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Madonna Vs. Mariah

Written by PETA | May 1, 2008

In case you missed it, there’s a Battle of the Divas going on in the media right now. Mothra Madonna is evidently trying to throw down with Mariah Carey to see who’s the most popular. Which means that it’s time to either take sides or get out of the way … and I want to take this opportunity to officially throw the weight of the world’s largest animal rights organization (that’s us) behind our girl Mariah, with whom—to use the immortal words of Ol’ Dirty Bastard (RIP)—we go back like babies and pacifiers. Here’s my argument for why Mariah blows Madonna out of the water in this competition:

  1. When a Russian tycoon gave Mariah Carey a pair of outrageously expensive fur coats in a misguided attempt to show her what a big fan he was, she immediately donated the coats to PETA for us to give to the homeless. Roughly around the same time, Madonna was photographed trouncing around London in about $70,000 worth of dead chinchillas.
  2. A whole lot more people are buying Mariah’s new album than are buying Madonna’s. Which kind of settles it, just in case my first point didn’t do the trick for you.

So there you have it. The forces of good prevail, while the groovy soundtrack of “Touch My Body” plays in the background. If you know of any other Diva competitions that need a’refereeing, just let me know. I’m always happy to help out.


Image credits: DailyMail, the-planets / CC

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  • marjorie r.golden says:

    mariah is the winner here because hagdonna is hag plain simple i mean how would she like it if an animal wore her as a coat she weren’t be laughing then would.Mariah angela carey connon is the best singer in the world hagdonna is done

  • Ryan says:

    Mariah is insane she sits in a room decorated with butterflies goes to the gym in high heeled shoes and she has herself stretched on all media to portray that she’s thin that’s probably why she likes animals because she’s a beast. Oh and by the way Madonna’s album Hard Candy has sold almost a million more copies than Mariah’s repetetive tedious crap Emc2. …oh and who cares if someone wears a bit of fur there are thousands of people yes that’s right people who live in poverty in awful conditions who die everyday perhaps you should concentrate on the preservation of human beings rather than waisting time and effort on pathetic protests about fur. I don’t condone killing animals for sport or clothing but hey there are bigger things going on in the world to get on your high horse about.

  • matt says:

    I read somewhere that madonna while hunting had a change of heart and decided not to wear fur or hunt again. And also why does she get all the flack when Mariah struts around in louis vuitton leather?

  • Teresa says:

    I’ve always liked Mariah Carey and now I’ll say I LOVE MC! I mean fur coats? Come on Madonna. There’s one more point. Many people are inspiredhealed or have found strength in some of MC’s songs like “Through the Rain” “Hero” and “Can’t Take That Away”. And I don’t think I can say that about Madonna’s songs. MC Rules!

  • load load says:


  • calin says:

    MADONNA rules with fur and everything Mooriah or Mimoo as she likes to be call BORING every song sounds alike. MADONNA WINS LOVE HER DON’T HATE

  • erick says:

    hahaha wat ever u said mariah monkey cannot be madonna she’s ugly and she dance like an ugly bitch pig mariah fans are asshole admit that madonna still the best in every corner in the world…so stop jealous all mariah monkey fans…

  • holla says:

    So Madonna wears fur..not the best choice….but that doesn’t mean all of the sudden Boring Mariah has her 25 year career Madonna has grown and we’ve seen that Journey…Ambitious Young Girl Shocking Religious Sex Symbol Soul Searching Experimenting Political Diva Disco Diva and Now RB not to mention she looks amazing for 50. Mariah is still in her “honey” days..I am yet to see Mariah be sofisticated or show any growth..oh and knowing that BOTH had been retouched in their Videos…Madonna looks way hotter than Mariah does in her latest video… and plsu Madonna just excersized to get her amazing body..mariah clearly has had LIPO..good message for young girls…NOT

  • Rosemary says:

    Madonna looks hideous in that fur coat! If she can’t have some compassion for animals who give their lives to be someone’s fur coat or accessory then she deserves to be snubbed where it hurts let’s stop buying her music. Mariah was never a favorite of mine but she is now. Any celebrity can further our cause for the animals by showing their support. We need more of them to stop wearing fur and speak out against cruelty to animals everywhere.

  • Isabell says:

    ppl who kill animals in such a rude way is cruel!! btw we dunt use fur for warmth we use it for style which is so wrong. If ppl are gonna kill animals it should at least be humane but i like mariah cuzz i dunt like ppl who wear fur…

  • lauren says:

    OMG! as if i didnt love Mariah Carey enough already!!!! she is just the greatest and sexiest human being to walk this earth!!!!! LOVE YA MC!!!!

  • milena says:

    No entiendo…como pueden permitir…que vendan este tipo de abrigos…porque si no los permitieran al mercado nadie los comprara..eso es mentira que la gente va a dejard de comprarlos..gracias..

  • cassie says:

    i think that they are both beautiful women with awesome talents but madonna is a hypocrite. I’m sure however that mariah has done hypicritical things also and i agree that mariah is maybe more caring in some aspects but what do your facts have to do anything with whose more popular? and just throwing it out there but who cares whose more popular? lets let them battle it out for themselves eh?

  • gloria monti says:

    somebody writes madonna you know who you are. indeed. a piece of white trash even when adorned with the suffering and blood of sentient beings.

  • dennie fidel says:

    i love mariah and madonna both but i love mimi more than maddy! gow mimi!

  • Kenna says:

    Okay fine I’ll update my statement then. Bruinboy I’m just trying to follow your logic. Animals can kill other animals in a nonwar setting. Humans are animals. Therefore humans can kill other animals in a nonwar setting. Therefore humans can kill other humans in a nonwar setting…?????

  • Linda Power says:

    Madonna proved a along time ago that she is a big phony and publicity whore who will do anything to get attention even kill animals her latest video proves that where she is half naked with of all the talented people out there Justin Timberlake! Gimme a brake she needs to go back to the Michigan and crawl in a hole. MC is way more talented anyway there’s no contest go Mariah!

  • Mel says:

    Wow I’m so impressed by Mariah and completely disgusted by Madonna now!

  • laura says:

    madonna never could sing if it wasn’t for her engineers in the studio…and her adopting an african baby why didn’t she just financially support the baby’s father so he could raise his son in the culture he was used to??If she dosent respect human life she isn’t going to respect animal life….kudos to Mariah!!

  • Yami says:

    The case here is not who is more talented or not the discussion should be based on the animal cruelty… hence the wearing of fur ! Now if PETA doesn’t want anything to do with animal cruelty then why in the world did they take those fur coats ????? Makes no sense to me either and by the way both Madonna and Mariah were in the late 80’s90’s so Mariah isn’t a young chick either !!!!! Not as old as Madonna but in her early 40’s if I’m not mistaken ! The issue isn’t about who has more talent or what its about what they believe in what is in their heart about animals the love or lack of love for and respect for mother nature…. and for Madonna its truly sad she feels the need to wear fur… really sad !

  • Judy says:

    Are there any wholesome PETA celebs with talent and class?

  • Roshana says:

    What about Beyoncee and Jennifer Lopez?

  • chris says:

    i love Madonnashe has made mistakes..we all have..what about the meds that Mariah was on that the lab rats were punished forc’mon peopleMadonna is a great girl

  • Heather Wagner says:

    I admire Mariah not accepting the fur coats but it still doesn’t make me a fan. Maybe he was hoping she’d wear them to cover her near nakedness. She looks slutty!

  • Marie Gil says:

    Sorry but I have seen Mariah Carey wear fur in pictures and on TV so I am not sure why you are promoting her.

  • Clydester37 says:

    Yeah Madonna sucks for wearing that fur coat but think of all the animals Mariah has eaten their number is legion. Also to clarify Mariah sells more than Madonna in the U.S. only. Almost everywhere else Madonna triumphs. Eating meat is just as needless and cruel as wearing fur. As far as I’m aware neither of these ladies is a vegan so they both need to be enlightened. At least Madonna was a vegetarian for a while before she married that man.

  • Pamela says:

    Way to go Mariah you have my vote! Madonna no amount of record sales will wipe that blood off your hands.

  • Mayo K. says:

    You should get the facts right first Madonna is selling more albums than Mariah. Mariah probably sold it to PETA because she knows that PETA fans and animal lovers will give her props and hence she will sell more records. Mariah is such a diva not a person to really look up to.

  • Sasquatch says:

    The older Madonna gets the more she looks like Willem Dafoe. shudder

  • Felicity Brach says:

    I never liked madonna as a person but I kind of liked her earlier singing. She is a phoney tries to appear an interlectual. She is a horrible hypocrite I hate her lack of compassion. And I think that is why she is looking like a hag these days.Mariah will grow older more gracefully because she appears to be a very nice woman. I am not sure about her music not really a fan. Sorry MariahBut I wish her the best!

  • Erik says:

    Wow…when are we going to stop trying to compete who’s better or who is not? I would rather focus on the faith of the Lord helping others stopping this loathing of people. Loathinghate in my book. Why should we hate if we have to go there and dislike anyone then why should it bother us? Keep the peace and work on something more like…cruelty to animals!!! than having a “diva battle” besides what does that mean anyway? Nothing to me…I worry about more important things and trust in God. Peaceout! Erik

  • Lulu says:

    I have never liked Madonna. Uergh I think she is so common. I just cannot find anything nice to say about her at all. I think she is a selfish and stupid person.. Get some feelings for other living beings Madonna! Well done Mariah I love you even more now I know what you did…

  • lauren says:

    I’m not a fan of pop at all. But Mariah is standable. Madonna is ugly and old and should stop wearing fur… booty shorts. Her ass belongs to a grandmother. all of the “I love madonna” people on here stfu. madonna went out of style before a lot of you guys were born and now she wants some attentionnnn. Mm kthx .

  • Paco says:

    No argument here. I vote for Mariah

  • Lisa M. says:

    I love Madonna and have written her and her publicist urging her to stop wearing fur. I have all her albums including her new one. I think with more pressure from her fans she may turn the tide. I always thought she was a vegan. I do not like the fur thing. As for MariahI dont own any of her albums nor do I plan to by any anytime soon. I think it’s great that she is a supporter of animal rights but I am not a fan. NOT AT ALL

  • Claudia from Uruguay says:

    In spanish Es vergonzoso ver a una DIVA convertirse en ANTIDIVA usando prendas tan fuera de moda como las pieles de animales inocentes! Fur is out! Furs are not necessary to keep warm! Madonna is the antidiva Mariah! You are our inspiration!!! Go ahead! Claudia

  • Dr.Breen says:

    Kenna Yeah its called war.

  • Carol Alice says:

    Why would she give fur coats to give to the homeless? I don’t understand. Peta is for animals. why not donate them to a homeless charity?? Did I miss something?

  • Phil says:

    Mariah is an incredible singer who has sold more albums in America than any other female. Madonna has sold more albums in the WORLD than any other female. That pretty much sums it up there. While Mariah is content to chirp songs with barely any meaning sounding the same on every record Madonna is constantly seeking new sounds styles and is an artist. That’s the difference between the two Madonna is an ARTIST and Mariah is a DIVA. Take it for what you will. xo

  • Kim Jeffreys says:

    You only needed the first comment to make the case! Mariah HOT Madonna SOOOOOO NOT!!! Wear your own skin Madonna!

  • Jen says:

    Madonna is selling way more albums than Mariah…sorry but the “facts” should be accurate. I think instead of shaming celebrities like Madonna we should concentrate more on educating those around us who think ignorance is bliss.

  • SHARIE DELLA says:


  • Rocky Raccoon says:

    Please stop wearing fur! Its killing me…Literally. Madonna Lindsey Star Aretha and that ugly witch from Desperate Housewivespleasepleasepleasehave a heart.We would never let you live in horrible conditionsclub you on the head or have electricity run up your bum until we ‘thought’ you might be dead and then skin you while still alive and feeling the whole experience as your cries for help or from pain go unnoticed.Please for the love of goddo something compassionate just once in your life.

  • joe says:

    wow and i was thinking the opposite.. shame on madonna

  • Echolalia says:

    Actually Madonna is selling way more records than Mariah. I can see if you would like Mariah’s stance on giving away the fur but get your facts straight. Don’t want to discredit yourselves…

  • claudia says:

    Madonna is as fake as you can get. She really does not even have a great voice. Mariah rocks has an amazing truly gorgeous voice. And on top of that I have a feeling that she will still be super well into her 50’s. Madonna looks like an a tired old hag that is trying to look younger and younger. It ain’t working. Women her age cannot go too thin as it makes them gaunt and actually older looking… the thing they are trying to prevent!!!!

  • susan says:

    Madonna has always been a bitch! Why should we be surprised with her antics now?

  • Aubrianna Barrr!!! says:

    mariah most def yo! maddona is stupid.

  • Tammy Manson says:

    Has Madonna ever seen any actual footage of a ‘skinning’? If she hasn’tmaybe she needs to. Hopefully after watching a video of one or two she will be sick and not wear fur ever again. Seeing changed me forevernot that I wore fur anyway but I had no idea at what actually went on.I could not sleep well for weeks after. Those images stayed with me.Maybe thats all Madonna needs too.

  • Kenna says:

    Bruinboy I’m just trying to follow your logic. Animals can kill other animals. Humans are animals. Therefore humans can kill other animals. Therefore humans can kill other humans…?????