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How Does a Maple Syrup Boycott Help Baby Seals?

Written by PETA | May 29, 2009
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maple syrup

Plainly put: Money talks, and governments are slow to change the status quo unless they are compelled by an overwhelming response from outside forces.

Canada produces 85 percent of the world’s maple syrup, and the maple leaf is known throughout the world to represent Canada. And, unlike seal skins, which have been banned throughout the U.S. and Europe, Canadian maple syrup is a product found in many grocery stores and kitchen pantries. A boycott of this iconic product will send a strong message to the Canadian government that people living both in and outside the country will not stand by while baby seals are beaten and skinned.

The Canadian government has claimed that it continues to support the seal massacre for economic reasons. By boycotting maple syrup, continuing to hold demonstrations around the world, and targeting the upcoming 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, we will send the message that continuing the massive commercial seal slaughter will hurt Canada’s economy far more than it helps it. Every time someone takes PETA’s online pledge to boycott Canadian maple syrup, we will send a copy directly to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Canada’s Minister of International Trade Stockwell Day so that they realize how hard their continued support of the seal slaughter is hitting them in the wallet.

Canadian officials may turn a blind eye to seals’ immense suffering, but the outcry against the seal slaughter echoes around the globe. Many compassionate Canadians have already spoken out against the slaughter, and PETA hopes that, as this year’s slaughter draws to a close, Canadians will rally to defend their international reputation and tell their government once and for all that they will no longer stand by as this bloody massacre takes place in their country.

As a pancake and seal lover, I’ll be buying only American maple syrup until Canada comes to its senses. Won’t you join us?

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • Anonymous says:

    THANK YOU Antoine! Nice post..

  • Antoine says:

    well Mel this is WAYYYY OFFTOPIC but…there is always someone ready to post your kind of anecdotal evidence whenever veganism is mentioned on a forum. and it always sounds like this Millions of people live healthily on a vegan diet but “I or a close friend of my motherinlaw’s second cousin twice removed felt weak and sick when I was vegan so that means that veganism doesn’t work…so am I now “allowed” to slaughter innocent terrified animals and it doesn’t count as “selfish greed”?” bottom line if YOU were sick when YOU were vegan then maybe YOU did something wrong. To claim that because YOU became sick that the entire diet is unfeasible is absolutely irrational and selfinvolved. PETA and myself get their facts from doctors and nutritionists. WE personally dont need to be specialists we get our info FROM the specialists. meanwhile you get your info from your own misguided opinion and form the meat and dairy industries. There is NO nutrition that ANYONE can get from an animal product that you can not get from a vegan source. AND YES THIS INCLUDES B12. I urge you to try going vegan again and to this time do it well and make sure you are really vegan btw fish and eggs are not vegetables a good book to help you in your dietary change is “Becoming Vegan” by Vesanto Melina and Brenda Davis. Also the Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine has some good advice for anyone wanting to go vegan httpwww.pcrm.orghealthveginfo PETA has some good advice on but PETA is an animal rights organization so their goal is to make veganism easy. therefore they rely way too much on mock meats to simulate the standard american diet of burgers and fries. If you were sick and weak when you were vegan you were probably not eating a not complex carbs VEGETABLES! and not enough fresh fruit. and not enough dark green leafy vegetables kale collards swiss chard etc and seaweed is very good too for iodine often people feel tired when they don’t have enough iodine As well you were probably eating way too much protein If you have a soy burger with a side of lentils and rice and some hummus that is WAYYYYYY too much protein Also most probably you were not drinking enough water and probably you were consuming lots of sugar and caffeine pop tea coffee feeling weak is mostly caused by too much caffeine sugar and not enough water and sleep. but of course it makes you feel soo much better about yourself to blame the vegan diet. 1st. Health vegans on average live 15 years longer than meateaters. No one lives longer on the WRONG diet. 2nd Ethics Why did you become vegan? If you became vegan for ethical reasons have they discovered a way to produce animal products without killing animals? NO? So the animals still die horrible and painful deaths to produce the meat that you claim that you “need”? so what happened to your morals? have they dissapeared? many millions of people live extremely well on a vegan diet but you got sick. Instead of trying to live healthily on a vegan diet you decided to give up your entire moral belief system and start killing animals again? really? and please don’t give me the “it was for my survival” argument I have met A LOT of people who told me that they “felt” bad on a vegan diet and none of them looked like their actual LIVES had been at risk ….EVER…we are not talking about the images that we have seen of people dying in famine conditions… PLUS 99 of the time when I probe into it those who claimed that they were sick on a vegan diet were not really vegan or they were vegan for like a week AND for all of those people I have met hundreds more who feel MUCH better on a vegan diet. Consider veganism again if you need help go to a vegan organization close to where you live meet other vegans and ask them to help you.

  • Mel says:

    Antoine I agree with you except for one point No one NEEDS seal products and yes no one NEEDS any animal products but the point is that they THINK that they do I for a fact know MY OWN BODY and know what I went through going strictly vegan and not by choice. I got too thin borderline anorexic and was malnourished. Many people told me that doing it was unhealthy even some who are vegans and told me to put meat and animal byproducts back in my diet. And I’m much healthier for it now. There are elements you simply CANNOT get from just vegetables and protein replacements. My blood type also has to have a diet that includes some of these proteins. Simply put there are things PETA shouldn’t try to be a knowitall about people do know their own bodies. All this said that doesn’t mean I want to go kill every animal in site and eat it sometime I feel some PETA members feel omnivores do. I maintain we need a balance we don’t need to overfish or slaughter too many animals only what is needed. We don’t need challenges such as a four pound burger or 72 ounce steak dinner just small portions. That’s one reason I feel that seal hunting is wrong on many levels. Like with fox mink ermine and other exotic animal pelts seals are only killed for one thing their fur a lot of times. We don’t need to kill any animal for their skin. I condone leather and suede and to a point rabbit because those animals are also used for food. I don’t even support deer hunting even if it’s to thin out overpopulation in a city which does happen thanks to some people handfeeding deer making them dependent on humans if they’re killing it only for the head and horns. If they also eat the venison and don’t overshoot then I don’t mind it.

  • Jess Nicole says:

    Dear PETA While I do support everything you do for animals I don’t support this. It’s sad how you have neglected to tell everyone ALL the facts. Maple Syrup and Seal Slaughter are TWO different things and are completely unrelated. You aren’t benefiting the seals you are just trying to put a damper the Canadian Economy. Which is probably doing as horrible as ours is. And thats cruel. Look at Americans who suffer from our economy. Would you like to know that PETA caused some poor farmer to become homeless just because he makes maple syrup and is Canadian. If you ask me youre asking for other people to commit abuse agianst another human. I thought PETA was for all things right. Well PETA you are no longer a creditable organization in my eyes. I think this is wrong and it needs to end. Why don’t you try doing demonstrations or something more proactive agianst the killing of seal instead of punishing innocent farmers. Sincerely Jess

  • StephfromCanada says:

    HC I think you need to get your priorities straight. You Peta activists scream bloody murder in the sake of animals. Well you know what the seal hunt does? It controls the seal population? Do you know what that does? It means less seals eating salmon? Do you know what that does? Means more salmon for other wildlife like bears eagles etc. Beyond this many people rely on the seal hunt for substance. How can you sit in your warm urban home and critique the people who rely on this food when all you have to do is walk to the super market. Let’s just assimilate the Inuit…hey it’s the American way! Shame on you.

  • Philippe says:

    Well I think it’s a shame and has nothing to do with seal slaughter…

  • Antoine says:

    Followup. To all those who are preaching the horrors of the seal hunt to those of us who are against the MAPLE SYRUP boycott Most of the people Canadians who posted here against the Maple Syrup boycott also stated that they were against the seal hunt. I performed as the Harper Seal at the big antiseal hunt Rally in Toronto. I have been actively against the seal hunt for years and we protested in a huge rain storm for PETA2. httpblog.peta.orgarchives200905petamarcheson.php so you know what? you can stick your judgement where the sun don’t shine. I am a Canadian and am actively working to end the seal hunt FROM WITHIN CANADA. BUT THIS BOYCOTT MAKES NO SENSE. And PETA should show that they have some humility and admit that it is not a good boycott. I will not repeat any of the reasons why it makes no sense reread my post above and Andrew’s and many others. As for others who are using this as an opportunity to promote proseal hunt propaganda to bash PETA and to say that PETA has poor facts. YOU ARE the ones who are WRONG. Check YOUR facts. PETA has acurate information and it is the Canadian government and the prosealers who are spreading lies NOT PETA. I get my facts from people who were AT THE SEAL HUNT this year!!! and I saw footage of baby seals being killed THIS YEAR. And I saw the bodies dumped on the ice after being killed THIS YEAR. the commercial seal hunt does not kill mature adult seals. They do not use ALL the animal just the skin and the “accepted humane” practice is bludgeoning with a hakapik which is basically just a stick with a hook in it. I have seen HORRIBLE cruelty from THIS YEAR’s seal hunt. and those who say that the seal hunt is humane are ignorant and misinformed. Yes there has been a regulation in place that white coats less than 3 week old are not to be killed. But considering the conditions of the seal hunt there is no real way to enforce that. It is true that MOST of the times the white coats are not killed but seals lose their white coats at around 3 weeks old. and guess what? at 3 or 4 weeks old they are still babies. so the commerical seal hunt IS killing BABY SEALS. And the commercial seal hunt is NOT done by the Inuit and does not help their economy and EVERYONE in the Animal Rights Community in ALL of Canada is outraged at the Governor General’s idiotic and obviously political stunt. Yes veganism is the goal and ALL animal exploitation needs to stop. But the seal hunt can stop NOW. No one NEEDS seal products and yes no one NEEDS any animal products but the point is that they THINK that they do Horrors like the seal hunt animal experimentation dog and cat breeding those are things that we can STOP NOW. TODAY. And then we can focus on stopping all other animal exploitation notably animals raised for food purposes In other news I bought a nice can of Qubec Maple Syrup this weekend and I also mailed in some letters in support of Senator Harb and sent some emails to other senators and my MP. I am a Canadian I am against the seal hunt and I am for Canadian Maple Syrup.

  • Patrick Y. says:

    So what does Maple Syrup contribute to Canada’s GDP? I’ve got to imagine less than 1 I be willing to bet it is less than .01. Meaning this is only going to harm and industry that supports Vegan Values. I agree with some people make it a whole Canada boycott. But Maple Syrup is the wrong focus and I think you’re only toying with people’s emotions…. you’re not coming anywhere near to solving the problem. Of course the whole Canada Boycott would be impossible you’d have to quit driving your car and using electricity just avoid using their oil which I guarantee contributes more to Canada’s GDP in 1 month than the Maple Syrup does all year

  • livi says:

    Are you insane Andrew? Seals are being clubbed to death in the cruelest way possible every year and you expect us to apologize??? Thats the last thing I would do in this situation. You need to get your priorities sorted out. If you think some stupid “innocent” industry is more important than the painful death of babies annually then theres something wrong with you.

  • HC says:

    I don’t get this… PETA is supposed to be “people for the ethical treatment of animals” and so why would they resort to such low tactics? I would understand a boycott of the Maple Industry in Canada if all Canadians supported the seal hunt. The fact is not all Canadians do. And so by boycotting maple syrup you could end up hurting the same people opposed to the seal slaughter. Fact is most maple syrup producers have nothing to do with the seal industry. In fact they promote farming and growing of commercial goods. They do not harvest livestock but instead grow maintain and raise trees from which they extract the sap. This boycott is pointless it will not do anything but hurt an industry that has nothing to do with the Seal hunt. I do not like Guantanamo Bay or the way people are handled there am I right for calling a boycott of American cars because of it?

  • JF says:

    Wrong target.

  • Brompton says:

    Boycotting Canadian maple syrup has nothing to do with fur. This is illogical incoherent and simply a bad idea. Please stop it. Thank you.

  • Susie Grondin says:

    As a PETA member and as a Canadian I am disgusted that you would target the maple syrup industry. It has NOTHING to do with seal hunting! I do hope you will remedy to the situation quickly by publicly apologizing. I for one will not renew my membership until such a thing is done.

  • pepper says:

    i support peta but still i dont see how this works maple syrup isnt really connected to the seal hunt were pretty much boycotting things just cause there Canadian and Canada mainly gets the seal hunt and bear hunt here as a Canadian i know no one who actually supports the seal hunt.lots of good things happen too like veg fest all vegan food and many animal rights stands. soo this is a reallu pointless campighn

  • XX says:

    I don’t agree with this boycott and will keep supporting Canadian maple farmers. Actions like this is why many people think animal rights activists are nuts and irrational.

  • Le Québé says:

    Well it’s you’re problem if you don’t want to taste our good maple syrup and by the way it’s surely the besat way to put pressure on our government it will only affect one province in all the country and it’s the one they don’t care because of their separatist tendency. And have you ever heard of “foie gras de canard” and the way the French kill ducks for their livers?

  • Anna says:

    I see absolutely no link between the seal slaughter and maple syrup. The maple syrup is an honest industry and should not be condemned simply because it’s Canadian. This is an insult to all Canadians. I am boycotting PETA from this day on.

  • mitchell says:

    I say boycott everything canadian until they stop their murderous ignorant inhumane cruel seal slaughters. im sure that would get their attention.

  • lisa says:

    When will peta boycott american products that are not related to animal cruelty? It makes perfect logical sense to boycott american grown tomatoes to pressure congress to end horse racing.

  • Robert says:

    It’s the stupidiest thing I ever heard. Andrew is wrigth PETA is attacking an innocent industry. What a waste. You are doing a big mystake and it is your credibility your are puting on the line. You should apologised to the canadian’s maple syrup farmers.

  • Brett says:

    This campaign negatively impacts the credibility of PETA and unfortunantely the entire animal rights movement. The leap in logic is so far fetched that very few are likely to take it seriously. How is maple sirup related to the seal hunt? Its not. Even if evey American stopped consuming Canadian maple sirup which they won’t this would have such a marginal impact on the Canadian economy that political postions on the seal hunt would not change. What’s next are we going to boycott French wine to stop the production of foiegras? PETA end this ridiculous campaign and come up with something credible that the nonactivist american e.g. 99 of the population can relate to and understand.

  • Dave says:

    As a canadian i don’t approve the seal hunt at all and i agree on PETA but not by boycotting Canadian maple syrup. By doing that PETA is losing all credibility to our eyes. Maple syrup industry is environmentally friendly and does not make any crualty to animals. So it is not too late for PETA to retract and end this stupid campaign before they lose all of its credibility.

  • Georges says:

    Canadians official also know all the lies PETA are saying about the hunting of baby seals. One day people will see all the lies PETA are saying about the seal hunting. Why boycott Maple Sirup when it comes mainly from 1 province? Canada as 10 provinces and 3 territories you won’t hurt a lot of the economy. The majority of the maple sirup produced in Canada is for Canadians so it won’t even hurt that much.

  • Jack the hunter says:

    Know you facts Baby seals hunting is proscribed in Canada since the 80s.

  • Sylvain says:

    I agree with Andrew’s comment. Maple sirup has nothing to do with seal. PETA has already loose a lof ot credibilty for the past years by releasing false facts about seal hunt. For examplePETA still refers to BABY seal hunt but this hunt of illegal in Canada for almost 25 years. We always need to check the validity of the PETA arguments and I regret they are often false regarding seal hunt. However blood sells…

  • Johnny says:

    your disinformation campaign needs to stop. you are hurting innocent people as well as yourselves.

  • hy gold says:

    Boycotting maple syrup for the cruelty against baby seals makes about as much sense as boycotting American lumber for the same reason. Instead of helping to stop the slaughter the only thing you are accomplishing is the promotion of U.S. products and damaging the lives and income of a CANADIANS !!! If you want to Help Stop The Slaughter why not boycott products from both American and Canadian companies. To suggest that hurting a part of the Canadian economy which like all other world economies is already in serious trouble will force the Canadian government to act against a specific industry that is still helping the economy is absolutely foolish. The only thing you will do is hurt Canadians and push more people away from supporting PETA and its world actions. Next time you may want to take a closer look at what products you boycott aiming for impact on the industry itself. instead of harming Canadians !

  • Pierre says:

    Dolphins are still tortured in floridan zoos and seaparks. Do I have to boycott american orange juice? The large majority of canadian maple sirup producers are owners of SMALL farms far from seals hunting area bye thousands of kilometers.

  • Allison Willis says:

    I totally agree with Andrew I don’t ever want to be responsible for a totally innocent industry suffering.

  • Guillaume says:

    I am a canadian and I am agaist the seal hunting. BUT you guys are missing the target. I totally agree with Andrew. Please you guys change your mind on this.

  • Antoine says:

    Do you know what makes me really sad? the corporate mindset. Even if they are PROVEN wrong corporations will never ADMIT that they are wrong. And do you know what makes me sadder? When activists adopt this mindset. I have been wrong many times in my life. In fact in order to change my lifestyle and become vegan I had to ADMIT that I was wrong about MANY things. I will be wrong again and I pride myself at admitting when I am wrong because that is how we learn and change. And change is good. It reminds me of the scene in the movie “Spanglish” when the Paz Vega character simply “concedes the point” to the Adam Sandler character and he is shocked by it. Because MOST will NEVER admit that they are wrong in the moment. Oh sure years later they may LOOK BACK and admit that they WERE wrong but that’s EASY. When it comes to this situation I can understand why PETA would want to “stick to their guns.” After all energy effort and money was spent in developping this campaign setting up the website and making posters etc… and PETA would have silken tofu on their faces if they admitted that they were wrong…but that silken tofu can be made into a delicious vegan cheesecake called HUMILITY. It makes me VERY VERY sad when I realized that groups that I admire behave EXACTLY like big corporations who will NEVER under any circumstances admit that they were wrong. I am not one of those dramatic people who will say that I will “never support PETA again” because of this. My wife and I will still proudly display the PETA sticker in our window and still support most PETA actions in the future. BUT YOU ARE WRONG. And you had the opportunity to show your humility and admit it but instead you “spun” it in the post above. and what a spin! Maple syrup has nothing to do with the seal industry. Yes it is a distinctly Canadian product but it is not IN ANY WAY our largest export to the U.S. To boycot Maple Syrup to stop the seal hunt is as arbitrary as doing demos at all Mike Myers movies until the seal hunt stops. Plus Maple Syrup is a vegan product. Why not ask people to boycott a nonvegan product like Canadian Beef? Why not partner with Canadian organizations to host educationnal outreach events in Newfoundland? Why not go back to the drawing board? or better yet turn up the heat on the great campaigns that you already have in place? Olympics boycott of Canadian Seafood bloody seal demos etc The seal hunt is horrible it must and it WILL be stopped. But punishing hardworking farmers who are making a sustainable VEGAN product is just plain mean.

  • Ly says:

    I agree with Andrew’s comment above. PETA loses credibility with this Canadian maple syrup boycott.

  • Nick says:

    This makes no sense. PETA should be unequivocally calling for a permanent boycott of animal products and exploitation. We need to send the message to go vegan! The world is filled with exploitation not just of animals and to pick on a particular industry in a particular country just because of one species is illogical. I am just as opposed to the hunting of seals as PETA is but veganism is the way to go not boycotts of vegan products. Every country on Earth tortures exploits animals in horrible ways and PETA is just targeting baby seals because they’re cute and that’s what the nonvegan public feels it can support.

  • Dominique says:

    I totally agree with the previous comment by Andrew. I usually support most if not all campaign from PETA. I’m a Canadian and I strongly oppose the seal hunt. However this maple syrup boycot bear the risk of being really harmful to a lot a innocent families that make a living producing maple syrup. They have nothing to do with the seal hunt nor any animal cause. Why punish them? Why risking to put them out of business? This is not a big chain like McDonald we’re talking about families here! But most of all why target an industry that have nothing to do with the cause in question? This is only going to tarnish PETA’s reputation to the eyes of many supporter in the population especially here. Please reconsider this! I for one will not participate in this and I will urge any one I know not to!

  • Kelsey <33 says:

    I hate it.. this makes me disguisted that I am a Canadian

  • Felix Rioux says:

    OK this is completly ridiculous First there is surpopulation of seal on the atlantic ocean. The human had over the years interfered with the natural cycle of the nature and we now need to control the seals populations in other to have a right ecosystem balance. This brings us to the cod problem which PETA never talk about. In Canada they introduce quotas in other to protect this fish and to help to population growing. But in the other hand you have the seals that are eating mostly only cods in the ocean we talk about thousand of kilograms a day. So right now what is a direct consequence of all that a surpopulation of seal that are eating all the cod because organism like yours only take into account a part of the problem not all of it. We need to kill all these seals each years because their main predator is disapearing! Please think beyond the way they kill them think about the overall benefit of seal hunting whatever it is for the nature the tradition or the economy. Im not complaning about what you Peta does a very good job on many other topics but on the seals one your skipping a lot of factors in other to promote your organisation. Felix Rioux

  • SQ says:

    No I won’t join you because you are trying to get your way by making innocent people and companies suffer for an apparent “wrong” of another industry. As a Canadian I can tell you will lose support from many other Canadians.

  • Tamra says:

    You know what? This maple boycott might make just about as much sense as hearing about Canada’s Governor General eating a piece of raw heart from a freshlyslaughtered seal IN ORDER TO show her support of the seal hunt……. With that being said so yes I will join you PETA. I will boycott Canadian maple syrup. When has PETA ever been one to shy away from a little controversy even if it’s from their own supporters?!

  • Fred says:

    I am a Canadian that strongly believes in animal rights. Yet I no more oppose seal hunting than I oppose large scale cattle or pork farming. I cannot for the life of me understand why a relatively marginal industry garners so much attention when other practices entail so much more cruelty and have huge ecological consequences. Is it the blood? Is it the “sexiness” of the issue? Is it because a seal hunter is an easier target? It’s one thing to send an exBeatle to the arctic to make him hug a seal but it’s an other to attack a nonrelated innocent industry. Such an absurd tactic must be met with equal absurdity. I am thus launching the “Great Greenpeace boycott of 2009”. Until PETA backs down and leaves our maplesyrup alone we will not contribute toor support and promote Greenpeace. What’s the relation between PETA and Greenpeace? There is none. We’re just going to hit someone else to get to PETA.

  • Marie says:

    I agree with Andrew this makes so little sense it’s painful. The maple syrup industry is environmentally friendly usually run by smaller farmers and mostly run in Quebec not all of Canada. Grab a map for a second Canada is to the North FYI. It’s a big country. Seals aren’t in the same areas as maple farms I’m sure someone can explain it to you. Canada’s economy isn’t all going to one bucket either so it’s the little guys you’ll be hurting I’m sure someone can explain that to you too. And Canada won’t burst into economic flames because a few don’t buy its syrup as it’s not that huge an export ask someone about that too. PETA is really annoying with its misinformed and downright stupic practices. Make your stand if you must but stop hurting others who have nothing to do with seal hunting.

  • Jo says:

    Boycotting Celine Dion could do better… At least it would save our ears too…

  • Ed Anger says:

    Won’t you join us? No.

  • Karen M. says:

    C’mon Peta…drop this campaign. The overwhelming sentiment is that it is misguided! Please keep doing what you do best but don’t damage your reputation and alienate your supporters. We all need to work together to improve the welfare of animals.

  • amber says:

    No Andrew you’ve got it wrong your too short sighted. I boycot EVERYTHING canadian and will continue to do so until this horrifc practice stops! The day you actually spend time witnessing what happens to a seal when it’s head is crushed to death and then sliced open still breathing is the day you will wake up to the torture that you perpetuate by buying canadian.

  • Pepsi One is Fun says:

    This would make sense if there was one giant industrial park in Canada that literally made all of the 85 of maple syrup. But since its mom and pop operations I’m pretty sure alot of them are already against the seal hunt and would appreciate it if you didn’t try to cripple their business.

  • Jacob says:

    It kind of seems as if we are at war with Canada Imagine what the trolls would think of that!. But if they refuse to stop the seal slaughter let’s give ’em hell!

  • Missy says:

    so what if maple syrup is sustainable and vegan? this is about causing a reduction in Canadian gross revenue. If Canada produced 85 of the worlds beans then we would be boycotting beans! it doesn’t matter what the commodity is. the goal is to impact gross revenues that’s why personally i will boycott everything Candian. BTW did it ever occur to you that since so many vegans and animal lovers use maple syrup that this is probably the best choice for us to boycott… a product used heavily by those who care about animals. we buy a gallon every month. i support the boycott.

  • Brien Comerford says:

    Enlightened and humane animal lovers must stridently accentuate that the seal cull must be halted. We can’t give up ! Press on vehemently !

  • Brad says:

    Andrew Do you have a better way to pressure Canada into banning the seal massacre? The boycott of maple syrup is symbolic because the world associates it with Canada. More importantly the boycott is practical. The average citizen won’t be able to boycott major canadian industries like chemical or mining companies.

  • Andrew says:

    Boycotting Canadian maple syrup is about as logical as boycotting Canadian television Canadian music and any form of Canadian food. In fact it is about as logical as boycotting anything from China because of their cruel fur industry. By boycotting Canadian maple syrup we are attacking an industry that has little to no relation to seal hunting. The maple syrup industry is not only vegan but it is also environmentally friendly. Also by attacking an innocent industry we the animal rights community are alienating the international community and destroying our credibility. I recognize that PETA does not represent the entire AR community but in the eyes of many PETA does and PETA should be concious of that. Don’t take so much pride that you can’t admit you made a mistake. It would show real character if PETA ended this campaign and apoligized to maple syrup farmers. Perhaps PETA would gain more support if they did this.