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How Many Chicks Has This Guy Burned?

Written by PETA | June 30, 2011

Remember season three of Dexter when the Miami P.D. is hunting a killer dubbed the “Skinner”? Our new “wanted” poster features another “Skinner”: Jim Skinner, the CEO of McDonald’s, a man who allows millions of chickens to be scalded to death by McDonald’s suppliers every year.

PETA is used to having our “skin” ads rejected, but our Skinner ad didn’t please the censors either. Not to be deterred, we took our message to the streets by erecting stands emblazoned with Skinner’s image all over Chicago, where McDonald’s is headquartered. The stands dispense free leaflets about Skinner and his McCruelty to chickens.

If scalding chickens to death has you seeing red, e-mail Jim Skinner and tell him to require his company’s suppliers to switch to a less cruel slaughter method that would eliminate the worst slaughterhouse abuses.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • katiiekaophonicc says:

    never liked mcdonnals at all so them being evil makes them 100times worse.. Plus i can see their advert across the street from where im standing.. If it wasnt behind plastic id shred it to pieces!!!!!

  • marymary says:

    McDonalds is probably the most unhealthiest places to eat.I, for one ,question where there food sourses come from.Yes, the are inexpensive but the logical reason for that is the low quality ingredients. I would rather eat from a dumpster than at Mickey D

  • Greta Eurell says:

    Abominal cruelty

  • Marlin says:

    It’s amazing that Humans, through evolution or the image of the creator, are capable of suppressing conscientious morality. This organization’s (peta’s)ability to carry this heavy burden to continue the effort to help end animal cruelty is truly wonderful.

  • maris kate says:

    the fact that people support this is unbelieveable. how would you like it if we stuck you in a big boiling pot of water, cut you up, and ate you? i dont think you would like it. please, reconsider the things you eat; #govegan !

  • Danielle says:

    1rst of all: I never liked McDonalds anyways and #2: That is sick. How would you like it if your head was cut off while you are concious? I’m surprised people ever/still like(d) McDonalds. Sick twisted people.

  • sandy ortega says:

    People, learn to vote with your feet if you don’t like it don’t buy it!!! I try my best also not to buy China Or Japan die to whale slaughter & Dolphins, Shame On Jim Skinner & who ever works for him !!

  • Julie Christopherson says:

    You should be ashamed of yourself. What is wrong with you? You are a disgrace!

  • Ruth says:

    This has to stop. I have some free range chickens and they all have their own individual personalities and really do care about each other with real feelings. Stop the brutality on these beautiful creatures….and all others.

  • kathy says:

    I can’t believe people are still walking into McDonald’s in that pic even though they just learned how the chickens are tortured.

  • Norm Mackay says:

    We will NEVER buy from McDonalds again.

  • Polly Mac says:

    Mcdonalds shoudl receive HUGE fines for allowing this to happen. Maybe someone should burn Jim Skinner. I will never eat at McDonald again and will forward this email to all my email 4000 addresses and 1500 facebook fans. I will tell them we been made SIC by Jim Skinner method of killing chickens for McNuggets

  • Lana says: