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Mafia War(s) Declared on Animals!

Written by PETA | April 22, 2010

The popular Facebook game Mafia Wars has just introduced a new game “tool”: animals to use in the fights, including but not limited to snarling pit bulls.


This is not the image of pit bulls that people should be promoting.
Mafia Wars


Sure, it’s just a game, but perpetuating the image of pit bulls as fighting machines is reckless and wrong. It is particularly troubling in light of the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision that struck down a law banning the distribution of videos glorifying such cruelty to animals. Pit bulls already face a public relations battle and are the most abused breed of dog. PETA’s fieldworkers see pit bulls in horrific conditions every day. They are frequently kept chained or penned, they are taunted and trained to be aggressive, and they are beaten and starved—sometimes to death.

This is a rare, er, misfire for Zynga, the maker of lots of popular online games (you might have heard of a little one called Farmville). Zynga recently started offering special bulldogs in YoVille, the proceeds of which are donated to the San Francisco SPCA. So let’s hope that it will listen to our appeal. You can also send the company your own polite comments asking it to leave animals out of Mafia Wars.

Thanks for all your support and your fantastic comments about this awful addition to Mafia Wars. Please be sure to let Zynga know how you feel, too, by sending a polite comment to Zynga’s customer help center.

Written by Jennifer O’Connor

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  • Kaili says:

    Here’s the deal I contribute to PETA but more and more their antics make me cringe. I’m contribute I have animals as roommates and I’m a vegetarian. A responsible professional response from PETA would have been “Dear Zynga please remove these dogs because it portrays animal cruelty.” Instead PETA went right to “OMG! LET’S BOYCOTT THEM!” Please PETA become more professional. You have to realize people need to be brought over to your cause. A lot of people simply don’t understand implications. Explaining it nicely FIRST may help animals everywhere. Zynga serves vegetarian and vegan food to their employees allows dogs at work and donates thousands of dollars to animal shelters and with no warning you throw dirt in their eyes. Stop antagonizing people and start making compelling arguments. Zynga should be your ally and the way this was approached was irresponsible. People who know me often adopt my animalcompassionate lifestyle because of the way I live not because I’m yelling in their face.

  • AstelpQueeste says:

    Howdy I’m an IT engineer 33 and fan of 3d technology nothing more to say just thanks for this website !

  • Rachel says:

    And this is why PETA has a bad name.

  • susan Korths says:

    no comment I will boycott all companies who promote cruel lifestyle like this. No money no games

  • Hank Wills says:

    Well the pitbull is gone they changed it to the silverback gorilla. So get over it now.

  • Gamer Reviewer says:

    We have games where they do worse than having pictures such as well lots of games. Ragnarok Online killing those cute bunnies called “lunatics” for experience points and items. Also there’s more different types of animals in that list. Age of Empires the bears and other wild animals being programmed to attack people that cross their path. There’s also killing Sheep cows pigs turkeys deer and so on for food. There’s also Civilization series Heroes of Might and Magic series Elder Scroll series Dragon Quest etc. The main comparison between this animal on animal fight is comparable to Puzzle Quest to be quite honest. Please help combat against the use of Palm Oils in foods first since that’s causing more damage to animals. Many can tell the difference between right and wrong and as an animal lover myself I don’t like to see animals harmed.

  • Victor Castillo says:

    Don’t we have enough problems in the world?We have warsdisasterseconomic issues and morality keeps going downdowndown.We don’t need more negativity in the world.I am so tired of hearing about anger and violence.Why can’t we see we are destroying ourselves and regardless of wether you believe in the apocolypse or not we are ruining this world and children will no longer be able to dream anymore just nightmares to be had.What is wrong with so called humanity?Can we ever progress instead of regress?We are the animals!!!

  • Yomper says:

    it’s just pictures and does not show animals fighting seriously all you people jumping on the ‘omg bandwagon of cruelty to animals in a game’ yet you don’t seem too bothered the game depicts violent crimes including drug deals and murder. i suppose you realise that there are other games out there where you kill attacking animals in a 3D environment ? does the word Hypocrite mean anything ? get over yourselves. and yes i do support you in a real world cause to protect REAL animals. now stop wearing leather and wool.

  • Outraged By The Outrage says:

    Umm where’s all the outrage about the depiction Lions Chinese Tigers Russian Bears Kodiak Bears Ligers Irish Wolfhounds etc? Everyone knows that Lions are inherently violent! And Tigers just need love! Get over it people it’s just a game! Sheesh!

  • Allison says:

    It does not mention any hurting to the animals…They just protect you. No hurting if they might get hurt they just let you get hurt. Haha.

  • Dominique says:

    I have a pit and he is the sweetestmost loyal dog I’ve ever had. He loves to play with the kids in the neighborhood and he loves to cuddle. Its sickens me that I can’t take him to the dog park because I get yelled at and asked to leave based on him being the breed he is. I realize he’s a dog but he is my son and I believe that things like this only push the stereotype further against this loving animal. Don’t blame the dog for the owners idiocity and immaturity

  • Agata says:


  • blopi says:

    ok guys its just a game calm down peta!!! its like if i wear false fur are you gonna bannerd false fur from the street or wat?? REMEMBER ITS JUST A GAME!!!!!! i love animal to and i play mafia wars but i know it just a game so why u sent a letter to zynga really dont understand . and now they change the picture of the pitbull and put a little cute pitbull but damn its a mafia games or ganster game and we got cute little puppy cuz peta dont want to see the image of a pitbull fighting… let the videogame alone WE ARE NOT FIGHTING REAL ANIMAL!!!!!!! THEY ARE FICTION!!!!! JUST REMEMBER IT PLEASE THX

  • James Downey says:

    The game is free. It’s not your game. If they want fighting dogs in there then there’s no reason they shouldn’t.

  • Jackie says:

    I was waiting for you to take notice of this the minute I read about this being added to a video game. This is beyond pathetic! Not only does it stink of a serious lack of creativity it reinforces the stereotype that pit bulls are inherently agressive! Not to mention the dog fighting..gahhh seriously. The issue of it being real or not is pointless because it is portrayed realistically. This isn’t like a cartoon dog where one can easily tell that they’re just screwing around. This is a realistic agressive looking and I imagine behaving dog. This also makes dog fighting look um cool? I don’t know it’s just wrong. While I feel very strongly about this situation. I just have to ask what is your stance on Gooomba stomping PETA? Yeah okay I’m joking a bit there. Still I’ve thought it would be kind of funny to have Mario try to explain himself to you when it comes to all the Goomba and turtle stomping he does even though that is portrayed as extremely cartoonish and fake.

  • Trine says:

    It’s a game. I didn’t thought it’d be necessary to say more. It’s fiction. Come on.

  • kay says:

    this sucks!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE FACEBOOK