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Marc Bouwer Boycotts Australian Wool

Written by PETA | November 2, 2006
Marc Bouwer

This little item was just on the British Vogue website. Celebrity designer Marc Bouwer has done so much for the animals who are used for clothing—and he’s at it again, this time taking a stand against the abusive treatment of sheep in the Australian wool industry:

AMERICAN designer Marc Bouwer has announced that he will refuse to use Australian wool in his collections and had written to Prime Minister John Howard to protest against the ill treatment of sheep there. “I recently learned from my friends at PETA how sheep are treated in Australia and am so appalled that I will be cutting all Australian wool from my future collections,” Bouwer wrote. “Your government’s failure to take steps toward enforcing an end to these crude practices reflects poorly on Australia’s standing as a wool supplier in the global fashion marketplace.” Abercrombie & Fitch and Timberland are among the labels who have joined the boycott of Australian wool in protest at barbaric and torturous slaughter methods.

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  • Rowan Elizabeth says:

    This is terrible! Many of my friends own UGGs (Boots made of sheep skin from Australia) and do not know about the cruel way they treat the sheep to get such materials. People need to know about this so that these industries can not be supported.

  • Terry says:

    The Australian Wool Industry has said they will phase out of mulesing by 2010 but that is far too long for the sheep who are being cut up with shears just so AWI can make money.

  • Lisa says:

    Not to say that I agree with hurting animals… however “mulesing” cutting flesh on a sheeps bum is done so that the sheep doesn’t get “eatten alive” by maggots. If you have ever been to Australia you would know how bad the flys are and what flystrike does to sheep!

  • Samantha Giraldo says:

    This designer has a gold heart and he thinks in other things besides himself thank you so much for all the good things you do for animals.