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Meat: Where Impotence Meets Heart Disease

Written by PETA | March 16, 2010

Men who can’t get it up down there, beware: A new study suggests that those who suffer from erectile dysfunction “are twice as likely to succumb to cardiovascular disease or heart attacks as those who do not have the problem.” German researchers say that since penile blood vessels are smaller than those in the heart, atherosclerosis appears in the penis a few years before it reaches your ticker.

Finally, someone’s listening. Guys, we’ve told you that the saturated fat and cholesterol in meat, dairy products, and eggs clogs your arteries and slows the blood flow to all your organs, making you a Sally in the sack and increasing your risk of dying young from a heart attack. Not only does going vegan save the lives of more than 100 animals a year, it also gets your blood flowing and your love life going.


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Written by Logan Scherer

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  • marathonsweetheart says:

    I don’t think this would be any reason for a man to go Vegetarian or Vegan after living most of his life as a meat eater. But if he was already considering a healthier lifestyle, this would be one of the best incentives! An ego booster for sure 🙂

  • Hastaroth says:

    One more proof that eating meat is not necessary for humans….

  • John says:

    Ha! while I agree meat can cause arteries to clog I don’t believe it will affect you in the sack.. if eating meat means I’m gonna die earlier I welcome it I’m joining the Marin Corps. anyways.

  • Leigh Simpson says:

    Another very good incentive to be a vegetarian or at the very least reduce the amount of meat consumption in order to indulge in something far more satisfactory and wonderful

  • carla says:

    GREAT! Another wake up call for men who eat meat. It’s discusting and now it will effect them where it will hurt the most….