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Manila Zoo’s Lone Orangutan Dies

Written by PETA | July 10, 2009

Photo © Rommel Manuel


Since 1981, Sisi had been incarcerated at the Manila Zoo. Although orangutans are tree-dwelling animals, Sisi was forced to live much of her life in a tiny, litter-filled concrete-and-steel enclosure. She was on display continually in a cage that was surrounded by noisy souvenir stands and food vendors, and she was provided with nothing to hold her interest, help her pass the time, or stimulate her keen senses.

Sisi’s death, reportedly from cancer, is just one indication of how animals have been left in deteriorating health without veterinary care at this atrocious zoo. Because PETA Asia-Pacific remains concerned about the well-being of the surviving animals at the Manila Zoo, who all lack the space, exercise, privacy, and mental stimulation that they require, the organization has decided to send a funeral wreath to the zoo in Sisi’s honor. The wreath includes a ribbon emblazoned with the message “Sisi: Suffered in Life, Peace in Death” and will be accompanied by a card calling on zoo officials to close the facility’s doors.

Written by Shawna Flavell

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  • Frode says:

    Manila Zoo is bad, the one legged parrot still alive? But I also remember pigs beeing transported on pick-up trucks on the motorway hanging upside-down from their feet…

  • Human First says:

    think of humanity as a whole first. many people in africa and asia die because of war famine etc. focus your attention to something great in advocacy not this. None sense.

  • Anna says:

    Zoos arn’t bad but its when these animals are shoved into tiny bare cages with metal bars its gets wrong. I’m all for a trip to a grassy area zoo with large semi open spaces and trees. But people seem to think all zoo are just iron bars. I support good zoos but bash the bad.

  • Wendy says:

    Another senseless situation involving a useless zoo. They should go away and not come back! I hate them! Never liked them as a kid and still don’t. The people who attend zoo’s should be put in cages! They are not respectful to these animals in any way let alone the care takers at the zoo.

  • Reverend Meg Schramm says:

    How to tell a good zoo as if there were any from a bad zoo Is the animal in a cage or a habitat that at least looks like the area the animal is native to? Is the creature doing something similar to what he or she would be doing in the wild or is he or she pacing endlessley back and forth or walking in circles? Are there sufficient barriers around the exhibits or are visitors able to throw things into the cages drop leftover food within reach or tease the creatures captive in their cells? Are baby animals left with their mothers if the mothers are able to care for them properly in their own way or are they dragged out to let hoards of human children manhandle them or have their pictures taken with them? Having been across the country and seen many United States zoos and aquariums I have seen everything from zoos that make the visitor feel they have been on a genuine safari tour to roadside horror shows. Some guidance If you can smell the exhibit area before you see the animals leave. Be sure to ask for your money back…whatever you paid is not helping these animals it’s only encouraging the owners to keep this hellhole open. If you see one of the employees abusing an animal report it. Ask to speak to an official or owner and ask them what they are going to do. If not satisfied call the Humane Society and the local police department. Then there will at least be a complaint on file. If you see a visitor abusing an animal report the abuse to the caregivers or owners. If the abuser is a child sometimes bringing the parent’s attention to the situation helps sometimes not. In my preminister bad girl days I once dumped an entire cup of soda the size of a Big Gulp over the head of a kid who had just thrown a cup of soda at the lemur cage at the Santa Ana zoo. I do not recommend this but it was sure worth it. Of course the best thing to do is simply refuse to go to zoos or aquariums at all…

  • Abigail Peck says:

    That is so very sad. I don’t think zoos in entireity should be abolished but they are only the zoos that have the ample care AND ample space that the animals need. Reservations if you wish where they help stop extinction. But the story of SiSi is sad beyond all comprehension.

  • Cat! =^-^= says:

    Horrible. This is not how children should learn to respect their fellow living beings on this planet.

  • Tammy says:

    This is so sad….Look at that beautiful face.

  • Brien Comerford says:

    What a hellish zoo to place such a magnificent creature in. Some quality zoos are safe havens for species that are beng massacred in their native homelands. Conversely bad zoos are nightmares for animals.

  • claire lloyd says:

    R.I.P Susie 3 Let’s hope she didn’t fie in vain and that Manila Zoo has a change of heart and closes for good. ”Zoos” are really just an illusion nothing more than prison’s for the innocent. I pray to god that one day animal’s will be seen as uqual sentien being’s to humans and not ornament’s or trophies to be stared at in cage’s. Really sad.

  • jess says:

    it will never happen

  • cindy says:

    RIP Sisi

  • Aneliese says:

    How very sad. Rest in peace Sisi.

  • simara says:

    horrific zoos are prisons so sad she is one of thousands we need to abolish zoos