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‘Made in the USA’ Not Always a Good Thing

Written by Michelle Kretzer | January 6, 2012

It’s easier for us to think that the horrors of the fur trade—the electrocution, poisoning, and live skinning—happen overseas in faraway places like China and Norway, not in the States. But one PETA supporter sent us these photos taken at a fur processor in Mount Ayr, Iowa—gruesome evidence that the fur industry is still alive and kicking here in America, even if its victims aren’t.

If you needed a reminder of why not to buy or wear fur—and to educate anyone you see wearing it about the cruelty involved—here it is. You’re welcome.

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  • Ben says:

    I run a trap line every fall. I think it would be cruel to skin an animal while still alive. I was taught from an early age to dispatch an animal as quick as possible.

  • stacie says:

    So many things this week are making me ashamed to be from Iowa! First Mitt Romney, now this!

  • Tyler says:

    Why do some people get the idea that fur is nice looking when its just nasty skin off of some poor animal that lived a bad life in some kind of farm.

  • wendy says:

    Sick! Just sick! Fur only looks good on animals.

  • Elizabeth Taylor A. says:

    I’m really against this, it is so sad this situation,i love animals,this need to stop.I agree with Elenia,no need to wear fur!!!

  • Ash says:

    Francine I’t not just the US that does this to animals I’m sure where ever you are from there is people who do the same thing. :/ It’s sad to think that not only some people can do this but alot of people support it by buying and wearing!

  • Teresa says:

    “If they can do this to animals”……..”they can do this to us”

  • Paulina says:

    zabic skurwielów ktorzy to robia!!!!!!!!!!

  • Raghu says:

    Lord save these souls! ( The souls that are skinned and the souls that skinned). They get their rewards onJudgement Day.

  • heidi lynn says:

    these evil evil evil things that do this have no heart or soul.the prolonged pain these innocent animals feel makes my whole being feel sick,these poor sweet animals… god what is wrong with these evil evil people to do such an uncomprehible act.dear jesus plez come soon and bring your love to your world.cannot believe there are not any laws against this to stop it now.

  • samanta says:


  • Francine says:

    We were considering finally flying overseas to Disneyworld for vacation. Not anymore! I will never visit the US for their extreme cruelty to animals. 🙁

  • Elenia says:

    This is animal cruelty at it’s most ugliest!! How people can still wear fur with todays knowledge on how fur products are produced defies belief!!

  • jennifer nelson says:

    this is disgusting! completely cruel, and needs to stop!

  • Cindy Loughhead says:

    I would like retail stores to see these images too. Most “fake fur” clothing is not fake. And who wants to wear something on them that looks like a dead animal anyway?? The human race disgust me sometimes. Any top model or glamour celebrity wearing fur, looks absolutely ugly to me.

  • madhawa says:

    Oh why did i born in this planet?

  • Rosa says:

    This is beyond brutal!! It makes me sick to my stomach to know this is happening everyday.. PETA, please make it stop!!!

  • Tammy says:

    Please boycott Kent Fisher, Baltimore’s Furrier…I’m sick of seeing the commercials…I have a bunny, and it makes me sick to see how they are tortured for such a shallow reason.

  • sunil pillai says:

    very sorry situation animals faces daily from the so called fashion people kingly follow respect life & core values believe in live & let live change lifestyle & diet switch to vegetarianism total art of living

  • Sarah says:

    This is sickening and makes me so sad for these poor innocent animals. The only creatures that should be wearing fur are the ones that are born with it (and it should stay on them!!!)

  • Chung says:

    HUMAN will only feel disgust and awake when animals wearing human’s skins, torture that person by tear off the skins while still alive. I personally really hate people still using fur products. Fur is just like carry a dead skin cover the body to make themself look pretty.

  • TiogaRoad says:

    Fur and Leather smell like blood, I can’t even touch them. I don’t know how people wear them or sit on leather couches. Nasty sinners.

  • Anghy says:

    Oh..God..Why?…I just can’t understand..

  • Simona Pacini says:

    Fur is great ONLY on animals…always boycott it!

  • Christopher says:

    ……sick……just sick!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ana Patricia Chelberg says:


  • Whiskeyblue says:

    The USA doesn’t “Condone” this as one person put. That’s putting everybody into the same pot. YES I agree this SUCKS, I’m for the animals 100%. But before people start pointing fingers at everyone in the USA etc. etc. There are all kinds of horrific things going on in every state, country, world etc. etc. The fact is though, it is ALL just SAD and I wish there was a way to control this in the WORLD, so sad.

  • Rodrigo Esteves says:

    It saddens me that mankind may be so cruel. God did leave humans as the dominant race above all other creatures. I wish that humans could invent a more humane way to kill animals.

  • Deloris says:

    This is horrible!!!!! I would rather go naked than wear any fur.

  • NotInMyCountry says:

    this should not be allowed in my country, we are supposed to be the nation of God, the compassionate nation and the nation that help the ones in need and the nation that create laws to protect animals from cruelty. So many countries look up to us for help and example. We can not allow these madness to happen here in our country. Karma will make us pay if we become indiferent to the suffering of animals. Shut down that hell hole and arrest those bastards who profit out of the suffering of beautiful creatures of God.

  • Mitesh Jain says:

    this is sick ..everyday seeing such news and videos making me sick of this planet ..yesterday I did culdnt have my dinner when I read about Rennet ..and how in most cheese that I had ..might be they had used animal rennet ..and oh no … heart cried..i immediately gave up cheese yesterday ..since cheese is more terrible thn milk ..because young calfs are killed ..most of them just after birth are taken away from their mothers and killed in few weeks ..and then this rennet is taken from their body to prepare cheese ..ohh no ..and I was already in terrible mood and today I saw this reality ..this world has no hopes unless a really animal lover becomes a PM ,or Presidnet of United states and forces world community to sop animal cruelty and meat eating ..ohh no i realised why Mahavira and Gautam Buddha gave away everything and went in search of enlightenment ..this world is cruel ..meat eaters and people who abuse animals like this are cruel than terrorists ..are they ??The world needs a revolution or its needs to be vanished from earth in 2012 ..See More

  • susanna says:

    I sickens me that people can be so cruel. Everyone wearing fur knows the torture animal go through and still it’s “ok” an “fashionalble” to wear tortured animals. How in the world is it that some are so ignorant still???

  • heather says:

    Absolutely disgusting, these animals go through hell and for what? fashion? makes me sick!

  • Corinne Collins says:

    It amazes me how these people who inflict such cruelty on animals, can go home and go to bed and sleep. What has really happened to The Human? Do they honestly beleive animals can feel no pain?

  • Bev Walther says:

    The horrors of the fur trade—the electrocution, poisoning, and live skinning really sicken me. It must stop!! Why are humans so inhumane?!! Through the years I have quit buying leather items. I have never worn fur, and I never will. Those that have no conscience about killing for fur or wearing fur are selfish people only caring about their own comforts and wants. Not having a thought of what the animal is experiencing to produce this luxury for them to wear on their backs. Shame!! It is all a shame!!

  • Melissa McEachern says:

    I cannot understand how anyone thinks this is normal or even fair to these living creatures. We live in such a fast growing world with many different fabrics to wear on are back, why must we still kill just so we can fit in with the next door neighbors. Wearing fur is wrong. If you seen a fox wearing human skin would you think it was normal and ok…?

  • Stephanie says:

    This is why I don’t like FUR..

  • Laila Rosenqvist says:

    How sad to see – Ther’s no need for all these cruelty. Leave the wild animals in the Free and Wild nature as for away from people as possible!

  • Henda says:

    I hate people, how can a country like the USA condone things like this. Please please you must do something!!!!!!!!

  • binky paxton says:

    I would rather go naked than wear the skins of animals…

  • sandra says:

    Fur doesnt even look good. Its tacky and not tastefull at all.

  • Natasha connor says:

    Please stop this America you are meant to be a civilized country!! Wear fake fur!!!

  • Angl says:

    That is INHUMANE!! Those poor animals just need respect and love and care, just like children……..animals should be treated with the same rights as human children!! They need to be SHUT DOWN!!



  • Sherri Lopez says:

    Honestly I am not surprised. America is greedy and twisted and this is just another example. The more I read about people, the more anger grows inside of me and I am ASHAMED to call myself Human. Animals get more love from me than these people ever could and if I had my way I’d skin these evil people alive and let them suffer as these animals do. Life is wasted on humans.

  • Stacey Sky says:

    Sickening This has to stop, humans don’t need to wear fur.

  • lisa says:

    Everyone around the world have campaigned year after year to stop this in China and your doing it in your Country your a disgrace to the rest of the world

  • Margaret Lovick says:

    It makes me sad to see the evil at work in our country. THe pain and horror that the animals go through will never make it easy for me to purchase anything made of animals. I hope I do not make any mistake – I try to stay educated about the fur industry as wellas the leather – THis is ashame and it places and evil mark on our USA.