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Man Who Starved Pit Bull Gets Jail Time

Written by Alisa Mullins | February 11, 2014

Almost exactly a year to the day after PETA volunteers made a gruesome discovery while out delivering straw bedding to neglected “backyard dogs” in Portsmouth, Virginia, a judge has sentenced a man who was convicted of cruelty to animals—for starving a pit bull named Dynasty to death.

The PETA volunteers almost walked right by the dirty plastic dog carrier because it was partially concealed by a doghouse that had been purposely pushed up against it, probably to hide the dogs. But then they heard movement inside. The dog who was trapped inside began barking, wagging his tail, and jumping up and down in excitement. As they approached, they realized that there were actually two dogs in the crate—but the other dog wasn’t moving.

Inside the crate, they discovered the emaciated remains of Dynasty, a brindle female pit bull. The surviving dog, a male pit-bull mix named Blue, was also malnourished.

The crate was so small that Blue was forced to trample Dynasty’s body. The two dogs had evidently been put in the crate at least the day before PETA found them so that they would be out of the way for a birthday party.

After the volunteers called the police, Dynasty’s remains, along with Blue, were relinquished to PETA. An examination by a veterinarian revealed that Dynasty didn’t have a single ounce of fat on her body and that she had been suffering from an untreated broken leg. The only contents of her stomach were a few pieces of straw that she had eaten out of desperation to sustain herself.

In September, the dogs’ owner, Adriane Mason, was found guilty of cruelty to animals for starving Dynasty to death and for depriving her of emergency veterinary treatment. Today, a judge, who said he was “mystified” and “dumbfounded” by Mason’s behavior, sentenced him to 12 months in jail, with six months suspended, and ordered him to pay $452 restitution to PETA (for veterinary bills). Perhaps most importantly, Mason was also sentenced to three years supervised probation, during which time he cannot own any animals.

As for Blue, his dark days are behind him. He was taken to the Virginia Beach SPCA and later adopted into a loving home. If you’d like to see him in his new digs, pick up a PETA 2014 Calendar—he’s the dashing “Mr. August.”

Blue Dog

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  • Maureen says:

    These laws are HORRIFIC

  • ingeberg44 says:

    this man should be banned from EVER owning a any animal. This man is cruel and inhumane .

    Read more:

  • Sarah says:

    When I read the title “Man gets jail time” I got excited, then I read “12 mths. 6 suspended”! Thats it??!! He cant own a pet for three whole years ?! Wow what a joke! These laws are a JOKE!

  • paloma says:

    “Anyone who has accustomed himself to regard the life of any living creature as worthless is in danger of arriving also at the idea of worthless human life”. ~ Albert Schweitzer

    I can not understand how anyone could ever do this to an animal… how incredibly sad… thanks God the other dog survived and is now in a happy, forever home.

  • Diana Ossana says:

    Human beings have always been and always will be what they are. There are caring ones, and there are selfish and cruel ones. This is an extremely tragic story, and when I saw the picture of Dynasty, my heart ached for what she must have suffered, and what Blue had to endure until he was found and rescued by PETA. I am so thankful for organizations such as PETA, the people who work for them, and for their compassion. To those of us who say we can’t look, or we don’t want to know, it is vital that we DO look, and that we DO want to know, because these animals MATTER. It matters that they suffer and then die. Each one is precious. We honor each and every one of them by acknowledging that their existence matters. Thank you, PETA, from the bottom of my very grateful heart. Keep doing what you do so well…

  • Sierra Shasta says:

    This man like many other animal abusers need harsher punishments. There are people in prison for minor crimes who get stiff harsh punishments. When people who abuse and murder animals only get a slap on the wrist and generally no jail or prison time or fines. They don’t fear abusing an animal again, knowing that there isn’t really any punishments.

    We need to strengthen our animal abuse sentences and fines. We need to give animal rights groups who are on the streets and trying to take care, in whatever way they can, the power to act immediately when abuse is called in, witnessed by neighbors, friends, or animal rights groups.

    People leave newborn puppies in a cardboard box in an alley or garbage pick up area, on the street, in fields, etc to die.
    Dogs and cats are left outside in the bitter cold of winter or the blazing sun with no food or water or shelter of any kind. They live in squaller, barbed wire, broken glass, boards with nails, no room to move or protect themselves.
    Dogs are often chained to a tree or fence or some other kind of object which prevents them from reaching the safety of shelter, food, water, that is frozen in winter. Many don’t even have any kind of dog house/shelter. Dogs get frostbite on their noses, ears, tails and feet. Often dogs have puppies to care for, but they struggle to feed and care for them when there is no shelter, water and depending on how emaciated the mother dog is, she may not be capable of feeding her babies.
    Cats do what they can in bitter cold with no home, shelter, food or water. Not even a box to crawl into. They too suffer as dogs with frost bite, starvation, abuse, neglect. Many have kittens to care for, yet are so starved they care for their kittens as best as they can when they are so starved and can’t get to food or shelter.

    We must give these animal rights group more power to take these sick, abused, neglected, starving, dying animals into their hands and shelters immediately, and get the perpetrators into the court system with no slaps on the wrists or easy time. They must face felony charges with long prison time and fines.

    Animals deserve more than we give them. They deserve, kind, homes with lots of love, toys, warm beds, food and water anytime they want it. Grass to play in, safe places to be. Animals deserve more than the abuser. Animals are innocent, voiceless creatures. We need to speak for them and protect them.

  • Carolina Oliveira says:

    SEM PALAVRAS!!!! =( =( =(

  • Robin says:

    I agree with other posts. Why would this man ever be allowed to have an animal in his care? and why such a short sentence?

  • sandra goldthorpe says:

    this man should never be allowed to own a dog ever ,he deserves to be jailed for life

  • Bobana says:

    only three-year ban!??? This man should not be allowed to get within 100 meters from another animal let alone be allowed to have another pet in three years time.

  • Leala G. says:

    My question is why is the “human” who did this EVER allowed to have an animal anywhere in his vicinity again in his life? If you do something like this, you should NEVER be able to be around animals EVER for as long as you live. If you’re caught with an animal or pet in your possession, you go straight to jail… then maybe we’d see less of this abuse. Animal abuse of any type must get stiffer, long-term penalties or else it’s a joke to this idiots and they go on to do it again. It’s the same with domestic abuse and child abuse. The penalties have to get more serious, to match the acts.

  • Vicky Humbarger says:

    This makes me sick.Why have them if you are just going to be mean.I hate people sometimes.

  • Lea Hirvikallio says:

    This is not enough, the crime is that cruel, so the jail time should have been much longer!

  • Deb T says:

    this man should be banned from EVER owning a any animal. 3 years is nothing. This man is cruel and inhumane .

  • L.D.Zafar says:

    WHY are you suspending any part of the sentence?? This is why animal abuse keeps happening! Because we let this human trash out light with a slap on the wrist! I wish I had of studied law to take on cases of animal abuse, I guarantee I would bring about change and hand down very rough sentence’s on human garbage who would do this. What this beautiful creature suffered I can not fathom. This human waste should never have another animal period. Sweet Dynasty, run free precious one over that beautiful rainbow bridge where you will be safe and happy forever, never to again know hunger, pain, or cruelty….

  • mini597 says:

    This acts of violence needs stronger punishment. It is not acceptable. The owner needs to serve jailtime. Shame on the judge for not passing out a harder sentence. We have to stand up and be their voice. The violence has to end.

  • camille t. Bao says:

    adrian mason got off rather easy, only 6 months, then for only 3 years not allow to “own” any animals. Why 3 years? After committing such extreme heinous crime, he should have been ban from having any animals for life. By the way, we have no right “owning” any living creatures, we may own houses, cars, shoes,etc., but any living in our care, we are their guardians, not owners, like slave owners.

  • AT LAST AT LAST! A judge has actually JAILED one of these disgusting individuals for cruelty to animals. Let’s hope other judges finally get up the courage to do the same now that one has set a precedence. This creep should have got a lot longer than 6 months but I guess some time is better than the slap on the write (“Naughty naughty”) that animals abusers usually get.

  • FionaLau says:

    This is a heart-breaking story. Nothing can bring the bit bull back. It is important to educate people to love and respect lives.
    Once you get a dog, or any other animals, it’s life is in your hand. You have the responsibility to love and take good care of it. This is a life commitment.

  • RR says:

    Awesome! Once many years ago I had a German Shepard that I had to give up. I ended up giving him to a friend’s neighbor who promised to care for him. I stopped by with food and presents for him one day and to my horror he was locked in a shed/garage, foaming at the mouth and starved. There were 2 dried up dog bodies in there with him. I went down the street and called the police. After a lot of arguing with the officers [ i didn’t know they were drug addicts] one of them took him in. I couldn’t take him back at the time and the Humane
    Society wanted a lot of money if i gave him to them. He was a really sweet dog. I don’t think the people did time but a bunch were raided after that. I don’t know why people do that.

  • Palma Rice says:

    This man should have been given much more jail time, a larger fine and not allowed to own another animal for the rest of his life ! The punishment here does not fit the crime.

    • Vesna Vuković says:

      I agree with you, Palma Rice, that is not enough! And he will do it again, I’m sure! Such kind of people can’t change so easy its behaviour!Poor dog, what a suffer he standed… (excuse me if my English is not good enough, still learning…) Regards, with: GIVE ME PAW!

  • sharon earle says:

    Crimes against animals should be punishable with jail time. There should education in the school system to teach people to treat animals with respect. Animals should be protected against human cruelties.

  • Marion Friedl says:

    That´s the way it should be, even if it won´t bring back the other pitbull!

  • reina peterson says:

    He should not be allowed ever to own animals. he will never change his ways.

  • Ashie says:

    One year of jail time is not enough – this guy deserves some serious punishment for torturing his pets…Dogs are like two year old kids – they are full of life and offer nothing but love to their families….I am happy to see dashing Mr August and feel so sorry and sad for the other dog who died………

  • I don’t understand why he got off so lightly . I mean it was better than nothing but mostly just a slap on the wrist.i really hope who ever he had the birthday for doesn’t have another one .

  • Judy says:

    Anyone that would treat an animal that way should be put in jail, and throw away the key. It makes me sick to hear stories about stuff like this. What is wrong with people these days. He got exactly what he deserves.

  • Sue says:

    Words fail me.