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Who Loves Fred? PETA Loves Fred

Written by Michelle Kretzer | July 20, 2012

Comedian Fred Willard, star of Best in Show and the new show Trust Us With Your Life, is an expert at using humor to get folks to care about serious animal issues. For some fun on a Friday, here are two of Fred’s greatest hits: trying to come up with the perfect name for PETA’s animal birth control campaign and pondering why on Earth someone would buy instead of adopting.

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  • GestaltZe says:

    Sparrow: I’ve never heard of the anti-adoption movement before now, and at a glance, I can’t say I understand it. However, in the case of animal adoption, I think it’s a fine term. To me, ‘rehome’ implies that an animal will be ‘rehomed’ numerous times in their lives, and that this is what we want. On the contrary, animals should be ‘adopted’- given a home forever, if possible. At the article: That second ad makes no sense. The implication is that animals have no worth, and that’s why we shouldn’t buy them, when really, we should be emphasizing that animals’ worth is unable to be monetized. Emphasize the sanctity of life. Also, it almost always does cost money to adopt an animal- not because the shelters are trying to turn a profit, as in the case of pet stores, but because they are simply trying to stay afloat.

  • sparrow says:

    please use the word rehome not adopt adopted people who want adoption stopped cringe every time a animal shelter uses that term