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Lucy Davis Bares All to Save Bears

Written by PETA | August 13, 2007

Sure, Steve Carell is funny and everything, but being British and all, I’ve always held a special place in my heart for the cast of the original version of The Office. I absolutely love it. So imagine my delight when I found out that PETA UK just released an ad with Lucy Davis, who starred in Britain’s The Office and stateside, Studio 60. Now imagine my delight to find out that it was a naked ad urging the Ministry of Defense to stop using bear skins for the traditional caps the Queen’s Guards wear. Double wow.


Here’s what Davis had to say about it, “So much money is spent, and so much cruelty is spent, on what at the end of the day is a hat—and that is it. Not only was I horrified to find that it was one bear to make one hat, but also it’s not really just one bear—in a way it can be one whole family. … That whole family dies, and again, it’s just for a hat.” Well put, indeed.

You can join Lucy in pressuring the Ministry of Defense to switch to cruelty-free headgear by clicking here. And be sure to catch her in the much anticipated David Duchovny series Californication on Showtime.

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  • Dan Cox says:

    Hey…this is meant to be about saving animals not holding them to ur wotsit!I mean jesus christ get a room!! ….With me!

  • Mars says:

    “The fur hair etc. from bears and other animals are NOT “resources”. If you really think so then you are included in that logic because humans are animals after all.” Yep I’m human and an animal and just as natural to the system as any animal.And like all predators I eat meat.

  • Michele says:

    Mars what the hell do you mean “the bears are going to be killed anyway”? The only reason the bears are being “culled” is for these hats. What a specious argument! If some twits did not need “bouncy” hats the bears would be able to live the life to which they are entitled. It is complete arrogance for some humans to decide that they can use these animals for fashion’s sake and you are arrogant for agreeing with them. Did you actually think that people just find dead bears lying around so they decide to use the fur for hats? You are a fool! The fur hair etc. from bears and other animals are NOT “resources”. If you really think so then you are included in that logic because humans are animals after all. If your byproducts are also a resource then it would be okay for someone else to use you for their own purposes. So a bald person could scalp you if you had nice hair and they thought it would make a nice wig. But wait you mean you would not want to be scalped? I guess if nonhuman animals had a voice they would also be saying they did not want to be killed. PETA and other similar organizations exist because animals have no voice and they cannot take a stand against humans with their powerful weapons.

  • Mars says:

    And just how many bears do you think are going to be “saved”? Answer 0. Bear fur is a naturalrenewable resource and is a byproduct. What you are advocating is to throw the fur in the garbage instead of finding more uses for it. Since the bears are going to be killed anyway then to respect the loss of life the animal should be used to every extent possible.

  • Lisa says:

    Hey all! I’ve just today posted off a letter to Des Browne MP who’s secretary of defense here in the UK stating my disgust at the bear hats and urging for a crueltyfree alternative. I’m really glad though that Lucy Davies is speaking up for this campaign. Not alot of people I’ve spoken to in the last few days knew that the hats were made from real bear pelts! It’s time that the UK government came out of the dark ages and started to use fauxfur. After all who on earth cares if the hats aren’t ‘bouncy’ enough? Surely the guards are there to ‘protect’ the queen and not strut around like peacocks!

  • stasya berber says:

    “the synthetic hats dont retain their shape when wet??” Are you serious?! treating the fluonce of the hats like the guards are on an olympic swimming team or something I dont see them swimming laps in the fountains! This is rubbish i use synthetic hair with my painting brushes which actually DO get alot of water action and they work just like any ‘real’ hair brush. Bears arent worth our superficiality

  • Sinead says:

    I signed a petition encouraging the MoD to use fauxfur they sent me a letter saying that they had not yet found a suitable alternative as the cruelty free hats failed to maintain their shape when wet. Surely bears’ lives are much more important than ‘bouncy’ hats that keep their shape?! I think the MoD need to get their priorities sorted.

  • Michele says:

    What’s even worse is that in Canada we have these guards with the same uniforms and hats but they are not guarding anyone. It’s just for show because we are still part of the British Commonwealth. So bears are dying needlessly for a bit of tradition. I got 60 friends and coworkers to sign a petition that I sent to PETA UK last year but when I was asking people to sign one person actually refused to do so because the killing of the Canadian black bears is a “way of life” for northern people. I still cannot believe that people will justify such barbaric actions with the pathetic “it’s the way it has always been done” and “you will be putting people out of work” arguments. There are synthetic options which the British government has known about for years. They were given fauxfur hats by PETA some time ago but they said that they had to spend several years “testing” it out. WTF?? It is incredible that bears are being sacrificed for “bouncier” hats. The people that support the culling of the black bears should be ashamed of themselves.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    The UK by and large is a very proanimal place. Since this would be such a small thing to do go synthetic and would save the British taxpayers money I don’t understand the resistance. Thanks to Jeff Beck one of my alltime favorite guitarists for supporting the campaign.

  • kelly says:

    Brianna I am amazed. Grown men worried about “bounciness” like some kind of shampoo ad bimbo? Has the world gone mad? Orwellian

  • Okumi Yamamura says:

    It’s time for the english court to make an end to this bear abuse and go crueltyfree and thank you so much Lucy Davis for doing this lovely and very important ad for PETA! And many thanks also for Glenda Jackson and Sir Roger Moore for speaking up!

  • Brianna Fritchey says:

    One of the most disgusting things about the people in charge of those idiotic hats is when they were offered alternatives they rejected them because “it doesn’t have as much bounce as real fur.” Last I checked nobody gave a crap about the fashion of the guards. Nobody is running around petting all of the hats saying “Ooo it’s so bouncey!” They’re guarding the queen not strutting around on a runway!