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March Madness: We Have a Winner!

Written by PETA | April 17, 2008

Well, April is the cruelest month, so this is a perfect time to officially recognize 2008’s cruelest man in academia. Through four grueling rounds against some of the most barbaric men and women in the world, Arthur Weber of MSU has come home with the big prize. Despite a late run by the seasoned group of vivisectors from Duke led by longtime monkey abuser David Platt, Arthur’s team won the final contest with a commanding score of 20 votes to 11.

When asked for comment by the MSU campus newspaper, Weber—who was voted champion largely due to a series of experiments in which he removes cats’ eyes while they’re still alive—made the following statement through a representative:

“The animals are completely anesthetized, receive painkillers, and once the animals come out of the anesthesia, 10 minutes later you can’t tell the difference.”

Awwww, so modest. So self-effacing! But of course you can tell the difference, Arthur! THE CATS ARE MISSING THEIR EYES. And don’t forget the part where you keep them alive for a week after the operation and then kill them—I bet they notice that too!

Anyway, without further ado, please join me in recognizing Arthur Weber of MSU as the people’s choice for the cruelest vivisector in the world! You’ve earned this, Weber.

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  • says:

    March madness we have a winner.. Neat 🙂

  • Cowgirl says:

    I wonder if any of you have taken the time to look into these studies at all or are you all so absent minded that you believe what you are told without a second thought. If that was they case I could tell you that jumping off a cliff would benefit your health and you would believe me . Or wait is that the line you wo uld start questioning at?? I work in one of the labs near Dr. Weber and you people have no idea.

  • Anonymous says:

    It is NOT okay to petronize this guy so much! What PETA DOES NOT mention is that he uses aneshtetic and keeps these cats happy…you people and PETA need to do ur research and stop being so hostile people’s reputations!!!

  • La Montanara says:

    i’m a swiss from zurich and i guess that with this arthur weber here we got a swiss wacko who learned his perverted skills in the laboratories of konrad akert that sick freak sent his pupils out into the whole world but behold at his old age he just dreamed of the cats’ eyes he had taken off during his whole lifetime! what a waste of life indeed!

  • little drummer boy says:

    Marc Breedlove why is it that every access to such experiments is denied? Because you dishonest liars have to be surveyed undercover! and i’m one of them! i know that people like you and Weber are not just committing the most awful crimes against living beings but that these animals often are stolen!!! take care heaven and hell are watching you you are not alone with your criminal fascism and me i’m looking over your shoulder dirty bastards may death strike you may the boneman blow into your dirty face!

  • Old Spiderwoman says:


  • animalfriend says:

    referring to Marc Breedlove’s post here we got another first grade lowlife liar i know exactly what happens during this kind of experiments they don’t even put the cats asleep but they inject the famous ‘curare’ poison keeping them completely conscious but immobile they cannot move at all! This kind of experiments is called ‘basical experimentation’ in German ‘Grundlagenforschung’! the animals are fully conscious during the whole procedure and i wonder why once more again such a smeary wanker is allowed to pollute this website! Shame on humanity for having created one like this!!!!

  • lynda downie says:

    I voted for Platt but after reading Shalin Gala’s post I’m glad the other side won. Though no doubt Platt’s experiments were no less nightmarish for the monkeys. Bye the way Jack I really appreciate the creative way you framed this issue.

  • Marc Breedlove says:

    Dear Shalin Gala So you confirmed that Jack’s posting about Weber removing an animal’s eye and waiting a week was completely WRONG. Good that’s progress but it’s a shame Jack can’t admit to his own mistakes. Rather than apologize for misrepresenting the research you resort to misdirection find another accusation to hurl. Unfortunately your new attack having abandoned the prior false one about animals running around without an eye is just as deceitful. You never once mention that the animals are anesthetized during surgery and given painkillers to make sure they feel no discomfort. Apparently PETA’s track record for distortion at least on this page is perfect. If you can’t make a case by telling the truth and the whole truth anesthesia and painkillers and all then you probably have a lousy case.

  • keith says:

    Lets hear it for ” Ms.Shalin Gala” put the smart arse M.Breedlove in his place. You always have to get one. don’t you. well it just is obscene in 2008 that animals are being tortured for usually a futile outcome. Go and boil your ignorant head mate !!

  • Shalin Gala says:

    Marc Breedlove Per your request I did some more digging into Arthur Webers cat experiments and discovered that theyre even more hideous that originally thought. Thank you! Before living cats eyeballs are taken out from their skulls near end of the experiments these animals are forced to suffer through what Weber so poignantly calls an optic nerve crush in which the nerve that goes to the eye is crushed on purpose. Heres what Weber wrote in a paper he just published The bone overlying the left frontal sinus was removed to expose the roof of the bony orbit eyeball. All openings to the nasal passages then were sealed with bone wax. A finetipped scalpel blade was used to make an opening in the dorsal surface of the orbit eyeball. Careful blunt dissection of the overlying tissues exposed the optic nerve without disturbing the nerve sheath or retinal artery. The optic nerve was stabilized with a small surgical hook and a smoothfaced bulldog clamp that exerts about 1024 grams of force was place on the nerve for 15 seconds at a distance 23 mm behind the globe eyeball. Following removal of the intubation tube each animal was monitored until it was able to move All animals received a 7 day survival period. Weber also directly injects drugs into living cats eyes. Weber writes Single intravitreal injections were made immediately postcrush into 9 eyes An additional 9 eyes received the optic nerve crush and no treatment. Experimenters often justify the use of animals in experiments by citing their various similarities to humans. However it is because of our shared potential for mental and physical suffering that we should not experiment on animals and instead choose nonanimal research methods. Animals in laboratories are harmed due to housing social environmental husbandry procedural and experimental stressorsall of which have been wellstudied and defined in the scientific literature and shown to cause physical biochemical physiological epidemiological behavioral social psychological and cognitive detrimental or traumatic effects. People suffered from traumatic eye injuries before Webers cat experiment and they will likely continue to suffer afterwards. The only thing that has changed is that cats have been mutilated and killed. There are better more humane ways to conduct researchthe only question is whether Weber has the will and intellectual curiosity to go out and try using nonanimal test methods. Regards Shalin Gala Laboratory Methods Specialist Laboratory Investigations Department PETA

  • Gig says:

    My wife had to do this experiment in college to crabs. She came home crying and talked about how much she regretted refusing to do it. That was almost 20 years ago and she still regrets it quite painfully. That day was the beginning of our animal rights activism.

  • Marc Breedlove says:

    Dear Jack You still have it wrong. That quote you posted from me was about other surgery in Professor Weber’s lab. The eye removal surgery is only done at the end of an experiment to gauge how well the trial therapies preserved retinal cells and after the eye is removed from the fully anesthetized animal it is euthanized without ever waking up. So no the animal is never awake and missing an eye. The animal is euthanized the same way that millions of cats are euthanized at humane societies every year. So your description of Professor Weber’s research was from the very start of your “contest” wrong. As you would have known if you’d actually read his research available at any library. I don’t know if you made an honest mistake or if you deliberately lied about his research to rile people up. But I’ll know if it was an honest mistake because then you’ll post an apology to your readers for having misled them and post a sincere apology to Professor Weber for having riled up so much hate speech by posting untrue descriptions of his research. But I doubt PETA will ever let you post an apology for misrepresenting an animal researcher no matter what you want or think about the matter.

  • Maya, CVT says:

    Weber’s tests were to find a cure for glaucoma. I’m no expert maybe one our M.D. commentor friends will step in here but from what I understand people go blind from glaucoma because they don’t get their eyes checked as often as they should. The government has an obligation to make eye care free for all Americans and citizens have an obligation to go to an eye doctor every year to keep their eyes healthy. In this day and age there is no excuse for torturing cats as the only way to research this issue. To top it all off companion cats GET glaucoma themselves why can’t we spend research money trying to relieve their suffering instead??? Pets don’t show symptoms but they suffer from terrible eye pain and headaches when they have glaucoma. If we spent more money and radical treatments on them we could maybe find a cure for humans too. Ripping out cat’s eyes is a function of cheapness and laziness on the part of the University and government. We the People deserve better. Speak up.

  • Maya, CVT says:

    In our vet tech program our Anatomy and Physiology professor told us that stray cats are often collected off the streets for these kinds of experiments. Does anyone reading this own a cat who they care for? Good here’s my suggestion keep them indoors. Before Weber gets his dirty hands on your beloved companion.

  • Amber Falobas says:

    I HOPE HE DIES! GET HIM GOD! I honestly hope God sends him straight to hell.

  • Jacq says:

    IM so proud of u for earning this spot!! You really deserved it!!! You must have a serious mental problem to do this to those poor defenseless creatures!!!

  • Steph says:

    That’s just sick. wrong. disgusting. ghastly. immoral. I’m so proud of you… NOT! Animals are our FRIENDS didn’t you learn that in kindergarten? I know I did…

  • Steph says:

    Simply horrible. Ghastly. Sick. Disgusting. Wrong. Sinning. Need I say more?

  • yuenf says:

    may you Mr. Weber be truly proud of your great achievement in winning this award and top accolade of being the cruelest.. most vindictive.. most sadistic torturer out of all the other nasty condenders in winning this accolade TOP prize and award.. How does it feel Mr Weber?. who said you’re a good for nothing?.. look you got top marks.. best or rather nastiest of the cruelest rest.. oh.. don’t forget to tell all your friends!.. and relatives and family too!.. what fun!.. bet you cant’ wait!!

  • keith says:

    Judith Freedom Fighter for Animals. I have viewed the ALF’s Bite Back web pages. Fantastic stuff. perhaps they have this odious ”Thing ” in their agenda .. lets hope so. Once again much appreciation for your kind comments and supply of endless animal welfare knowledge.

  • Ana says:

    I ask myself why Weber and his ilk continue to live and breathe. Deplorable disgusting amoral filth all of them. Weber and vivisectors are an abomination and deserve contempt. Weber now reigns supreme as a filthy abomination. All of the cats tortured by Weber because of his depraved behavior I hope they all rest in peace.

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter for Animals says:

    It infuriates me that he is allowed to breath the same toxic air that we do. Way to go Weber Way to go. I bet your family is just thrilled for you.

  • Carla says:

    Gosh darn it!! I missed the voting! I’ve been away! But I am back to find “THE BIGGEST LOSER WON”!! I hope he enjoys his crown his crown of shame that is!! Do us and all the cats a favor Arthur go find a 6’hole to lay in!!

  • Maureen says:

    Hey Mr. Weber I wonder if you are feeling vindicated after all the competition was pretty fierce and to win took an unbelievable amount of pure cold heartededness. You really deserve this. Now go and live with your new found fame!

  • Doctor Arcobaleno says:

    Criminals like this one here are haunting the whole sciencescene by making us believe that such horrendous tortures are contributing to human welfare! Shame on you Arthur Weber for your ruthless inhumane character! But looking into Your rude face i guess that you are not just a thug but also an ex beaten child who is looking now for to revenge himself in the animal kingdom! Change your way of life immediately and you can respect yourself again!

  • Alexandra from Brazil says:


  • maeghan says:

    disgusting. hes a waste of space i hope he has the same done to him in hell.