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Matalin and Carville Agree: Don’t ‘Gag’ Investigators [Update: Ark. Bill Dies!]

Written by PETA | March 29, 2013

Update: Well, that was fast! Shortly after Mary Matalin sent a personal appeal on PETA’s behalf urging lawmakers to shelve bills intended to prevent undercover investigations of factory farms, legislators in Arkansas have scrapped their proposed “ag-gag” measures.

Now, let’s keep the momentum going—if you live in California, Indiana, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, or Vermont, please tell your state legislators to drop “ag-gag” bills and protect animals, consumers, and free speech.

The following was originally posted on March 28, 2013:

Republican strategist Mary Matalin and her husband, Democratic consultant James Carville, differ on most political issues—but when it comes to legislative attempts to block undercover investigators from PETA and other organizations from revealing how animals suffer on factory farms, the couple stands united in opposition to “ag-gag” bills.

To that end, Matalin filmed a PETA appeal and sent it to Republican legislators—the primary sponsors of these measures—in Arkansas, California, Indiana, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Vermont, highlighting the importance of PETA’s undercover work in prosecuting abusers and stopping institutionalized cruelty. After she introduces a video clip about a case that revealed routine beatings and even the sexual abuse of pigs on a Midwestern factory farm and which led to criminal convictions, Matalin states, “A meat-trade magazine called the case a ‘wake-up call’ for the industry. Unfortunately, factory farms keep hitting the snooze button, and instead of fixing the problems, they’re trying to blame the messenger.”

What You Can Do

Thanks to the support of concerned citizens, “ag-gag” bills have already been killed in several states, but we can’t rest until all lawmakers stop trying to shield lawbreakers. Please join PETA, Mary Matalin, James Carville, Bob Barker, Cloris Leachman, Katherine Heigl, and many other figures from both sides of the aisle in urging legislators to protect consumers’ right to know the truth about factory farms. If you live in Arkansas, California, Indiana, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, or Vermont, please take action

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  • Donna and Lonnie Hanneken says:

    Animals need all the whistle blowers they can get, they’ve been harmed enough and cruelty hid way too long! Leave the whistle blswers alone.

  • Paula Denissen says:

    Do you really believe a gag rule is the right course of action in a democracy? Really?

  • jsp53 says:

    When we, as citizens, cannot report cruel and inhumane treatment of animals, because our elected officials are blocking laws which are for the greater good, then we do not need those congressmen representing our states or country. It is our duty to report all forms of cruelty. You have to wonder why any elected official would want to block the reporting of acts of cruelty by these gag-laws. These torture chambers for farmed animals has to be stopped.

  • Cynthia Luce says:

    Animal cruelty is wrong. Plain and simple. Let the whistle blowers alone

  • nancyelizabeth green says:

    Transparency needed for our animals; whether domestic or not. THEY HAVE NO VOICE WITHOUT US!

  • Nancy Smith says:

    I think we as humans have every right to know how the animals are being treated at these plants. The only reason they don’t want us to know is because of the inhumane way they treat these animals. If they have nothing to hid then why do they care.

  • karenNY says:

    Rutgers University fired a basketball coach for horribly abusing the students by physically and verbally attacking them. MANY incidences were caught on video by a “concerned person” sitting nearby. Of course it is unacceptable to hurt, punish, hit, or verbally attack people. Luckily, for these students, the abuser is gone! There is no difference between this “concerned person” and what “undercover investigators” do for animal rights. The public has a right to know whether a person or an animal is being abused or neglected. There has to be an accountability for farm owners, and the proper authorities to witness the abusers and removed them from doing more harm. This Bill gives the farmers complete freedom to continue the abuse. Obviously, it must be the farmers committing heinous crimes against animals who are encouraging this bill. KILL THIS BILL!!!

  • Nattalia Chevalier says:

    This is not farming. I pray for these poor defenseless animals. How anyone could be that cruel is beyond me, but I will do everything I can to let people know what is happening. We cannot let this go on.

  • Bryan Betts says:

    Don’t run from the truth…..

  • yvonne loewer says:

    I just watched the vidio of the abuse of the pigs and turkeys and am so sick, hurt and crying for these helpless animals, IT HAS TO STOP!!!! The men in the vidios have no place being aloud to be around ANY animal at any time, any where. I’ll do whatever I can to help stop this abuse. I PRAY others that read or see this vidio will stand and be heard and take action for these helpless animals and help prosicute those who do such discusting,sick and monsterous acts to animals, The crulty has to Stop!!!

  • Pamela Beck says:

    This is down right UNAMERICAN ! Inhumane treatment of animals at any level is unacceptable and must be stopped. Obviously, our government is more in favor of hiding what goes on than in stopping it and prosecuting the monsters who commit these criminal acts. These “ag-gag” bills reek of Communism. How can Americans condone our government enacting bills to hide the attrocities that are occuring in the production of our food?? We should all watch a 1973 movie called “Soylent Green”. This could easily become our fate if we allow the very government that is charged with preventing this abuse to enact bills to cover it up? And yes, I have heard the arguments that allowing hidden cameras in ag businesses is akin to allowing phographing of people’s homes, but that is ridiculous! Our homes are private, FOOD PRODUCTION IS PUBLIC, or at least it is supposed to be… I am sure that the farmers that want this bill passed are the ones guilty of allowing torture in their production of our food, WHICH MAKES THEM CRIMINALS. I believe that God gave us animals for our use, but we are to reign over them WITH COMPASSION. So I urge every lawmaker to stand up to big money and do what is right. KILL THIS BILL!