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How Low Can LiLo Go?

Written by PETA | July 1, 2010


Just when you thought things couldn’t get any fuglier for Lindsay Lohan, the pelt-wearing party girl is now being sued by Church Boutique in Hollywood for allegedly conning the store out of $16,000 worth of items made of fur and exotic skins.

Says PETA’s Dan Mathews, “We don’t know if Lindsay stole the clothes from the boutique, but we do know that the skins were stolen from their rightful owners—animals. The only victims here are the snakes and other exotic animals who are nailed to trees, bludgeoned with hammers, and skinned alive in the name of ‘fashion.'”

Oh, Lindsay, why do you have to be so cold-blooded? It’s all about going fur-free, not getting furs for free.

Written by Amy Elizabeth

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  • maureen says:

    Now that Lindsay Lohan will be going to jailthis may be the method for her to see what it is like to be held against your will and perform to someone elses beat of the drum. When people become stars I would hope that they use their new platform wellone would be ” just because you have money doesn’t mean you should promote the killing of animals for you to wear. Promote all life human and animal.I hope she has time to think about her life and what all the fame has really BOUGHT her.Decide to not wear fur and skins leave it to the animals that it belongs to.

  • Andrea says:

    She cant go much lowerha.She’s rock bottom low just like people that wear ugly fur “fashions.” Ick

  • Mark says:

    This girl is a lost cause. Her momma added to her lost ways also being a redhead was always trouble you know it’s true.

  • Starlett says:

    wait…How can they be nailed to trees bludgeoned with hammers and skinned alive. If they are nailed and then bludgeoned with hammers how can they be alive? that doesn’t make sense.

  • Angie says:

    Ihave heard that soy has so many chemicals on it for growth excelerant that it is harmful. It is said that soy actually mimics the hormone estrogene. My worry about going dairy free is that I have had breast cancer that was estrogen and progesteron receptive which means I can not have any type of those hormones in my system. Another concern is that the actual chemicals in margerine is like one ingrediant away from plastic and that it is actually black in color. I am fine becoming a vegetarian but a little leary on using soy substitutes. A friend actually had her Dr. tell her that the reaason her baby was born with both sex organs is because of the chemicals such as those in soy products and it caused to much estrogen. where can I find out the truth on these issues.

  • Jane says:

    “How low can she go?” I thought you meant her neckline LMFO. There’s your answer.

  • Jane says:

    Right on the real fashion victims are the animals. LiLo you need help girl!

  • George says:

    At least we’ll know who to vote for the 2011 WorstDressed Celeb.