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Is McDonald’s Hatin’ It?

Written by PETA | October 29, 2010

OK, we don’t have the powers of The Shadow to let us know what evil lurks in the heart of Ronald McDonald, but some recent stories shed some light on who McDonald’s might be hatin‘.

1.      Its Employees

The manager of a McDonald’s in Brazil had to take the company to court to win compensation after gaining 65 pounds from having to sample the restaurant’s food for a dozen years.

2.      African-Americans

Another lawsuit, filed in Manhattan, alleges that three black men were told that they couldn’t use the restrooms in a Kips Bay McDonald’s unless they made a purchase, while a white woman was allowed to use the facilities without having to buy anything.

3.      Animals (Especially Chickens)

Now that two U.S. chicken suppliers have begun implementing a less cruel method of slaughter called controlled-atmosphere killing (CAK), McDonald’s has run out of excuses for continuing to subject birds to violence and injuries. Please add your voice today to those calling on McDonald’s to require its suppliers to use CAK to spare chickens from unnecessary suffering.

Written by Jeff Mackey

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  • iLoveBeefJerky says:

    I go to McDonald’s every single day and order two double cheeseburgers and smile when I think that the cow died for me to eat this. 🙂

  • iris says:

    Sick, greedy, pathetic bastards! All of these pieces of shit will get what they deserve. Out animals are beautiful, they feel pain too and deserve to be treated kindly.

  • coolioso24 says:

    um, S, you hav got it all wrong. these ppl keep the animals contained in misery for years, then slice them up while still conscious later. its not killing the animals (tho that is a pretty cruel way to do it) its wat the animals r bein killed FOR. years ago the indians who hunted buffalo used every last peice of skin and bone that was left from the killed animal so it wouldnt b killed for notin. now ill bet they just slice off the disgustin parts, put chemicals n it, and voila uve got an unhappy meal that makes kids fat. ill bet u eat mcdonalds a lot. 🙁

  • vegan2011 says:

    on facebook i have page have a heart save a animal boycott mccruely 2/14/11, if for one day we can hit them in the pocket….send the message….i will be hitting up different mccrueltys and passing out heart stickers and and asking people not to buy and placing litature in restrooms and creating awareness,,,this is my number one for this year!!!!if mccruelty could just change and be the pace setter for all others i think that would make a big difference!if not then continue to hit the pocket of the cruel clown…..

  • s says:

    are you really going to blame mc donalds for making kids fat? Its the parents who are buying it for them. If people had some self control, maybe they wouldn’t be so overwieght. Taking the toy out of the happy meal is not going to keep kids from eating mcdonalds. seriosly thats just stupid.Killing animals for food isn’t cruel. We’ve been doing it for centuries. Why don’t you work harder to protect circus animals or dog fighting victums, you know, the animlas who are actually dying for no reason.

  • Sierra says:

    Me and my best friend walked in Mcdonalds telling people what they do to the animals and we said they sucked to the employees!

  • Andrea says:

    McDonald’s must also hate:

    The environment: mass animal production/transportation etc and excessive packaging;

    Future generations: Enticing children to consume their very unhealthy foods with Happy Meals, fun loving cartoons, games and toys…and of course it’s footprint on the environment.

    McDonald’s must love:

    Lawyers: Who defend them against nonsense as mentioned above.

    Healthcare: Doctors, nurses etc. who give their time and efforts to fix people after having their insides ruined by their foods.

    Psychologists: Advertising psychologists who help them pick colors that make one feel more hungry (such as red and yellow).

    Money: They substitute compassion for animals and customers alike for the all mighty dollar.  

  • sarah says:

    He was not made to sample I worked for mcdonalds and if a new product came out it WAS our choice to try. It. Its his fault not mcdonalds he’s fat and lazy

  • Denise C says:

    And i think that person needs to read the above paragraph again “it says he has to sample the food for his employment there” …& that made him overweight ..

  • Denise C says:

    I still cant believe with all the millions those fast food places are making on those tortured animals that not one of them can make a decision to use a less cruel method for the animals . it makes me sick to the stomach ..

  • Kennedy says:

    I just saw last night driving by McDonalds, an employee flip out and punch a woman in the face.. wow. Maybe its the discusting food thats making her go crazy.

  • Gina says:

    I must say I agree with all of the above except the first one. C’mon, this guy is seriously going to blame McDonald’s for being fat and lazy and eating unhealthy? How stupid are people? That’s ridiculous. Nobody told him to go to McDonald’s in the first place…it was HIS own DECISION!

  • jady says:

    Lisa: “Do we have any food that wasn’t brutally slaughtered?” Homer: “Well, I think the veal died of loneliness.” ~Matt Groening, The Simpsons

  • Toby says: & PETA writers heads up CAK was mentioned on SNL this past Saturday… it was unjustly mocked on Weekend Update.