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Major League Baseball Ditches the Wool

Written by PETA | February 22, 2007

I’d love to announce this as an official PETA victory, but I have a sneaking suspicion that the MLB’s decision to get rid of all their wool caps in favor of a polyester blend has more to do with the suffering of sweaty baseball players in the heat than with the suffering of merino sheep in the wool industry.

Whatever their motives, though, this is a big deal for sheep like those in Australia who are horribly mutilated at the beginning of their lives and crammed onto ships to be slaughtered in countries with no animal welfare standards at the end. Whether the major league baseball players know it or not, they’re doing the right thing by ditching the wool in favor of a humane alternative. So I, for one, applaud them. Except the Yankees. (Like most Orioles fans, I still haven’t forgotten 1996.)

Anyway, there you have it—some great news for animals from the MLB. And now, for those of you who’d like a little more info about the issue, here’s an important educational video that my friends Joel, Marta, and I made a little while ago. But please do remember, before you watch it, that you will never get those 21 seconds of your life back.

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