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Medical Student Charged With Killing 13 Dogs

Written by PETA | July 7, 2011

Andrew David Thompson, a student in osteopathic medicine at Michigan State University, has reportedly admitted to killing 13 tiny Italian greyhounds by grabbing them by the neck, beating them, and throwing them against the ground or a wall.

After an anonymous call to animal control, investigators searched Thompson’s apartment and reportedly found a severely injured puppy in the closet whom they rushed to a veterinary hospital. The dog survived, despite suffering from internal bleeding.

Thompson allegedly told an animal control officer that he would get angry and kill the dogs when they had accidents in the house or wouldn’t come to him. He is charged with 13 counts of killing animals and faces an additional charge for the beaten dog who survived.

Law-enforcement officials have repeatedly documented that people who commit violent crimes against animals  often “graduate” to killing humans. If you ever suspect someone of animal abuse, it is vital, for the safety of the entire community, to report it to authorities.

PETA is calling for the maximum prison sentence for Thompson if he is convicted, and you can help by contacting Prosecutor Stuart Dunnings III and politely asking for justice for the dogs Thompson allegedly murdered.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Anne w/ an E says:

    This is not a human and should never be allowed to work with humans and never to be allowed to have any animals as pets. I cannot understand the cruelty and the attrocities he’s done.

  • DWD says:

    anon, So you want to live in a world with no compasion, empathy or sympathy…well that’s a scary thought for, while they may have Andrew in custody, you are still walking around free and thinking that cruelty makes Nobel Prize winners. I fear that your lack of these qualities only means you simply have not been caught for your cruelties yet.

  • jstrong says:

    I think it is very scary to think that this man was becoming a Doctor, good thing the truth about him came out now. He needs help, something is very wrong!

  • grady says:

    Serial killers and other violent people have been known to torture and kill animals before they reach the next stage of doing the same to humans. This is an undisputed fact that cannot be repudiated. To be human is to be humane.

  • Lisa says:

    I think he should be locked up and the key thrown away. I hope that he will get what he deserves. I don’t know how people can be so cruel and not have a conscience of what they did.

  • Mana says:

    anon – he could be a Novel price winner? In what? Cruelty ???? Would you leave your child with him together ?? Maybe if it makes him angry in one or another way he will probably do the same to it as to the dogs. A dog can give a lot to society – it has abilities which human never will have. So it can help in many ways. This man is mentally ill – I think every normal person would agree to that. And surely society must be protected from criminals like him, because he is a danger to human and animals! If you agree with that “human” well, the community you live in should keep an eye on you …..

  • Sara says:

    anon, Are you serious?? It’s PEOPLE like you that would not contribute anything to society! Your attitude is screwed up. You go Teresa!!!

  • Phoebe says:

    To anon: Actually, I agree with Teresa. And how dare you tell Teresa that we, as a community, would be better off without her? We need more people like her; empathy is good, as are compassion and sympathy. If you can’t feel those, then I feel very sorry for you and the community you live in. Further, ff you think it is okay to kill just because you are angry or feel like it, then you are potentially very dangerous and should seek professional help. And do you really believe that this medical student would ever avail to anything? A Nobel Prize in Medicine? Who are you kidding?

  • Karly says:

    @ anon. That is where you are wrong. It is our compassion that keeps this world alive and going.Did you not read the part how most often people move from killing animals to humans.How would we be safe with someone who inflicts pain and takes lives when they should be doing exactly the opposite. Id rather have less clever people in this world with compassion then smart people who ruin lives.

  • Andrea says:


  • anon says:

    Teresa, we as a community would do a LOT better without people such as yourself. Particularly the compassionate, empathetic and sympathetic part of you. Those thing are what holds us back. Whether the dog was innocent or not, it still would not contribute anything to society, whereas Andrew Thompson could have won a Nobel Prize in medicine.

  • animal lover says:

    This is really sad I can’t believe that he would hurt those dogs just because they had an accident or didn’t come to him. They probably didn’t come to him because they knew he was evil and only trying to hurt them. I really hope they lock him up he’s horrible.

  • Angela Fay Dench says:

    What a sick psychopath! What can ever possess someone to carry out such vile atrocities to helpless animals? I hope he rots in hell. Jail is too good for him!

  • gail jennings, says:

    he should get exactly what he did to them poor dogs,the cowardly scum.eye for an eye!

  • Teresa says:

    The difference, anonymous contributor, is that the animals are innocent and the man is not. I openly admit that I could do away with anyone who can hurt an innocent/helpless creature such as a puppy or a child. I’m really not a hateful or violent person. I simply think we, as a community, have no use for someone who can so easily and repeatedly be so cruel.

  • mental emotianal retard says:

    This thing that breaths the same air but has not a human bone in his body or stable mind should never b allowed to be in the same room with any animal or child he is a danger to society. Despicable Cretin

  • Karly says:

    What i still don’t understand is how these people think.Anyone who is ok with hurting another creature has big issues.Just hearing animal abuse stories makes us angry and upset so how can these people inflict pain and not feel anything? Its not the proper human reaction am i not right? if we see someone in pain we feel a strong emotion of wanting to help that person or animal. So why are these people different? What brings them to this point? is it a mental problem a social defect? That is what id like to know most.Yes people are abusing animals but why..are they merely crazy? i’ll never have any pity for anyone who would hurt another creature for any reason.To me they are a disgrace to human kind.

  • anon says:

    Man, I love the violent hypocrisies spouting out of Peta member’s mouths. It makes my day every day. “Hurrrrr durrr, be against violence, incite violence in retaliation”

  • GINNY says:


  • Emmy says:

    I want to become president just so I could make a law “What you shall do to animals shall happen to you”

  • joy says:

    the laws are not tough enough for these beast that kill and hurt these helpless animals they need to do time in jail and i dont mean a few months real time therei dont think theres mental issues i think there just pure EVIL

  • Kamalika Roy says:

    i believe this creature is a sick person…he shudnt be let out or he will start killing all kind of living beings. this is clearly abnormal behaviour and deserves no mercy…a madman does not get a license frm the heavens to kill any living creature on earth. the act is heineous and needs immidiate action that will also be a set example for those who are at present thinking of killing someone wid the idea of getting away with it….PLEASE…

  • SETS says:

    May he rot in jail.

  • Parsha says:

    Andrew confirmed that demons do exist. What a disguise!

  • Kate says:

    Ideally this evil, disgusting `thing’ should be dealt in exactly the same way as those poor, innocent, beautiful creatures but we can only dream……….

  • Sam says:

    This makes me sick, what does he see of these poor creatures? only as punching bags, or something to take his anger out on? I hope, for the dogs that some justice will come of all this nonsense 🙁

  • Gayle Klein says:

    This man is vicious and dangerous. He should be charged with animal abuse and sent to jail. He should also be expelled from medical school.

  • Eileen says:

    The foundation for being any kind of medical practitioner should be COMPASSION. This guy is a medical student? Please don’t let him ever become a medical practitioner!! Maximum sentence possible for this waste of oxygen and yes, lifetime ban from having any animals.

  • Sara Holt says:

    He is supposed to take care of humans for a living???? He better rethink his career!!!

  • John Williams says:

    I suppose some lawyer will get up in court and say Andrew had a hard upbringing/nobody liked him/gets depression/stopped taking his pills and any other lying crap he can come up with. Hope he gets prison with hard labour and serves it with crims who are dog lovers….

  • Lavinia Netoi says:

    He is definitely a mentally sick person and he should be treated medically.

  • Summer says:

    This ‘medical student’ has obviously come from the bowels of hell. Hope he goes back there real soon.

  • mara capovilla says:

    death penalty…

  • Chloe says:

    Absolutely disgusting!!! I have no words for how angry this makes me. Those poor, sweet dogs. I am seriously disgusted beyond words. This is not a man; this is a monster.

  • caroline pobanz says:

    He can forget about his medical career…….sick person.

  • Rach says:

    PIG! I think he should recieve the same treatment as those poor dogs, make him suffer!

  • Denisse Guerra says:

    This is a disgusting human being, don’t give him his medical license !

  • CM says:

    What comes around, goes around. Karma never failed. Andrew David Thompson, karma will come back and bite you in the end.

  • nancy stabley says:

    Prosecute that guy to the fullest.

  • aylaroe says:

    deranged F R E A K… i think his nick-name should be Dr. OsteopPATHETIC. lock that jerkoff up!

  • sandra lenart says:

    Please charge this man with the most severe charges that you can do not let these animals die in vein.

  • Mindy Rubin says:

    DO NOT LET HIM GET AWAY WITH THIS. We have to get real tough with these people and make them pay deeply. How much anger a person like this must have! Justice needs to be done..A lot of jail time and hopefully the inmates will show him what suffering is…..

  • megan says:

    Signature of a future serial killer! This guy belong to jail with the rest of society’s filth.

  • angus schipp says:

    13 counts of murder he should get 40 years minimum prison time

  • Dale says:

    Lol they are going to make him the girl in jail.. Let’s see how tough he feels then..

  • Harmony Inspired says:

    It is a shame to see My brothers and Sisters sinking to the level of throwing comments like stones at a boy who most obviously suffered at the hands of his own parental figures, His actions are unforgivable this we can all agree on however We Must look to the cause of this behaviour and nip it in the bud lest it be repeated, over and over in an endless perpetual cycle of ignorant abusive traumatising attitudes and behaviours, If only he had recieved the love and understanding all children deserve he may never have become so tortured as to need to *in his own mind* torture another, It is our responsibility to stop children from becoming monsters, it is too late to stop this boy but what about the next one will You do what You can to help make a change to the one You knows life, and help them to respect life through example and love, rather than punishment?