get a politician to work with you. And report to a state animal organization.

  • Sylv says:

    Many people wonder what they can do to help animals and stop this sort of thing. If all they did was go to some poorer areas or to some of their poorer neighbors and get their pets spayed and neutered then we wouldn’t have pups like this getting abandoned. This is something that anyone can do. Most of these people are grateful to have someone help them. They don’t have the money for the vet bill and they don’t even have transportation to get the pet to the vet. Even spaying ONE DOG for someone who can’t afford it means litter after litter doesn’t suffer. Even ONE SPAY makes a difference. A veterinarian may even be willing to work with you on some of these special hardship cases and lower the fees. ASK AROUND. Some people ask for donations at work or school. A lot of people are very willing to pitch in. But without more spaying and neutering this suffering will never end.

  • Pressiana says:

    This was a very touching story and I am so happy that there are people like you. I would do the same every time I see an animal in need I always pull over and help. I would take the animal whereever it needs to go to get the help it deserves. These puppies are at a better place now and I am very happy to hear that they experienced love and care and did not continue to suffer.

  • Aneliese says:

    Amanda is so lucky to be near PETA I would give anything to be her!

  • Sarah says:

    This really made me cry and I almost never cry. The picture of that puppy curled up and covered in bleeding wounds…it breaks my heart. It is truly incomprehensible to me that someone would have left them to suffer and die. I really appreciate what you did for them though giving them a few happy days before a peaceful end to their lives. That is at least much better than it would have been for them.

  • Vicki Ulibarri says:

    God Bless you and Thank you! I only wish I could do more. You and others like you are truely angels sent from God.

  • Celina says:

    I would love to do what you do.. except I don’t think i can do it without crying. Thank you for being strong and an advocate for these beautiful creatures.

  • Wendy Stefano says:

    God bless you for allowing those puppies to have some love in their precious lives. My stomach turned in knots when I saw the picture of one of the pups all curled up and resting knowing heshe was probably so grateful for a little comfort in the midst of all hisher obvious pain. Thanks Amanda.

  • Elizabeth says:

    Thank God that people like you exists!! Thank you for being such a beautiful human being and thank you for helping animals in need. I admire your work!! I will make an effort and donate to Peta so people like you help animals in need Thank You!

  • Preeti says:

    Great noble work…. May God Bless You for good karmas .. Kindness is a basic human instinct I fail to understand why some people become heartless and leave poor creatures to suffer. I extend all support to PETA and appreciate the great work that they are doing.

  • Michelle M says:

    Thank you for having a heart. I cant turn any dog away if in the streets. I found Bruno tossed at a Rest Area in the dead summer on my way home to Las Vegas from California. He is such a love bug it took me nearly 1 yr to find him a good forever home. But he will be meeting his new mommy tomorrow. When you give these poor animals love and the love they give in return makes it all worth it. I plan to move to Mexico next year to start my nonprofit organization. It will be to spay and neuter catsdogs and to also to help educate children and others to feel and show respect to all animals. I look forward to this challenge to make a difference. Im starting small in my familys home town and hope to continue outward.

  • april says:

    I’m crying as I read this and look at the pictures…Amanda thank you for doing all you do for the animals people like you are simply amazing and I for one appreciate all you do.

  • Christel Nielsen Hole says:

    I must say that I admire you who do this jobb keep on the good work

  • beth robbins says:

    My short lived former career as an animal control officer in a county in Florida. One of the most unpleasant and difficult jobs you could imagine. Seeing the suffering of animals on a daily basis and feeling completely helpless to do anything about it short of getting them veterinary care fresh food and water. And in some ways contributing to that suffering by removing them from the street or home and forcing them to ride around in a cage on an unairconditioned truck for sometimes ten hours at a time! At the end of the day some did not survive even with the diligence of providing fresh water and stops under shady trees. This is how it was done. I witnessed control officers themselves not even offer water to the animals on their trucks. I always kept my truck clean for the next set of animals that would go in. Some control officers did not. Next to the truck washing area was a large dumpster. After 400pm the dumpster would be filled with dead dogs and cats “humanely euthanized” by animal control. No matter how tough you try to be the sadness of seeing this is unbearable! And at the end of my work day when I had unloaded the animals placed them in their cement and chainlink kennels and completed my reports I would walk through the kennel to go home with a broken heart and thoughts that their lives should not have turned out this way. Had I made a difference at all? Maybe in some small way I had but it was hard to see the forest through the trees!

  • Sophie Holmstrà says:

    Thank You for caring for this poore dogs! Big Big hugs from Sweden!

  • Kim Hamilton says:

    I would like to say thank you to Amanda and to all of the warmhearted people that dedicated their lives to the safety of animals. It makes sad to think of all the helpless suffering animals in the world but I stop and think about people like Amanda and for moment I get joyous relief! God bless these two little puppy angels!! They no longer have to suffer!

  • michelle holmes says:

    This is one of the most beautiful yet horrifying tales of animal neglect going on in the world today. While reading this story i had tears welled up in my eyes. My dog is like my second child. I previously have worked in a vet clinic and the horror stories that you see and hear are heart wrenching. I am glad Amanda Kyles continued to persevere until she built enough trust to help these puppies. The beautiful thing about this story is that the last few days of the puppies life they finally got to experience true love.thank you so much for all those out there who take care of and love their animals

  • SHAR says:

    Thank you…Thank you…For rescuing…..And doing the only “humane” thing which i know breaks your heart and any vets heart….. I myself and my mother have done this sort of thing all our lives…..It is heart wrenching but i am so thankful that you “followed through” and rescued them..So many organizations “won’t do anything” to me that is wrong……My mother taught me…If god puts anything in your “eye” to “see” then it is expected we do the “humane thing” and “remove that animal from its horrors”…..I have had my life threatened so many times with no back up from police or animal control it is pathetic….Thank you for all you do….The laws for protection of animals is so lame…Right now i am dealing with a sick jerk who is locking his german shepherd in the back of his suv in a metal cage….My gut says the dog lives in that cage and never gets out….Only for a couple of minutes while he cleans up the dogs mess..He also drugs the dog during the day so it sleeps and no one knows there is a dog in there….I had animal control investigate but they said there is no law against keeping a dog locked up in a cage its whole life…..Disgusting…Any peta people in san diego??

  • Karen says:

    Heart breaking indeed Poor babies.

  • jackie says:

    I know when animals are in pain you got to relieve it somehow. No matter what. It break my heart to see any animal be put to sleep but it has to be done sometimes. I am glad they had a little happiness before they went to sleep one last time.

  • Kimberly Rhode says:

    Amanda Thank you for being these two babies angel. I have rescued and given many kittens and cats a home. I’ve paid for all the vet cost and the spay and neutering. I have roughly 18 at this time. Several are not fixed due to I’m a single mom and unemployed. However they are fed very much loved and taken care of. I have my Veterinarian Assistant Cert. How can I get involved with helping like you do with the aid of PETA? Again Thank you for your heart. Those puppies knew what love was before they left our cruel world.

  • Eve says:

    Thank you for all that you’re doing for these animals I’m moved by your dedication and compassion. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!