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How Does a Maple Syrup Boycott Help Baby Seals?

Written by PETA | May 29, 2009
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Plainly put: Money talks, and governments are slow to change the status quo unless they are compelled by an overwhelming response from outside forces.

Canada produces 85 percent of the world’s maple syrup, and the maple leaf is known throughout the world to represent Canada. And, unlike seal skins, which have been banned throughout the U.S. and Europe, Canadian maple syrup is a product found in many grocery stores and kitchen pantries. A boycott of this iconic product will send a strong message to the Canadian government that people living both in and outside the country will not stand by while baby seals are beaten and skinned.

The Canadian government has claimed that it continues to support the seal massacre for economic reasons. By boycotting maple syrup, continuing to hold demonstrations around the world, and targeting the upcoming 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, we will send the message that continuing the massive commercial seal slaughter will hurt Canada’s economy far more than it helps it. Every time someone takes PETA’s online pledge to boycott Canadian maple syrup, we will send a copy directly to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Canada’s Minister of International Trade Stockwell Day so that they realize how hard their continued support of the seal slaughter is hitting them in the wallet.

Canadian officials may turn a blind eye to seals’ immense suffering, but the outcry against the seal slaughter echoes around the globe. Many compassionate Canadians have already spoken out against the slaughter, and PETA hopes that, as this year’s slaughter draws to a close, Canadians will rally to defend their international reputation and tell their government once and for all that they will no longer stand by as this bloody massacre takes place in their country.

As a pancake and seal lover, I’ll be buying only American maple syrup until Canada comes to its senses. Won’t you join us?

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • Chris says:

    As a Canadian Vegan, Maple syrup is a large source of income for me and fellow Candian Vegans. It provides jobs for people like myself who do not want to work in the fishing, crab, seal, or ranching industries. America is the one of the top worldwide exporters of cattle, honey, and poultry, and has done nothing to outlaw those barbaric practices. Likewise their farming industry is a major source of income for the United States. I call for a similar ban on “America’s Maple Syrup” or any US corn, wheat, fruits and nuts for the same exact reason.

  • Tahler says:

    I am boycotting Canadian syrup and buying Made in the U.S.A. only!

  • craigh says:

    Although canada produces 85 of the worlds maple syrup it makes up less than 15000th of the Canadian GDP Source Legatum Prosperity Index

  • Tim Smith says:

    There’s a little too much of the sentiment of “Canadians support the seal clubbing” for my liking particulary from Lynn and some others on here. Do you think we can tone it down a bit I’m pretty sure the “hunt” will end pretty soon.

  • Hooberhobber says:

    Blame Canada…

  • Karen Messier says:

    Dear Lynn I am a proud Canadian who is a supporter of PETA. I am aso a vergetarian. I am a city councillor in a small community and spend much of my spare time lobbying the provincial and federal governments to strengthen and enforce tough animal welfare laws. We have recently made headway in our efforts to end puppy mills. I also work with local dog rescue groups and am the cofounder organizer and volunteer of an annual Animal Adoption Pet Fair. Recently I have started to make efforts to fight against factory farms. I am sure you can be more productive in saving seals than making the following statement … “I am using my money to express my disgust with a country its people and its government based on their action”… I don’t think it helps our cause. There are people all over the world who are fighting for animal rights. Lets stop throwing stones at each other and creating unecessary divisions! You have finally elected a wonderful peaceloving president who is working hard to unify all nations. Let’s give peace a chance and fight together for a world where animals are treated with compassion. I am optimistic that each of us can make a real difference but let’s work together and focus our efforts where they can really make a difference. Respectfully Karen

  • Lynn says:

    You may think that boycotting products like maple syrup is crazy. But I believe that we need to take the Boycott much further. Every day consumers vote with their money. They purchase products that bring prosperity to countries and their citizens. Refusing to purchase maple syrup or in my case all Canadian products is just a form of voting. I am using MONEY to express my total disgust with a country its people and its government based on their actions. If people have learned anything from recent events it is that money really makes the world go around. If you take it away it truely hurts. Thats what I want I want the people that support these cruel actions to hurt. So I will boycott and I will encourage others to do the same.

  • Canadian and proud of it says:

    Seems pretty hypocritical to me… I am sure many of your supporting this boycott gladdy accept some product from animals on your dinner plate….. I am sure if we looked into how animals are treated accross North America it wouldn’t be too different. Not saying it is right but those willing to point fingers should open their eyes throughly.

  • cynthiaj.gauthier says:

    I support boycotting any product Canada exports…the goal is to impact their revenues this tactic is the only one most governments recognize! Killing seals babies OR adults makes me physically ill. There is no need for it.

  • carla says:

    I have boycotted Canada. Everything!!!!!!! Until this barbarbic and sick tradition stops!!!!!!!

  • T says:

    How would a boycott of an industry like lumber allow your average Joe to participate in the boycott? It wouldn’t. Syrup is a product everyone has easy access to and can recognize. I just dumped my Canadian Maple syrup down the sink and won’t buy another bottle until the seal hunt ends.

  • Annie says:

    I think that this boycott is just what the Canadian government needs to get its butt in gear and do something about the sealing ‘industry’. This isn’t a personal attack on the Canadian farming industry. If this barbaric hunt were taking place in the US I’m sure PETA would protest an iconic product of the States too. This is a way to get the Canadian government to wake up. When I think of Canada I think of the maple leaf. When I think maple I think syrup. By boycotting Canada’s most recognized symbol we will show them that everyone’s view of their country is tarnished by the seal hunt.

  • Tamra says:

    Antoine you’re comments are falling on deaf ears. I went round and round with this poster and I BEGGED her to stop telling people she knew “basic biology”! Funny aren’t you supposed to take notice when more than one person starts telling you the same thing??

  • Lacey Matthews says:

    Wow this maple syrup boycott has really gotten Canadians’ attention! Judging by the ire expressed by supporters of the seal hunt it looks like this fledgling boycott is already starting to have its intended effect.

  • Antoine says:

    Well Mel it is YOUR life and YOUR soul and if you wish to lie to yourself there is nothing that I can do about that. The bottom line is that your email is filled with misinformation. It is funny how people like you always claim that they KNOW everything and did things well and then their ignorant comments in their own defence proves the opposite. Your comment about human teeth and four stomachs proves that you know nothing about basic biology and how the body digests food. I suggest educating yourself This is a good place to start httpwww.geocities.comRainForest2062ana.HTML I also recommend reading “the China study”. In your first email you stated that there were nutrients that you were not able to get on a vegan diet conveniently in this email you did not expand any further about WHICH nutrients one CAN NOT get on a vegan diet. You did bring up iron. But the Canadian and American dietary assoications as well as MOST specialists in nutrition have stated that ALL nutrients including iron are available in a vegan diet. check out the chart on this website httpwww.soystache.comiron.htm And you refuse to visit the “Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine” website? because you do not trust medical sources on the internet? Okay well we are in 2009 EVERYONE is on the internet and ALL their sources are validated by peerreviewed studies and recognized medical evidence. Meanwhile the book by Vesanto Melina and Brenda Davis “Becoming Vegan” also clearly lists all its sources. As for meat and dairy industries haveing an agenda “like PETA” well… PETA is a not for profit and the meat and dairy industries are large private mega corporations so I think there is little that they do “like PETA” their agenda is clear to make money. PETA’s agenda to help animals including human animals I tend to trust the notforprofit volunteers over the greedy corporation. As for the amount of meat that you eat…well whether you eat an once or 3 pounds of the pig’s flesh he still has to die for it so he really doesn’t care how much of his body you eat. Of course eating less is better than eating more but it’s still murder. YOU said that you became vegan. If you became vegan out of a desire to do no harm to the animals what happened to your morals? Do you just not care anymore?

  • Saucy says:

    Welcome to the HARDLINE folks. PETA I think you’re on to something here. They sure seem awfully incensed about that mable syrup don’t they? In NYC where I shop for groceries the owners son flirts with me. Maybe we could make a deal. A little sommem sommem for a little sommem sommem. Sorry Canada It’s a good ole American tradition. We call it sanctions. Trickle down economics. If the mable syrup farmers have less money they spend less on EVERYTHING including meat. ANIMALS WIN.

  • Lily says:

    I think this is the best idea for AR we’ve had in a while. It worked for South Africa why wouldn’t it work here? It wouldn’t do any good to boycott something related to the seal slaughter because we’re already not buying fur or seal meat or anything. This is the perfect idea to get the government to listen up in Canada!

  • Mark says:

    Businesses governments and individuals all over the world have reached out to Canada requesting that it stop the seal slaughter immediately but nothing has worked and thousands of seals are dying. Luckily they will not be able to ignore this boycott since it hits them where it hurtstheir wallet! So please join PETA and compassionate people like me and boycott maple syrup. We’re not doing this to hurt the maple syrup industry we’re doing it to save seals lives.

  • missy says:

    you know what’s funny…these guys who are against a boycott of Canadian maple syrup don’t even buy Canadian maple syrup! whine whine whine. look if u guys got a better idea you are free to start your own international most effective animal rights group in the world.

  • Mel says:

    Antoine the answer is NO I did nothing wrong. I know my body I know what I went through and frankly more power to you for being a vegan. I ate plenty of veggies and fruits and water. Also I had very little protein in my diet. My budget forced me to also go vegan. Some points 1. Eating SOME meat doesn’t mean you live shorter lives. You are assuming I eat red meat chicken or fish every day and that’s false. Now what does affect your life span as well are factors such as smoking drinking exercise and heredity. You can be a vegan and die at 31 and an omnivore and be an centarian over 100 years old. As I do not know if they’d allow me to give specifics I will say that I am in the proper weight for my height and build because I exercise and eat a balanced diet for ME. Oh I don’t get my info from the dairymeat groups never have. Just like PETA those groups have their own agendas and sometimes very wrongly directed. I go by my doctor thank you very much. People feel tired when they have little IRON. Iodine is only beneficial for the thyroid which controls metabolism. The ONLY way I would give you a point here is if that made me have hypothyrodism causing me to lose too much weight. I find any claim that a vegan diet over an omnivore diet is better to be quite funny. If we were meant to be just vegans we’d have a set of teeth similar to cows horses and other herbivors. And probably four stomachs as well. 2. I became a vegan because I had no choice my pay was such where even eating out anywhere was a luxury. So I was vegan for about 1820 months. I was lucky that lentils and such gave me some of it but it was not enough in the end and I lost too much weight. 3. Sorry I never trust any sources on the Internet claiming to be professional doctors and such. This has also saved my life but for other cases nonrelated to diet. This goes double for a group that supports boycotting a vegan product to stop seal slaughter. 4. Explain to me this if by some chance that PETA ever got its way and no animals were killed would you also be the first to protest the methane levels in the air? Cows do produce methane and other greenhouse gases that pollute the atmosphere. What bugs me most about people such as extreme PETA members is that if you even eat a small amount of meat a day you are considered fat ugly and lazy. If they do go vegan and can’t do it it’s their fault. People over the course of centuries and millenia have had all sorts of diets and been beautiful healthy and trim. They’ve also lived long and healthy lives. I think that PETA and other thoughts on the subject need to relize that instead of saying “Go Veg” all the time. Then again I have trouble with that claim when I read PETA supports COntrolled atmosphere killing of chickens for food but then supports the vegan diet.