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March Mad Scientists: The Fatal Four!

Written by PETA | March 31, 2009


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March Madness

The following is a guest post from peta2’s Ryan

As those of you who have been keeping up with your NCAA “March Madness” brackets will know, this year’s college basketball championship series is down to the final four schools, all vying for the top spot. Unfortunately, they’re all losers.

I say this because, in a tragic irony, the universities that have the most talented athletes also seem to hire some of the cruelest animal abusers in the nation.

Need proof?

Villanova University vs. University of North Carolina

Villanova experimenters inject methamphetamine into rats’ stomachs to determine whether the drug influences the rats’ response time in behavioral tests (gee, I wonder). Unfortunately, as you might have seen in our “Who Cares?” video, this kind of pointless and cruel test on rats and mice is still legal—in fact, no experiment on them, no matter how painful, is against the law.

Maria Boccia, a vivisector at UNC–Chapel Hill, removes rat pups—at 2 to 14 days old—from their mothers for extended periods of time in order to induce a deep depression in the mother rats. She then places the mothers in cylinders of water from which they can not escape in order to see how quickly they are overcome with a sense of helplessness and stop swimming.

University of Connecticut vs. Michigan State University

At University of Connecticut, experimenters implant steel rods into rabbits’ spines to keep them immobile. They then shock the rabbits with electrodes and measure the animals’ brainwaves while they are still awake.

Not to be outdone, the returning “champion” from last year’s contest, MSU vivisector Arthur Weber has continued his “work” removing the eyes of cats while the animals are still alive. Weber attempted to justify his cruel and pointless experiments last year; on Weber’s behalf, an MSU official stated, “The animals are completely anesthetized, receive painkillers, and once the animals come out of the anesthesia, 10 minutes later you can’t tell the difference.” Yeah, you’re probably right. I’m sure eyes are overrated anyway. What?! And don’t forget the part where you keep them alive for a week after the operation and then kill them—I’d be willing to bet my March Madness pool money that they notice that too!

Of course, it’s not the basketball players’ fault that their schools hired such colossal creeps—animal experimentation is big business. As shown above, though, no amount of money can keep animal abusers from being morally bankrupt.

Written by Ryan Huling

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  • Augustine says:

    Big time March Madness sports guy here. I am appalled at the stuff my fiance has showed me about these things in the past year. In the spirit of March Madness why doesn’t PETA start it’s own 64 school bracket and run it to crown a school champion of cruelest animal abusers. PETA can give information on each “matchup” and readers can vote for the “winner”. At the end when a “winner” is crowned PETA can make a plaque and send it to that school. Make a big deal about it. Publicize it and send a letter to each school “congratulating” them on making the tournament and keep them updated on their progress. I’m sure some news outlet will pick up on the story and follow it.

  • Kudohu says:

    These people are so sick. what kind of human would do something like this. pull the eyes out of a cat thats wrong on so many scales it tips it on the morally scale if not break it all together.

  • Claire Abrams says:

    Oh my god those sickos make my blood boil. The hideous crimes they are doing to animals are absolutely the same as if they were tying young children up and and rapingbeating them… to see scientifically of course how the children respond emotionally and physically to the experiments. It’s all a lot of fun for these worthless losers. I can’t wait for the day when our society locks them up and we get the chance to watch them waste away behind bars.

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    What is it exactly that Ms. Boccia wants to know? If it’s does being separated from your family due to death adoption or kidnapping cause debilitating depression and loss of the will to live I can assure her in many cases it does. There are documented cases of Holocaust survivors stating the reason they fought to survive was because they were sure their spouses or children were still alive out there somewere. They also tell of fellow inmates who gave up the fight and died because of the belief they were the only one left of their families. Anne Frank is an example of this as long as her sister Margot who was in camp with her was alive Anne fought to stay alive. When Margot died of typhus Anne lost the will to live and died shortly after. A campmate testified that had Anne known her father had survived and was looking for her she might have survived. Her father Otto Frank testified that he survived because he was determined to be reunited with whomever survived in his family.

  • Brien Comerford says:

    Hopefully there will be eternal karmic ramifications for all animal abusers including the moral morons who torture creatures in research labs.

  • Justine says:

    Eew! It’s sickening that people would do something like that. I really wonder about the people who do these kinds of cruel and pointless tests on animals. Like maybe they really enjoy torturing animals and seeing them in pain or are doing it fulfill some kind of sick fantasy. If so that is not normal. Most people don’t like to see others in pain. It is been proven over over again that cruelty to animals precedes cruelty to humans.Just look at Jeffrey Dahmer!

  • Jacqui Foote says:

    Disgusting horrible heartless people. Rats and mice have just as many pain recepting nurons in their bodys as people do.

  • Kelley says:

    All are equally horrifying.