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Me and Mariah

Written by PETA | November 9, 2006

Mariah Carey

If you have ever had the experience of losing a $7,500 coat that Mariah Carey gave you, you will sympathize with how difficult this past week has been for us. As with so many things these days, the whole chain of events was started off by a wealthy Russian oligarch. A big fan of Mariah’s work, he sent her a pair of ludicrously expensive fur coats in a misguided attempt to impress her. Mariah, understandably peeved about receiving dead animals in the mail from some sketchy Russian tycoon, immediately donated the coats to us.

So we did what any sensible person would do and shipped them off to, respectively, Los Angeles and Mongolia. The Los Angeles coat got there OK, and graffiti artist Marcus Suarez is going to be painting anti-fur slogans on the back of that coat so we can use it in protests. But the other coat—which was going to be given to homeless refugees along with hundreds of other cast-off furs—was lost by the brilliant folks over at UPS somewhere between here and Mongolia. Anyway, the happy ending is that UPS is giving us $7,500 for the coat, so Mariah’s generosity won’t be wasted, and we’ve got some devious-ass plans for ways to use the money to remind people (both Russian plutocrats and the general public) that fur is dead. So, yeah. Anyway, I thought that was pretty interesting.


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  • Ryan says:

    I can’t believe it.. She is against fur??? omg finally a talentedsexy singer that is against FUR. Sexy and Talented women like BEYONCE And JLO made me hate them by wearing fur. But Mariah Carey just won more of my respect I ADORE ANIMALS

  • Sophiya says:

    Cool I never knew that she supported you and now I love her loads P She’s a really good role model.

  • russel says:

    mariah is a role model. madonna is a bad model. mariah have a brilliant voice heart of gold everything. madonna should be crucified.

  • mark D says:

    Marriah Carey is Hot! PETA are nuts and are “road kill”.

  • Alexandra says:

    I’m so happy! That made my day! She’s such a great person now she’s my new rolemodel along with Pink! I 3 ANIMALS!

  • Jeremy says:

    I love Mariah Carey! She’s been my favorite singer for sometime now so it’s great to know that she is against the fur industry she must also think highly of PETA to donate to coats to them.