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Mates of State Get Nekkid

Written by PETA | March 2, 2007

I’ve been at PETA long enough to know that there are a whole lot of different ways to make a naked ad, and I’m always impressed with the way our Art Department manages to capture the particular style of the celebrity who’s posing for the ad without losing sight of the message. Over the years, PETA’s Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur ad series has ranged from risqué to cute to downright scary.

The latest ad in the series, starring hipster legends Mates of State, is no exception. If you’ve read any reviews of Mates of State albums, you’ll know that music writers find it impossible to talk about their work without first mentioning how much the duo love each other. I’ve been a fan of Mates of State for five or six years now—I love their music, and I’ve also always been fascinated by how into each other they seem to be. I think their new anti-fur ad for PETA does a great job of getting that across. Here’s the new ad, plus a lovely little interview they did for us about their feelings on fur.

mates of state.jpg

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P.S. If you haven’t heard Mates of State, you should get on that. You can get your Mates of State fix here.

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  • wendy lee says:

    Thank you Mates of State for your care of animals. Caring for the welfare of animals means caring for the welfare of humans. Bless ya both. You both look beautiful in the posters.