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Matt Damon Says Shut SeaWorld Down

Written by PETA | March 1, 2010 / CC
Matt Damon


“I think they should just shut them all down. I’ve never been a fan of places like that.”
Matt Damon on SeaWorld

This weekend, Damon joined Bob Barker and tons of other stars who are speaking out against SeaWorld after yet another trainer was killed by the imprisoned orca Tilikum.

The only ocean-dwellers we want to see perform? Matt Damon and his Ocean’s franchise co-stars. Add your voice to the thousands who have already told SeaWorld to release its animals to sanctuaries immediately.

Written by Logan Scherer

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  • Linda says:

    This is inhumane treatments of Orca’s and need to shut the facilities down

  • carol says:

    I am not one to normally get involved in this type of topics so I hope that only gives my. Comment more weight and perhaps is viewed as a representation of more people that suspected. SHUT DOWN SEAWORLD. Do your children a favor and teach them that animals shouldn’t be kept in these types of facilities and belong in nature. Close SEAWORLD. God Speed to the family of the injured diver. CLOSE SEA WORLD

  • debbie says:

    I just read that another Orca in Sea World in California is pregnant That makes me crazy. Although I think what Sea World is all about profit and not education…I don’t think shutting them down will happen. Sending these lovely animals back to the ocean would only give them a shorter life. I strongly believe that their should be no more babies and they should remain open until all animals have lived their lives out and not to add no more to their cruelty encaged prison they call a One ocean. Enough is enough!!!

  • oliv says:

    Thank you Matt Damon! I’ve never been a fan until now!

  • I am elated that entertainers, who clearly would have profited by this rogue establishment, are backing out of their scheduled performances. The only way that we’re going to successfully, shut these animal prisons down, and protect innocent lives of those who truly do love these animals, over a paycheck. It is going to take the effort of different sources, and backgrounds, to accomplish this… our government seems more than willing to support our protest.

  • Tarren Balzer says:

    Sea World needs to be shut down, and all the animals need to be returned to the ocean.

    Sea World is an unconscious (from greed eg. $1.5 Billion 2013 Revenue), and dishonest, organization of inhumane practices, endangering both the animals and the trainers, to the points of death for both (see CNN Blackfish). Sea World needs to pay punitive monetary damages for what they have done, their crimes against humanity and against sea animals.

    They also should be prosecuted for murder against those trainers that they deliberately put in harms way, because they did not tell the trainers the truth about the frustration of their captive whales, and the trainers were unknowingly put in a life-risking situation. The whales break their teeth off from biting the gates, and they attach oneanother. When human beings die, organizations need to be shut down. Sea World also needs to release all underwater and above water camera footage of the deaths of all trainers who have been killed, instead of deliberately hiding this information from the public. Sea World’s deceptive practices are a reproach to mankind.

    Sea World should also be forbidden to capture any further wales in the future, due to the 3 wales that were killed during the capture of Tilikum.

  • Melanie says:

    I think ALL zoos should be shut down. If I was president of the united states, I would shut down all the zoos and return all those animals to the wild.

  • zach smith says:

    Shut down SeaWorld. The kind of inhumane and cruel things they’ve done to these animals is so unthinkable. We, as humans, should not allow this kind of behavior to go on! These poor whales are torn apart from their mothers as babies. Who does that kind of cruel crap?! We should be more mindful of God’s creatures and let these whales LIVE as they SHOULD be. IN THE OCEAN!

    I’m never supporting ANY SeaWorld or any of these places anymore. We need to send these people a message.

  • Orcinus2 says:

    Seaworld should not close. Why? I have reasons. The trainers will give their lives for them! Why do you think they took this job? The whales can not be freed, they will die, they would not know how to hunt. It is like taking me away from my mom and dumping me in the woods! How do you know that the whales hate it there? You act like y’all are doing the right thing. Freeing them will cause them to die. Not to mention that seaworld has rescued and rehabbed 15,000 animals. For all of you anti-caps. Stop throwing stuff on the Internet and look it up instead of just putting stuff that you want to put up!

  • Desiree Nicole Berg says:

    Treat others how you’d want to be treated. Would you want to be treated like these orcas at Seaworld? Tilikum? No! that is why they should be set free. this is so… sad that this is still going on when 95% of the ppl agree they should be set free or Seaworld shutdown. We should all protest until it is shut down . DONT ALLOW THEM TO MAKE $$$ off of these shows anymore!!! For those who disagree watch this (IT WILL CHANGE YOUR MIND!!!)

  • Gregory Renstrom says:

    Dolphins and Killer whales belong in the sea! What they do in Taiji Japan every Fall is the definition of Sin! Thank you Matt dude u Rock Reading a great deal about the water crisis as well! Scary subject!

  • Dylan Viper says:

    I agree with them! Whales do get stressed so they should be released into sanctuaries

  • Theodore Bolha says:

    Anyone more interested in animal captivity should read Thought to Exist in the Wild by Derrick Jensen. Zoos are altogether bad for life on this planet. No matter how “real” the cages or how well the animals are treated humans shouldn’t take these animals from their homes that is why the destruction of their homes must end. But as long as we have our current culture our oil sucking mountain crushing air and ocean polluting culture we have no hope of ending zoos because they feel that zoos are an “ark” but if zoos are an ark I must ask when will the passengers stop boarding? Shall we convert all of the wild into a giant zoo?

  • Barbara DeLuca says:


  • Mary Mallet says:

    I will personally not go back to Sea World nor will I take my grandchildren there.

  • Lisa Martinez says:

    On Friday February 5 2010 my family and I visited SeaWorld. We saw Tilikum’s tank first hand. It is a horrible place. Tilikum’s tank is incredibly small and he looked very stressed. His dorsal fin is severely bent and so are his flukes. I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Tilly was very much isolated. All this was happening 3 weeks before Dawn Brancheau was killed. I agree SeaWorld needs to release Tilly and all it’s marine life. Shut SeaWorld down!!!!!

  • Marsha Blackmon says:

    I knew I loved that guy. Now I know my “hunch” was right. Yep shut Seaworld down. Put those in captivity in a paid for sanctuary IN THE OCEAN by whoever it is that has made billions off of the abuse.

  • Claire says:

    It bewilders me that even in this day and age when we are more educated and developed than ever before we humans still play a game of power with nature. We seem to forget that we are just another part of the animal kingdom going about acting as though we are more important to the world than any other creature. We are pests on this planet poisoning and disrupting the natural environment and balance. I think it is time Corporate Companies and other disruptive human organisations that continue to play games with this planet stop their destruction for good and allow the planet and balance to heal and restore before it is too late.

  • Gary Shogren says:

    Shut all the Sea Worlds down and return these beautiful sea creatures to where they belong. And while were at it it’s time to stick it to Ringling Brothers Circus. And then there are the zoo’s which need to be put out of business too. No animal should be held captive beaten and forced to live a miserable existence just to entertain us PERIOD!

  • Di says:

    free the whales….it’s cruel to have them locked up in a tank when what they need and want is the freedom to be WHALES….not circus animals!!!!!

  • Heather says:

    I find it so hypocritical that stars and even regular people are calling for sea world to be shut down while still scarfing down cheeseburgers. How many people here are actually vegan? and good for you who are! I’m talking about people who aren’t you. The amount of suffering you can avoid by going vegan is far far more than you can by convincing sea world to release one whale.. or even to shut down completely.

  • Kristina says:

    Good looking and smart! lol I agree with him though. In the case of that women getting killed by the whale what do you think is going to happen when you take this large creature and put it in a small tank and make it do tricks…But its all about the money. sooon there will be more whales at sea world then in the ocean its self. I think its time to do something

  • Angelina says:

    Everyone help in anyway you can .It took this death of this woman to bring this issue before us these animals deserve better than this .It is so sad that Seaworld refuses to do what is right with these beautiful creatures all because of MONEY!! Do not forget the plight of the dolfins they are in the whale family ..and being slaughtered IN JAPAN. SEAWORLD JAPAN SHAME ON YOU

  • Lina Botero says:

    SeaWorld will shut down when it stops being profitable and that will happen when people stop going and for that to happen we have to teach 6 billion humans that animals are not meant for our entertainment but as lng as people continue going SeaWorld won’t care about the animals’ suffering nor of another trainer dying

  • louise despointes says:

    matt is an educated man! bravo! how can we pretend to be the most intelligent specie on earth be so ignorent! close down those places teach thrue great movies the life of the animal kingdom or put zoo owners seaquarium owners in jail for 20 years lets see how agressive or depress they get!

  • Linda Barber says:

    Free them all they are wild and need their families.Its a shameful world with its treatment of animalswe have to be their voices.

  • Mary Lou Chamberlain says:

    I do not approve the use of animals at ANY time or at ANY place for the entertainment of man. We all should do everthing possible to see that places like Sea world are put on noticeand that they are just going to have to make their “millions” some other way than the CRUEL exploition of these regal mammals.

  • kathee hopkins says:

    please free the whale to their natural environment!

  • Ben says:

    The Internet can educate people about sea animals just as effectively actually better than Sea World. I wish circus and animal acts would just end seeing animals suffer is never entertaining.

  • Amy says:

    I live in Orlando and went to SeaWorld about 2 years ago. It’s not just the whales there are many animals there who need more room should be in their natural habitat or at the very least an area that closely resembles it where they can roamswim freely! Not only that I have heard stories from people who work in the park here. Truly shocking. I really hope that these are just exaggerations and not the truth… but I wouldn’t count on it

  • Bill Guthrie says:

    How can Sea World justify keeping those beautiful wild mammals in those tiny tanks? They belong in the ocean and they deserve to be free.

  • Joan Dalton says:

    The media disgusts me because I have not heard one person claiming that the root of the problem is capitalizing on the suffering of other animals for a buck. It is obvious that these creatures are born to swim large distances. To tank them up is just cruel. Why do we wonder that they will occasionally lash out? We need only look at the mental problems caused by keeping humans pent up and overcrowded to understand what this does to other animals and at least we are capable of reading to imagine another life. SeaWorld and other such establishments should be banned.