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McDonald’s TiKs Off Ke$ha

Written by PETA | October 14, 2011
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When pop sensation Ke$ha learned that McDonald’s McCruelty is spending more than $1 billion on renovating its restaurants while still refusing to require its suppliers to upgrade to a less cruel method of slaughtering chickens, she fired off a letter to McDonald’s CEO Jim Skinner calling out the company for its “Sleazy” behavior. The singer is even putting her money where her mouth is by offering McDonald’s cash to help with the transition to a more humane slaughter system: “I may not have the $ that the Golden Arches has to throw around, but I’d be glad to lend a hand in helping bring your suppliers’ slaughter practices into the 21st century.”

The social, inquisitive chickens killed for McNuggets have their throats cut, many have their legs and wings broken, and many are dunked into the scalding-hot water of defeathering tanks while still conscious.. Meanwhile, Skinner and McDonald’s continue to ignore the recommendation of the company’s own animal welfare panel, which has endorsed a slaughter method that renders the birds unconscious at the start of the slaughtering process. This method, which has been approved the U.S. Department of Agriculture, is already in use by McDonald’s suppliers in Europe, so there’s no excuse for allowing American suppliers to continue with such cruelty.

Tell McDonald’s to require American suppliers to switch to the less cruel slaughter method. As Ke$ha might say, “TiK ToK,” the switch can’t come a moment too soon for chickens.


Written by Heather Faraid Drennan

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  • Jayhawk says:

    Okay I’m covnniced. Let’s put it to action.

  • Elizabeth<3 says:

    I’m glad that Kesha and other celebrities now about this… I also hope jb finds out about this soon(:

  • emily mclaren says:

    I’m glad Kesha knows about the cruelty to chicken that takes place at McDonalds, but I wish she would realize the cruelty that her music brings to my ears :S

  • XAH-124 says:

    I Agree! The food in mcdonald’s terrible, however, as well as service!

  • Sarah Peterson says:

    That is pretty messed up….I very rarely ever ate mcdonalds. I hate everything there! But Ill be sure to never eat there again. Everytime I pass by a mcdonalds, I will think of McCruelty….

  • CurvyQ says:

    NO. There is not anything good about McDonalds. I wish people would please, please stop supporting them. Sadly, I work near two and the drive thru lines protrude into the streets at lunch time.

  • no name says:


  • cag says:

    Thank God i stopped eating fast food a year ago. This os so wrong and disturbing on so many levels!

  • Ladybugjmf says:

    I used to love eating at McDonalds. I mean, their hamburgers are horrible and the chicken nuggets are somewhat decent…But after hearing this and watching the McCruilty video…Never again. That is absolutly horrible!! I’m in class at the moment and on the verge of tears

  • Cynthia says:

    In 2007 brazilian Mcdonalds made a vegetable sandwichs ( i dont know about the other countries)… but it disappeared .. then i sent a email to brazilian Mcdonalds to them make a vegetable sandwichs again… the answer was “we are thinking about it” … still waiting (2011) this “possibility” ¬¬ … but i think if all people send a email asking it maybe they make the sandwich again.. no only here in Brazil but in other countries too.. I think this is a possibility to them sell less meat sandwich

  • Sharron Simpson says:

    I haven’t spent a penny at McDonald’s for 3 years and I try to convince other people to do the same. We CAN make a difference if everyone will do the same. They continue to ignore humane practices and it WILL come back to bite them in the butt! We have to see that this happens sooner than later.

  • jb says:

    I’m glad that Ke$ha is aware of the cruelty behind the scences at McDonald’s but someone needs to inform Ke$ha about the cruelty that happens to the Elepahnts that are used for enterainment (like the ones in her music video)

  • Sarah says:

    Obviously, McDonalds is just being greedy and stubborn when it could help make the world a better place. It is like cutting off its nose to spite its face.

  • Christopher says:

    Nobody eats at McDonalds anyway… :/

  • CHarley Billings says:

    GO Ke$ha. I am really happy some one said and I am proud of you to offer money. Because my sister has a lot of money and she is so stingy she would never help out on something that would save people nor animals and It takes a really good hatred person to do that.

  • Ben10 says:

    cool article thanks dostlar

  • michelle kim says:

    Please, please be sensitive to the poor chickens while their still contious and can feel the pain before their horrific death. Please take the measures that Europe is praticing if your going to sell killed animals in your franchise.

  • JM says:

    Is there anything good about McD’s!?

  • Madhubala Anderson says:

    Stop McCruelty. We refuse to buy anything, even a single beverage from McDonald which is coverded with blood of cruel slaughtering of helpless chickens..Shame on you McDonald, for your barberic act in our civilised society.