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March Madness: Fatal Four!

Written by PETA | April 4, 2008

The votes are in, and the contest is getting even more intense, as the four remaining universities square off in this week’s Fatal Four! We’ve had some nailbiting upsets and some unseemly blowouts since this competition began a few weeks ago, but I can say without reservations that the four remaining contestants deserve to be here. So let’s bring this thing to its breathtaking conclusion: Leave a comment to vote for the two schools you want to see next week … in PETA’s March Mad Scientist Final Showdown.

Here are your matchups:

Duke vs. UW-Madison

Physorg/Creative Commons

Michael Platt, Duke

Michael Platt drills metal screws into monkeys’ skulls for a living, and he’s not afraid to implant the occasional wire coil under their eyelids when push comes to shove. It’s this “nothing’s impossible” attitude that has helped Michael get the Duke team in contention to win it all this year, despite an extremely strong field consisting of some of the cruelest vivisectors in the world. Commons

Ei Terasawa, UW-Madison

Regardless of which team wins in the end, UW-Madison’s Ei Terasawa will most certainly be in contention for “MVP of the Tournament” honors. Ei’s signature move, the “push-pull perfusion” technique, involves a two-chambered pipe, a few bottles of chemicals, a restraint chair, and a live monkey’s brain. It’s Ei’s unique ability to combine these objects in surprising ways that has brought her team all the way to the Fatal Four. Will it be enough to get them to the finals?

MSU vs. Stanford Commons

Arthur Weber, Michigan State

We highlighted Arthur Weber in the Sick Sixteen a couple of weeks ago, but he didn’t need any help to advance his team in the tournament. Arthur’s longtime practice of removing cats’ eyes while they’re still alive is more than enough to make Michigan State a strong contender to take home the big prize this year.

Indybay/Creative Commons

Alan Schatzberg, Stanford

But don’t discount Alan Schatzberg and his colleague David Lyons! These guys have put Stanford in a position to pull off a big upset this week, with their hard work in Stanford’s Department of Psychiatry and Behavior Sciences traumatizing the hell out of some monkeys. Schatzberg and Lyons’ signature move of implanting wires into primates’ brains may be just enough to get them into the big show.

Leave a comment to vote for the winner of each matchup, and we’ll see you next week in the finals!

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  • Antigone1000 says:

    Let’s make contact with an alien race and tell them we have the PERFECT research subjects for them…

  • Lori from Arizona says:

    These people would have fit right in with the Nazi butchers during WWII.

  • tracey says:

    But seriously how are these people going to be stopped? This must stop.

  • Chicago girl says:

    Whenever I read about this kind of depravity i get sick to my stomach thinking how much these poor animals suffered. These bastards must be trying to make Josef Mengele look good. They are disgustingsick beings. I cant even call them human

  • Jenna says:

    They’re all awful in my opinion. But if I had to pick one it would be Arthur Weber. What he does to cats its just sickening.. how could anyone be so cruel?

  • YF says:

    they are ALL as bad as each other.. ALL gets FIRST OUTSTANDING price top medal for sheer sadism and sadistic cruelty on poor helpless animals to test out their pointless and gruesome experiments .. God.. I hope they don’t have or keep pets of their own..God forbid!!.. we all konw what is their favourite hobby or pastime is don’t we?? yes..torturing animals..

  • Maya, CVT says:

    Well said Judith!! Almost impossible to choose but the cat torturer is a bastard just too fing disgusting to ignore. Peace mama.

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter for Animals says:

    Bastard monsters all of them. My pick is the cat killer Arthur Weber what a sick bastard.

  • michelle says:

    Someone should put steel rods in their heads. They need their Intercranial Pressure checked. All of these freaks are 1. They are depraved pieces of crap.

  • Ginger says:

    I think I’d have to say Duke and MSU for this one. Although I agree with the first comment.

  • Patricia Panitz says:

    Where do these people think up these things? I can’t begin to conceive of thinking of doing things like this to any living being. These people are truly sadistic and depraved. My vote goes to Weber.

  • silvia says:

    I say they experiment on them how about that

  • Amber says:

    i would like to see Duke vs. MSU in the March Mad Scientist Final Showdown.

  • Jose says:

    they should have to suffer just like those animals had to do for their unright and cruel experiments.

  • carolyn says:

    how do you choose? their all monsters but I guess i will select Arthur weber.

  • Maureen says:

    How can one measure sadistic cruelty? Even looking at all these perverts gives me the creeps but I will go with Duke and MSU.

  • Marianne says:

    The cat killer is my pic for the worstarthur weber

  • lynda downie says:

    They’re all tough contenders but I have to give my vote to Duke. Sure if Arthur Weber got anywhere near my cats he’d lose more than his eyes but it’s Michael Platt’s “nothing’s impossible” stand that won me over.

  • Maya, CVT says:

    Arthur Weber. Well said by Ana but I will say that since I specialize in cats I feel obligated to speak out against this horror. Ana have you read the book called “When Cats Ruled Like Kings”?

  • keith says:

    ” Thanks Saira” I forgot about that vile piece of shit from Oxford University Tipu Aziz. what a repungent piece of worthless humanity he is. Perhaps Peta UK. should run a piece on him the disgusting whatever nationality he is.

  • anonymous says:

    MSU sucks because they do cruel tests and coach Rich “fraud”riguez gave up on wvu and went there to coach.

  • megan says:

    This is all extreamly inhuman but i must say it is compleat bull when you use monkeys to reaserch PSYCHIATRY.. i want to be a childrens psychology major and i dont believe that in any way shape or form that has anything to do with torturing monkeys!! But dont worry they all should be ashamed. And anyone like them.

  • catherine says:

    Good gracious they’re all so deserving how can we choose only one and leave all the others to feel rejected? Perhaps we can give them all awards the nature of which I will leave to readers’ imaginations. What utter sleaze. Excellent idea whoever came up with this approach. Thanks.

  • Rex's Mom says:

    They all should tie for first place! Whatever these sadistic mad scientists do to the animal should be done to them! How would they like to have their eyeballs removed or wires implanted into their diseased brains!!

  • Ana says:

    Arthur Weber is my choice for depraved amoral violent sickening monster. They are all bad but this bastard stands out for me.

  • keith says:

    All four of these cretins are well matched for horrendous torture of living creatures. Spare them not ! In desperation are any commentors versed or practised in the black arts ? if so perhaps the odd doll with strategically placed pins could solve a lot of problems

  • saira says:

    Dude check out Tipu Aziz he is a oxford university pro test chairman and he is as sick as a nazi scientist! he was responsible for the torture and death of felix the monkey! horrific!

  • lizbethc says:

    someone should lock all these people up.. and throw away the key.. for GOOD!