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McD’s, You’re About to Get Served

Written by PETA | February 16, 2010

Sometimes all you need is a sign—and with our new McCruelty Sign Generator, you can create one for McDonald’s McCruelty. Design your own slogan and expose the painful slaughter behind the “billions and billions” of chickens served. Check out a few signs that the bloggers have already generated:


Karin’s flaming mad at McD’s.


Shawna’s sure the truth is “billions and billions killed.”


I say cheap food isn’t worth the price.


We can’t wait to see your signs!

Written by Logan Scherer

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  • mackenzie says:

    wow!!!!i used to like McDevils but not anymore!!! NO MORE!!!!!no living thing should go through that!!!!! EVER!!!!!

  • Mary-Ellen says:

    McDonald’s is going down !!!!! thanks to all the animal lovers in the world! eat healthy go vegan please

  • Bart Matthews says:

    I find it very funny that we talk about being “Humane” when talking about animals but don’t give it a second thought to aborting our own babies in fact we call it our “right”. Maybe once we stop slaughtering our own children then we will be in a place to deal with how we treat animals…

  • Dale Casselman says:

    i just wanna ask that you at least try and make some changes to help remove animal cruelty from the eqation. after all you are human.. thanks.. and i really do enjoy you apple pies.

  • Emily says:

    With great power comes the power to do great good…..

  • Emily says:

    With great power comes the power to great good…..

  • janelle says:

    really????????????????? this crap is still going on??? come on all ready idiots get with the program and use humane methods already!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Katie says:

    I will never support Mc Donalds again! I won’t even buy a coffee or pop from them! That’s sick! I will never look at Mc Donalds the same way again! I am vegan and very proud of it! Mc Murder

  • David Bell says:

    Please please show compassion for these unfortunate animals! Thank you! May the Universe bless you for showing compassion!

  • Berrie says:

    McTorture McCruel McVile! Why do some people think that sentient beings are immune to pain? Vegetarianism is not for everyone but surely some compassion should be applied to the short lives and deaths of those creatures bred to feed the masses? Until a more humane method of slaughter is utilised say McNo to McTorture!

  • Nolene Wimmer says:

    Knowledge is power. Thank you Ryan for sharing that knowledge now everyone will think twice before buying McDonalds.

  • amy says:

    McDonalds is already low quality innutritious crap. End the brutal and heatless killings of these chickens along with the cows as well. Brutal killings of animals along with contributing to American obesity…McDonalds should be shut down period! ‘Chicken McNuggets scalded to death just the way you like em!’

  • DEANNA says:


  • adara bauman says:

    McDonald’s hasn’t considered the economical opertunity that switching to a more ethical way of handeling their future produce might lead to. If they switch and market it correctly they could get thousands of people like me to come back to their store. The financial gain would far out weigh any costs that having a concious would create.

  • Tiff says:

    I think that people who slaughter animals are no different then a serial killer. A serial killer starts off hurting and killing animals. The people who allow the slaughter houses to kill the animals the way they are allowing should know better or they are no better then a serial killer. I think that they really should do a huge investigation on this and see if there really fit to do there job.

  • luna says:

    i did mine the other day want your chicken killed or tortured?

  • joaseph says:

    jessica and joseph PETA for life. Thank you for all your support toward the PETA foundation. We appreciate it. Mcdonalds should be ASHAMED of these horrific images.

  • Pam says:

    “McMurderers. Trillions and Trillions killed. The Cluck stops here!”

  • Karyn says:

    Yeah! End the McSlaughter!

  • loulou says:

    Our AArches stand for Animal Abuse

  • Jay says:

    McDonald’s makes you supersized. XXXL around the world and nobody can tell me that heshe likes it to be that fat. Addictive behavior!

  • Shari says:

    ANDRE INGLIS Your cracking me up! You are so funny! I thought I hated McCruelty. You should do a McCruelty Demo. Ask PETA how and they will help you. I am doing mine soon! Please join the fight!! I think you have what it take! If you do take lots of pictues and put them on Facebook!

  • Andre Inglis says:

    “McDevils we’re making a killing!” “Have you had your cruelty today?” “Abused slit slaughtered.. on a sesame bun” “We wanna see you slaughter smile” “McThroatSlitChicken 2 for 1” “Abused boiled slaughted the way we like it” “I’m boycotting it!” “Try our new Crispy McCorpse. A boiled alive chicken. Only 4.99!”

  • Mersedez Hernandez says:

    Mc Slaughter we’re killing them!

  • Allie says:

    I like this one.. “9 cruel items for only $1.00 our animals pay the price”

  • Hayley says:

    Or how about Over 1 Billion Cruelly and Inhumanely Slaughtered to Serve You

  • Andre Inglis says:

    “Food folks and slaughter!” “Buy 1 Cadaver get the second one at half price!” “Would you like fries with your slitthroat sandwich” “9 cruel items for only $1.00 our animals pay the price” “McSicken sandwich only 3.99 which the cruelty lasts” “Free toy with every unhappy meal.” “We wanna see you smile. Come in and swallow some cruelty ” “Our McCruelty nuggets are to DIE for!” “Your boiled alive bird burger is ready!” “Children Ronald is slitting throats right now! “

  • Shari says:

    How about this one We’re 1 in CRUELTY! We SUPER SIZE our McCruelty!

  • Shari says:

    I just did mine last night! McCruelty In Every McBite