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Madonna Slows Her Animal-Killing Frenzy

Written by PETA | January 2, 2007
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I’m not quite prepared to kiss and make up with Madonna after December’s chinchilla coat debacle, but it does seem like she’s beginning to make some efforts to quench her bloodlust a little bit—starting with a commitment to stop shooting at birds. Under the compassionate influence of her good friend Stella McCartney, Madonna has evidently decided to stop renting out her estate in Wilts for hunting parties; she had already given up hunting herself after one of the birds she had shot took a long time to die. As she put it:

“It wasn’t dead. Blood was gushing from its mouth and it was struggling up this hill and I thought, ‘Oh God, I did that. I haven’t shot since.”

Anyway, as I said, I’m not exactly ready to hold a parade in her honor yet, but this does seem like a promising start. As many of you probably know, I was recently named a co-winner of Time magazine’s 2006 “Person of the Year” award, so I’m hoping that Madonna will pay more attention to me this time and give up the fur for good.

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  • Gail says:

    Why would Madonna hunt or allow hunting on her property in the first place?She had no idea that hunting is painful and most are a bunch of drunking fools

  • Jasmine Fields says:

    You guys Madonna not killing anything and getting a PR campaign manager to speak on her behalf is almost a miracle…. that is if you believe the hype. Really Maggie dear isn’t who the public believes or respects her as.

  • Manuel Navarro says:

    I do agree with PETA but you guys do things that are not right either. You guys seem so crazy when you offend people too. Instead of offending celebrities you guys should talk to them more politely more civi Maybe then they’ll listen. You guys reminde me of Perez Hilton!!!

  • Caboo says:

    Your are so right Lauran I use to belive in the campaing of Madona of her Reinvention Tour but I see know she’s such an hypocrit If I see her again wearing fur I’m gonna lose all respect of her carrer and I’m gonna star to boycott her such as other stupid stars who try to give message of peace and helping Africa an bla bla bla is just publicity and it’s such a shame.

  • Lauran says:

    Madonna Grow up. I thought you were original however I am now putting you into the category of Olsen Twins JLo Beyonce Diddy et al. How does that feel? I’m so angry about all the celebrities wearing fur! Madonna Please tell me how are we supposed to take your passionate causes so seriously now? I believed in your “campaign for peace and love” I was at your concerts I saw the videos on stage but personally I can’t believe you now. You’re an animal killer. There’s NO compassion there! Harsh? Yip!

  • Timothy says:

    A chinchilla coat?!?! How could ANYONE kill a chinchilla?!?! They’re the cutest flippin animal in the world!!!

  • Ellie says:

    she owwns a chinchilla coat ..whada bitch! i fail to see how she cares about animals… as long as she doesnt have to see it suffer … it must be ok in her eyes..

  • Nora McIntire says:

    I don’t think too highly of Madonna but I guess any wee bit of enlightenment is better than none at all. Many may see her adoption of a child from Malawi as a benevolent and lovely gesture but she supported hunting abd actually intentenially took the life of an innocent bird! so….

  • starcerra says:

    that’s awesome about jlo!!! way to make a difference peeps!!!!

  • Staci says:

    I think it this whole line of coversation is sad for 2 reasons. First everyone has gotten freaked out over “Frank’s” obviously ridiculous and false words and second because you have forgotten about the animals birds in Madonna’s case who are the topic at hand and much much more important that anything Frank has to say. To address all of the people up in arms about the troopsetc please please stop saying that we are safer at night because of them and that they are fighting for us because unfortunately for them and they often don’t know it but they are fighting for profits and often times WE are not safer because of it. May all the soldiers come home safely and may all the animals survive the human race!

  • Jean says:

    Frank is an absolute asshole and so is anyone who agrees with him. My husband is a Cpl. in the USMC and has fought to save our own lives. Anyone who talks like Frank and the rest of his buddies are full of shit.

  • Alexandra says:

    I think it is a learning process in every live and some people see it earlier than other. But in many countries you can decide if you rent your estate or not in Germany you are oblied to let the people come and shoot all animals they want!! sorry abour my english its not very good.

  • christine says:

    i am so commpletely horrified by the fact that frank is able to say with such pride that he has killed women and childrenor just people in general and has no problems with that. i can’t believe that anyone would have that lack of brains that it takes to brag about killing people as frank did….it is absolutely uncalled for and i could not agree more with stephanie although i cannot support our troops overseas i will never support the killing of anyone or anything. i cannot stand the military even though i have family members training to be in it. also if it takes killing another living thing for you to enjoy doing something than you have something wrong with you. you should not need to see something die violently before before you realize that killing things is wrong.

  • Paul says:

    I agree with some of Mary’s comments…. However there are somethings I disagree on. While I agree that soldiers are specifically trained to think a certain way in war They are also trained to abide and respect military codesethics. All the comments Frank said was in poor taste especially for the boy that had has throat slit by his friend. If that’s true!! Frank is nothing more than a braggart that owes a apology to all the people that have served in the forces.

  • Mary says:

    About Frank’s comments. Horrible things go on in Wars and that is why war has to be the last resort. It is great that Sadam is gone but whether Frank’s friend actually slit a child’s throat or not children do die in wars. The soldiers are left with terrible guilt and most of them are practically kids themselves. Killing is wrong whether it is a person or an animal. Frank is not to blame for his attitude he is trained to think like that. My heart goes out to animals Iraqi children and American soldiers.

  • PB says:

    To Frank…. Anyone that makes references about how his mate killed a child sentry in Iraq by slitting their throat is sick and fked in the head. Best thing you could do with your comments is Piss off and keep them to yourself. I know people that have been in the forces and your comments are insulting dishonorable and a mockery of soldiers everywhere. That’s if you are a Soldier which I probably doubt!!

  • joe says:

    HEY…frank is my lover so how bout backing off of him.he may be tiny but he sure knows how to use his big ya frankey. joe

  • autum says:

    i agree with those who bitched about frank he sounds like a total asshole

  • hayhay says:

    hey! i have a new news about jlo’s clothing line. See some of the dress she made with fur. Its already faux fur! She is now trying to minimize real fur use in her clothing line. Finally! She is getting educated! see jloshop and go to outerwear. All of the fur there are already faux! Yahoo!

  • Haha! says:

    I think Frank was winding you up ladies.

  • stephanie says:

    yeah it’s me again I just can’t let this rest…frank has made me so very upset. He is the reason the general public is against the war he gives the united states and the military a bad name. After speaking to my husband about this guy he agreed with me he has to be a wanna be hero who is a outcast in society. As far as his comments about the woman and children he has killed you have gone against the military in their code of conduct and ethics which is punishable by jail time. Whether or not if it is true or not it is illegal. there is no way that you can possibly think you are “cool” by telling your sick little lies! And yes it is quite possible for a child to die however it would be from and IED or some other form of accidental gun fire there is just no way that any military member has killed a child point blank…you are never alone without authority or another soldier who would let this conduct happen. out of respect to your counrty and the troops serving and protecting you stop bragging about things that never had happened it only makes yourself look bad! And just remember because of our troops including my husband and friends risking their lives you are able to run your mouth and disrespect them. They are the reason you can lay your head down at night and feel safe. Just think the next time you see a military wife or child who has a loved one overseas what they might be going thru…more times than not its not the soldier who gets upset about your comments it will be their wife! so please respect our counrty and military and keep your made up stories to yourself! Thanks for listening everybody this subject hits home with my husband being a 50cal gunner who is on his 3rd iraq tour. Please support our military even if you don’t support the case they are just doing their job!

  • Elizabeth says:

    I agree with stephanie and pcb Frank sounds like a real jerk!!! Who on earth brags about killing a child? what a loser!!

  • pcb says:

    In response to Stephanie…. Fair play on your comment to Frank couldn’t of said it better myself!!!. Frank sounds like a Arsehole!!

  • stephanie says:

    FRANK this is to you my husband is a 3 time infantry iraq was vet with the 82nd airborne…spending 4 years in iraq now you can not sit here and tell these people that you have killed women and children and for your buddy i hope he gets punished if he really did slit a childs throat. most likely you are all talk and a wanna be hero who is a support guy in the army or if you are even really in the army. I have come to find the people who talk about killing have never even fired their gun. As for my husband he is respectful and silent about his duty what he has to do while in iraq stays with his closest buddies who are at war with him. im my opinion you are a complete disgrace to the men and woman in the military for conduting yourself in this manner…you should be ashamed. GO PETA AND THANKS FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK KEEP IT UP!!!

  • Frank says:

    IMHO I think Madonna should give hunting another shot. Just because she botched a shot at a quail or whatever game was she decided that it’s a bad idea. Oh well I guess even gaptoothed pop stars can’t be perfect. Oh if you’re wondering NO I’m NOT a PETA supporter. I personally love to indulge in a fat juicy steak but I am in no way putting down anyone else’s opinion. It’s just sad that when someone sees blood in something they enjoy doing it gives them a bad idea about the activity. Take me for instance. I’m US Army Infantry. I’ve killed children and women in Iraq. A buddy of mine went insane after slitting the throat of a child sentry … but he used to be a good killer. TYFYT

  • Victoria says:

    Wow… what did the poor bird ever do to her to deserve such a gruesome death… But you know what they say… what goes around comes around

  • Asher Nardone says:

    I think once people have som much money they completely loose all sight of the real world and have no idea what goes on either that or they are so selfish and self consumed that they no longer give a toss as to what is killed how or when as long as they look good. Madonna and other celebs should be the ones leading the way to better this planet because for some strange reason they have the influence to do so instead they rarely use it.

  • Paul says:

    I think Madonna should be commended for making a positive change. If Madonna seems determined into changing her hunting habits because of this incident then I feel in some way she has been enlightened and now be able to reflect. Madonna!! Well done for the CHANGES

  • jimmy says:

    after reading this page i came to the conclusion that in spite of her kabbalistic studies madonna is really not very enlightened there must actually be a lack of intelligence but i think her heart is not made of stone like that of jlo. if peta sends her a video showing the horrors of fur abuse maybe she could understand and renounce if not she should better stop her kabbala and go to elementary school together with her children!!!