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Mayor Considers PETA’s Counter to KFC’s Pothole Proposal

Written by PETA | April 24, 2009



We’ve been busy countering KFC’s offers to fill potholes in various cities across the country with our own proposal to pay double to fill them ourselves. We’re excited to announce that at least one mayor is seriously considering our offer.

Mayor Michael O’Brien of Warren, Ohio, is currently thinking about allowing us to fix his city’s potholes, but he wants to run it by KFC before making a final decision. Hmm, is he trying to start a bidding war?

As a nonprofit, we might not be able compete with dollars against a money-hungry company that can’t even spare a few cents out of each bucket of chicken bits that it sells to improve conditions for the very animals it profits from. That’s why we’ve offered to “sweeten the pot,” so to speak, with a free vegetarian meal for the road crew—on any day that Mayor O’Brien chooses.

If he agrees to this, the mayor won’t just be doing right by 1 billion chickens; he’ll show that he’s invested in the health of his city’s employees and the well-being of his city’s environment. I can’t think of a better ending to “Meat’s Not Green” Week than that.

Written by Shawna Flavell

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  • John says:

    What street crew worker is really going to want a vegetarian meal? These are hungry men that are just going to laugh when you bring them a salad.

  • Sean says:

    He is considering your proposal because it is cheaper…he couldn’t care less about your organization. Probably because he is rational. He will most likely take your money then go get a bucket of chicken with the remaining funds. I will be eating popcorn chicken to commerorate the worthlessness of this blog. fingerlickingood. Also I have my own chickens on the farm as well as grow and hunt my own food….I dont need KFC. That mames me green and selfsufficient! How many PETA members can say that? Torturing animals is horrible but food is food folks. Aren’t plants alive too. If you are so concerned about every living thing then start starving yourselves….or maybe start a petition against other carnivores like lions or wolves. If you live in a large metropolitain city wear cotton clothes or own wood furniture you have displaced more animals in its purchase than a selfsustaining hunter has in his lifetime. Your ignorance astounds me.

  • emilie says:

    I actually agree with robert K. There are more important more direct things you need to be doing. Peta gets a lot of bad publicity and people will think peta is a joke for spending money on potholes. thats not why people donate or support peta. People just need to see how rediculous it is that KFC is trying to get customers by filling potholes. No amount of money or “pothole repairs” justifies what KFC does to its chickens. Make that obvious to the public but focus on the animals.

  • Robert K says:

    Is battling Kentucky Fried Chicken over who gets to fill pot holes really what PETA does now? You guys have limited funds and I believe you are straying from your purpose here. Why should you waste your effort tiring to do something that most likely will not even garner any national media attention? I know you guys disagree with the way KFC treats its chickens but this is a battle you will be hard pressed to win especially if your strategy it to start a bidding war over media and local town favor. You should be focusing your efforts more toward animal testing in laboratories and areas where you would be better able to gather the publics support. Most people are not willing to get behind a movement that tries to change the way they feed their families. Now a fight to have drug testing stopped on animals would be something that you can rally behind as long as you keep the people away from realizing that these animal testing are the only way to see how many of the lifesaving drugs will work and if they will work. Still one of the best movements PETA could flagship would be the attempt to limit the instances of exotic pets in American homes. For example in Florida a lot of native animals in the everglades are being threatened by the exploding population of pythons that have been released after owners got tired of them. These snakes are not meant to be here. They have not natural predators or weaknesses to the environment. In fact many of the snakes are thriving better here than they ever could have hoped to in the wilds of Asia and South America where they came from. The only competition and threat to the snakes dominance of the food chain are the protected American Alligator. Often even the alligator is falling prey to the serpents that can grow to twenty plus feet. See there are so many other things PETA could be doing with their limited funds besides battling KFC in a bid war over potholes.

  • Lisa Soldavini says:

    We just had this same issue happen in our city Petaluma CA We wrote letters and attended a city council meeting and wound up getting the offer reversed they mayor gave back the money to KFC. We held a demo at the local KFC a week later but we made signs to thank the city council for reversing their decision to accept the KFC money.

  • Emily says:

    They should definitely let PETA do it and you guys should come to Springfield Mass! We’ve got potholes like you wouldn’t believe. I’d totally help.

  • Pepsi One is Fun says:

    Yeah in this economy you’d probably wouldn’t want to get into a bidding war with what essentially is a small slither of the major conglomerate that is Pepsi Co.

  • Jamie Robinson says:

    It may “save” KFC money but it’s not like KFC is doing it for the good will of drivers. They’re looking at it as a new advertising media one I think is silly and unlikely to produce a single customer.

  • Brad says:

    I don’t understand. This seems like it will save KFC money.

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    Santa Ana California could use help filling potholes too…if you come out here let me know I’d be willing to help lay down tar…