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McDonalds: A Bunch of Hooey About Hoki

Written by PETA | September 11, 2009

McDonald’s billboards boast “Billions [of patties of slaughtered animal bits] Served.” But in a recent New York Times article, the restaurant chain tries to downplay the slaughter of millions of hoki, a breed of fish sea kitten, for its restaurants each year.

Why is McCruelty so shy all of a sudden?


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The fast-food giant, which refuses to ease the worst cruelties inflicted on the billions of chickens killed for its restaurants, now finds its Filet-O-Fish Sea Kitten under scrutiny. Hoki, the main ingredient in McDonald’s fish sandwich, are dragged (along with other “unintended” victims) from the depths of their ocean homes by huge factory trawlers off the coast of New Zealand. Now alarm bells are ringing as environmentalists realize that hoki populations are dwindling.

Considering McDonald’s indifference to the suffering of the factory-farmed animals who are killed for the cheap, unhealthy crap it sells, we suspect that the company won’t give a hoot about hoki either.

But there is hope for hoki (and other animals)—if you go vegetarian and join our McCruelty campaign.

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • Blue says:

    One Saturday last year I stood for seven hours outside a local McDonalds holding a protest. Over the course of those seven hours a total of fortysix teenagers and adults alike have stood by me to increase awareness for McDanger’s crimes against animals. One hundred and fifty or so drivers had stopped and pledged their support for our cause. Hope isn’t lost.

  • Kiwigeoff says:

    If anyone is interested you should read the articles here before berating an industry that is using all resources to practice sustainability in the fishing industries. Sometimes it makes me wonder when people burst into print without an inkling of what is the truth and correct facts. A little research helps instead of a “knee jerk ” reaction Read the articles from The New Zealand Seafood Industry Council Ltd. They are interesting and also tells why McDonalds is reducing import of Hoki due to NZ reducing Qouta to maintain sustainability

  • prenevin says:

    VEGETARIANISM Why is a vegetarian diet recommended along with spiritualism! The Supreme Lord is the father of all species of life the aquatics plants trees reptiles birds animals and man. Every one of them is a part and parcel of the Supreme Lord. What is the difference between man or any of the other species of life. You eat sleep procreate and defend does not any of the other species do the exact same things!!! Would the Supreme Father not be disturbed by you killing any of his other children. If you cannot create life then why do you take a life? Even in the original Bible one of the commandments states ” thou shalt not kill ” but yet we maintain huge slaughterhouses. The Vedic scriptures establish nonviolence ahimsa as the ethical foundation of vegetarianism. According to the Vedas God is the Supreme Father of all creatures not just humans. Therefore the slaughter of innocent animals is considered equivalent to killing one’s brother or sister. Hare Krishna devotees follow a wholesome diet which excludes meat fish and eggs. Although it may be argued that vegetarians are guilty of killing vegetables vegetarian foods such as fruits nuts milk and grains do not require killing. But even when a plant’s life is taken the pain it experiences is dramatically less than that of a highly sensitive animal such as a cow or lamb. According to the law of karma nature’s law of action and reaction human beings must suffer for any kind of killing that is against God’s laws. For this reason as well as to show recognition and appreciation for the Supreme Proprietor and supplier of all foodstuffs devotees prepare vegetarian meals as devotional offerings to Lord Krishna. Such spiritualized food is then called prasadam “the mercy of God or Krishna” which can be fully enjoyed. Spiritual life is not a question of vegetarianism but of understanding higher knowledge. When one comes to the platform of elevated knowledge he naturally becomes a vegetarian. Eating only food offered to Krishna God is the perfection of vegetarianism. In itself being a vegetarian is not enough after all even pigeons and monkeys are vegetarians. But when we go beyond vegetarianism to a diet of prasadam sanctified food our eating becomes helpful in achieving the goal of human lifereawakening the souls original relationship with God.

  • linda says:

    i think it should be mandatory to show our children what we feed them by having them and their family watch videos of what those animals suffer. it is like nazi germany where thousands of people didn’t want to see or believe the jewish and other peoples were sent to labor camps and gas chambers. people are so brainwashed at the expense of society as a whole.

  • Jon L says:

    I remember when this was addressed on Bill O’reilly. O’Reily missed the whole message killing chicken in a responsible non suffering way is what this Peta Person was selling O’Reilly just laughed and put a worthless spin on the idea. Missing a great opportunity to endorse a more humane way of slaughtering chicken that many other companies have now adopted to.

  • younshot says:


  • Helen USA says:

    at the risk of sounding like an idiot…why are hoki called sea kittens???

  • Leta says:

    Why would anyone want to eat at McCruelty anyway? I mean sure you feel good when your eating it but a little while after you dont feel so good. McCruelty shouldnt exist to begin with. You want something that tastes good cook it yourself.

  • carla - slim and sexy in the usa says:

    Micky Dee’s is garbage and so are those who continue to eat this garbage. Americans are already discustingly overweight wake up America!!!!!!!!

  • cosmo says:

    animal protiens are a major contributing cause of vd infections of course sugar in the mix also is a facter as well but why dont your friendley mds tell you this as well could it be that they are in bed with the drug giants and do not want to spoil a money maker its called plelamorphic in sinple terms when the body gets loaded up with mucus from flesh foods ect the germs will form on their own even more so if the immune sytem is weak the older natureapathic books told this but they have been cencered vd in time turns into cancer some books say it is cancer but anyway their is just to much money for drugs for it also the doc.s dont want those that get it to procreate its old nazi ideas that did not end when the war did so they kill you with drugs sterilze peaple just as the nazi docs did all for eating animal foods and not being told this simple truth thats why i feel its my duty to tell the truth in my lifetime read up on how germa are formed then if you dont see this i can sell you the brooklyn bridgh

  • Kennys Army says:

    I hate reverand in general not just football Michael Vick.

  • Kenny says:

    I hate football in general not just Michael Vick Reverand.

  • Lawrence Finn says:

    McDonalds have enough buyng power to change the face of farming thats how factory farming was forced on american farmers. They waffle about their meagre social contributions via their selective charities how cynical is it hiding behind children with cancer when a number of cancers are attributable to the changes which they forced on the farming industry and food production methodologies. Now we catch them rapeing the sea floor nothing news about that. They are a vile organisation with no social or moral constraints. If they were an individual we would put them in jail for mass murder but as a corporate entity they just go on their merry way.

  • Ebony says:

    If u dont like mcdonald’s just don’t go!!! no they don’t have healthy food and everyone knows it so if u dont eat meat dont go there! if ur on a diet dont go there!!

  • Jenni Hughes says:

    I believe stopping the slaughter of innocents starts with stopping big corporate chains like McDonalds is leading by example. Next time your friends want to stop there for a snack take that opportunity to educate about animal cruelty and the benefits of a veggie diet! Lets keep the word of mouth going! BOO to McDonalds!!

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    I hate football in general not just Michael Vick Kenny.

  • KENNY says:

    Don’t Hate on Vickdaddy Rev. Meg Schramm. He did is time in the cell. He made some nice inmate friends who showed him the path to spiritual enlightenment. There is in fact more than one way to clean a concience lady. He is a hero in my community because he got rid of the pitbulls. I have seen a lot f bad things like drug deals and cheap carnivals but i have never seen someone as ignorant and unspiritual as myself. Myself is to blame for Michael Vick’s impending doom and I would like to thank my Sylvain Learning center coach Bryan Adams for his immense help in creating my article. I am making a book enttitled I LIKE PETA and I look forward to giving you an autograph. Yours Truly!

  • Reverand Cuntigious Pisser says:

    A recent study has been published concerning the effects of McDonalds lowquality food with juvenile Tourette’s Syndrome in the caucasian populace. The only way to purge this sort of food from our society is through the constant protest and boycott of this horrible food. And ofcourse through the Lord Almighty Jesus and his heavenly farter you know who I’m talking aboutJimbob. Praise the lord

  • Zorgith Questionaire says:

    I like the burger king. Burger Knng is against animal uncruelty. I like animal uncruelty. NOT. NOT. Double negative means that i do IN FACT like animal uncruelty which means that dislike animal cruelty.

  • sandra says:

    I used to periodically get iced tea from McDonalds but I refuse to do so now in light of how they treat these poor chickens. I also agree with the other poster on how they are so bent on hurting animals that they refuse to serve a veggie burger!! I am a vegan and if they do not want me than I do not want them!!! And all their work with the Salvation Army will never make up for what they have and continue to do to the animals!! They are pure EVIL!!

  • Deborah Kemp says:

    That’s it no more McDonald’s for me until they make a veggie burger!! They did make one here in Australia a while back but it was so awful it obviously didn’t sell and was discontinued.

  • Jasmine Vaught says:

    You couldn’t pay me enough to support McDonalds GROSS A company who toots compassion for children yet tortures the chickens killed for their nuggets. that by the way are NOT good for you!

  • Kirsten says:

    i cant belive what im reading! i’v ate McDonalds all my life and now im thinking i wont because of what i read! thats so horriable!

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    I’d boycott McDonalds if I were not already doing so. I’d boycott IHOP for it’s NFL promotion I refuse to support anything that supports Michael Vickif I were not already doing so. In fact I boycott just about all restraunt chains with the exception of Johnny Reb’s great Texas caviar which is not seakitten eggs at all but black eyed peas vegetarian sides which they will allow you to order separate from the entrees to make your own meal and Abita Turbodog beer. I sometimes go to Sizzler for the salad bar. Other than that I stick to family owned places because I find they try harder to please their customers.

  • BEV says:

    Iwould not buy anything from McDonald cause it is not right they way they do the CHICKENS Anything for a BUCK .

  • spooz says:

    i read the article about the hoki fish! apparently long john silver’s and denny’s both stopped serving it as a result of the overfishing but mcdonald’s only reduced their use of it from 15 to 11 million.

  • Brien Comerford says:

    MCDONALDS’ is so intent on killing animals for food they refuse to serve veggie patties as an alternative.

  • Pamela Ernest says:

    Why can’t they just use tofu…I just had the the best riblets of my life and they were FAUX RIBLETS!