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So Many PETA Ads

Written by PETA | February 16, 2007

About a year ago, I was part of a big brainstorming meeting where we came up with all these ideas for ads that we could make to draw attention to the suffering of chickens in factory farms that wouldn’t be just, like, pictures of sad chickens. It was a great meeting, and we came up with a bunch of interesting stuff—ranging from funny to poignant to clever to (inevitably) just really weird. But after the meeting it sort of became clear that we’d just never have the time, money, or staff to turn all of the ideas we had into actual ads, market them, and get them out into the world. Which, you know, sad story and all, but the happy ending is that this year, the Young Guns Ad Agency held a competition for design students, advertising professionals, and artists around the world to make a compelling PETA ad about chickens. We’ve just announced the winners, and you can check out some of the other entries and vote for the “People’s Choice” Award here. Here’s one of the ads I liked:


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  • Marlon says:

    I know I am hideously late to this post but, egg 2 is most likely unfertilized and therefore incapable of becoming egg 1 and was never alive.

  • Ashley says:

    At first the image disturbed me a bit then as I continued to think about it. Neither of them are the lucky ones. The egg probably felt virtually no pain where mostly likely sometime in that baby chicks future it will feel pain for it will be killed for humans to eat.