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Man and Horse Love Each Other Right to the End

Written by Michelle Kretzer | January 3, 2013

For 34 years, Sally and her guardian were together nearly every day. The loving man doted on his horse, keeping her well cared for and giving her the run of his property.

But Sally’s age was catching up with her. Her once-sparkling brown eyes had completely lost their sight, she was losing weight, and her movements were becoming more and more laborious. Even though Sally could no longer see the man she loved, she could still hear his voice, and she came to him whenever he called. It was a daily struggle for the man to watch Sally deteriorate. He feared that she would get worse before her aging body finally quit, but he was also scared to call her veterinarian and end her suffering

When PETA received a concerned call about the horse from someone who had gone past the property, we called to speak to Sally’s guardian. The gentleman was practically in tears over his beloved horse. He knew that the coming winter would make life even harder for Sally, but he agonized every day over the decision to end her suffering.

PETA’s caseworker knew that the man needed help letting Sally go. She explained what he already knew—that Sally was no longer comfortable in her body, that her quality of life was significantly diminished, and that he was going to have to be strong for her now.

It seemed to be what the man needed to hear. He gathered his strength, called his veterinarian, and lovingly said goodbye to his precious Sally. PETA called to check on him, reassure him, and comfort him during his loss.

Saying goodbye to our animal family members is heartbreaking, for sure. But when the end comes, we have to love them enough to endure the pain so that they don’t have to. 

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  • ANNA MAIETTA says:

    i don’t agree ending life..

  • Lisa says:

    Totally understand what this poor man went through been through it myself and going through it now, you want your animals to live for ever you dont want to think them getting old and you dont want to face the thought that they are gong to get old and in the end pass away. This man loved his horse for 34yrs and couldnt face life without her, they are your family. One of my rescued cats whom ive had since a kitten is 19yrs old now my vet has told me he’s an old man and the time will come this year so trying to prepare myself and my family,its heartbreaking though knowing that you are gong to have to face that time but as my vet said think of the wonderful life they have had. We have to be there for them till the end.

  • Dee says:

    How sad how lovely what a man and what a horse