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March Madness: Vote for the Evil Eight!

Written by PETA | March 27, 2008

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any crazier, the quest to find the cruelest Division 1 College in the country has revved up a notch! All 16 of last week’s contenders proved tough teams to beat, but only 8 could advance, and despite some powerful showings from Pittsburgh, KSU, Washington State, OSU, Purdue, Hopkins, Vanderbilt, and the University of Washington, only the nastiest can prevail … so without further ado let’s get down to narrowing the field even further as we prepare to put these vivisectors on the national stage in the Fatal Four next week!

Just like last week, I’ll be highlighting what I consider to be the key matchup in this exciting tournament, and you can consult the cheat sheet to help determine who else to vote into the next round. Use the voting form or leave a comment to cast a vote for this week’s Vilest Vivisectors in the Evil Eight!

Duke University vs. Texas A&M

Physorg/Creative Commons

Michael Platt, Duke

Like ‘em or hate ‘em, Duke University always puts forward a strong team, and for the past decade, that’s been largely due to the work of their MVP, Michael Platt, who drills metal screws into monkeys’ skulls, pushes electrodes into their brains, and implants wire coils under their eyelids. A similar winning technique has been made popular by UConn’s David Waitzman—another strong contender in this tournament, so if we’re lucky, we may see a classic Big East/ACC showdown in the finals this year. The published results of Mr. Platt’s cruel experiments include such timeless pieces of knowledge as the fact that one rhesus macaque monkey will often look in the same direction as another rhesus macaque monkey, so there’s no question that Michael’s earning his keep! To vote for Michael Platt, use the form or leave a comment below.

TAMU/Creative Commons

Michelle Hook, Texas A&M

Texas A&M might traditionally be the underdog in this matchup, but don’t make the mistake of underestimating Michelle Hook of Texas A&M University’s Department of Psychology. Her medium of choice is rats, and from the sounds of it, there’s not much she hasn’t done when it comes to slicing and dicing these animals. Michelle’s preferred technique involves cutting up the animals’ spinal cords, injecting them with chili pepper solution, pushing them into restraint tubes, and electroshocking their hind legs. Hook’s world-beating conclusion speaks for itself: “These data suggest that peripheral inflammation, accompanying spinal cord injuries, might have an adverse effect on recovery.” You heard it here first, folks: Giving electric shocks to torture victims might slow down their recovery time! To vote for Michelle Hook, use the form or leave a comment below.

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  • Tyler says:

    I am currently in Dr. Hook’s Psych of Learning class at A&M and would like to say that Dr. Hook’s research carries unparalleled importance to mankind. By discovering factors that hamper recovery after spinal cord injury, researchers are better able to work to eliminate these limitations. Work in Dr. Hook’s lab also helps us understand pain management post injury without the use of opiates through conditioning in the spinal cord. Her work is pioneering techniques that will result in partial to full recoveries of spinal cord transection in humans. One other comment-Dr. Hook is not a butcher. I have worked in a neuroscience lab before and have personally performed stereotaxic surgeries on rats. The techniques we use are very precise, and limited. All of the rats are given full anesthesia and time to recover. In some cases where pain might be an issue, it is not uncommon to add analgesics to the organism’s water. If you all are so opposed to this research in animals, I would be more than happy to lesion your hippocampus, amygdala, or basal ganglia and see what happens.

  • Jessica says:

    There is no god Maureen. As soon as your start any comment out with some religious bullshit it instantly ruins your ethos and your entire argument ends up being an act of bathos. Not to mention that though PETA may have some interesting concepts and view points going to the extreme such as the ads depicting people in the Holocaust the same as animals in cages leads to very angry people and the only message you get across is that you are the most sick people alive. Good job. Keep up the good work. Why don’t you hire someone who has had at least a 100 level class on argument?

  • Big C says:

    Duke is going to dominate everyone. You are all just jealous of top tier schools like duke and harvard and stanford. but like always Duke is going to destroy the competition and possibly some animals jsut to win. You all forgot about the test done on the Lemurs too now thats cool stuff

  • Cody Kubiak says:

    GO MICHIGAN STATE!!!! Were the best at everything including being cruel to animals. I think ill go put on my baby seal slippers and eat a delicious veal burger!

  • J. says:

    Obviously with the posts from many Michigan State students PETA needs to reexamine it’s researching techniques for far fetched competitions like this. I am also a vetmed major at Michigan State and have met and worked with almost all of the vetmed and animal research staff. None of these alleged activities would ever be permitted by any professor at Michigan State nor by the university. There is some very groundbreaking important research being done at MSU in many fields of animal science and all of it complies with standards of ethical treatment to animals.

  • Jen says:

    I am absolutely apalled. I attended MSU for a year as a prevet student. I had no idea such cruelty was going on. This breaks my heart and makes me SO happy I transferred. I will be emailing this horrible professor to let him know of my sheer disgust of what he is doing. You would think as one of the top vetmed schools they would HELP not harm animals.

  • Dennis C says:

    I go to Michigan State and have several friends in the Vet Med and Vet Tech programs and a few work in the labs as research assistants and I can say that this crap about Michigan State is just that. The girls I know working there WOULD NEVER work for someone injuring animals.

  • Alyssa Lauren says:

    Since this organization obviously doesn’t mind lying to the naive public it probably wont get posted. I am an owner of pets and livestock that are my passion. But this information being published is ridiculous untrue and I am embarrassed for whoever believes it and posts it. Michigan State University has an organization that oversees all animal use by the University. I am confident that the story you tell and what is actually happening is not true in the least bit. I am going into veterinary school so you cannot accuse me of not caring about animals but you people are ignorant to believe what is being posted by this website.

  • Mary A Hanson says:

    I’m sorry to say I’m from the state where goverment state and alumni that I live next door to are funding this torture and evil doings. Ashley you go getm girl.

  • lynda downie says:

    Thanks for the comment Judith keep up the good fight.

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter for Animals says:

    So true Lynda so very true.

  • elizabeth says:

    i can’t even bring myself to vote for one or the other. they’re all so disgustingly and equally evil.

  • lynda downie says:

    And they call the ALF terrorists! Pretty upside down world we live in kids!

  • ashley says:

    i am a student here at michigan state and had no idea such torture was occurring on campus! i am emailing professor weber to express my disgust and hopes for a new crueltyfree form of research!

  • Rose Corletto. says:

    Makes you wonder if there is a God? Where is he and why he created humans? I PERSONALLY think humankind is God biggest mistake .every thing else was perfect ..until we came in the picture now all the animals and the planet itself is suffering and are being abuse hurt and destroy with no Mercy by sick horrible people is just wrong and pure hurts my heart and I cry for the pain this poor creatures endure.I cant understand why thats not against the law? I HOPE WE CAN CHANGE THIS FOR THE LOVE OF ANIMALS.those fuking sick people should be stop and pay for their actions.xoxo peace Rose

  • Maureen says:

    This is cowardly abuse of the strong against the weak. I am ashamed and sickened that our species can produce such monsters!

  • Frances Peà says:

    I am very disappointed embarrassed and apenada there Universities too terrible experience with animals so cruelly and this goes for all those Universities. And I can not believe that these universities with their philosophy and professionalism this experimenting on animals should shame them thought that I go to one of these universities if following experiencing insurers not to their ire University and dare I say in my country to know that University class without compassion for animals so you are put in place to see if they would like to make you aware that they suffer and feel pain. Frances Pea 16 years Puerto Rico

  • Ryan says:

    I wish people wouldn’t think some animals are better than others. Monkeys and cats are all that’s left. You can’t forget about mice dogs pigs etc.

  • Con says:

    Ugh what is wrong with these people???? Sick inhumane evil excuses for humans. I dont understand this pointless torturous and barbaric mentality. I feel sick and not to mention angry i mean what gives them the excuse to treat animals this way? NOTHING!!! Its time they were shown that people like us wont stand for this.

  • LJ says:

    Human intelligence and resourcefullness is endless in evil. I cant help thinking we’ll all pay for this some day.

  • Ana says:

    Becci A I agree!!!

  • Becci Andrews says:

    Oh my Besides the teary eyes I really feel like throwing up. All of them are inhumane robots but the one who is torturing the cats only to cut out their eyes while they are still alive has my vote for the cruelest bastard. Very Very Sincerely Becci Andrews

  • BullyDawg says:

    Wow just when I thought I had exhausted all my reasons to hate Duke you give me another one!

  • keith says:

    Hook Platt. both fiendish excuses for humans. Possibly some Divine Retribution will overcome these pair sooner rather than later And others who take animal life without qualms.