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‘Love Thy Neighbor’ Includes Animals

Written by PETA | April 25, 2012

In Tucson, Arizona, a dog, Pina, who had been hit by a car, was forced to drag herself around her neighborhood for three weeks, while residents turned away from her obvious misery. Finally, after one kind person called for help when Pina struggled up to her front door, PETA located the dog’s guardian. A PETA caseworker was contacted and arranged for Pina to be examined by a veterinarian, who determined that the dog was suffering from severe injuries, and her guardian agreed to have her euthanized to spare her further anguish.

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Pina’s prolonged suffering could have been prevented if those who saw her struggles had taken action immediately. Being a good neighbor shouldn’t stop with humans—please never ignore an animal in need of help.

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  • pmay says:

    I tell people if they believe they are “ethical” because they are in agreement with the basics like don’t kill, slavery is wrong, women should be treated as equal to men blah blah blah they have no idea that in 500 hundred years people will look at them as barbarians_ we treat animals despicably and in the future it will be a given that animals are not ours to use and abuse!!!! Leonardo Da Vinci in the 1400’s knew it was wrong to eat animals

  • Lisa says:

    How can anyone watch an animal in terrible pain and struggling like Pina was and turn their back on her??? |Im lost for words on this one.

  • Eve says:

    We must all stop being in such a hurry and start paying attention to the world around us – and that includes all of God’s creatures, big and small. Don’t let a stray cat go hungry. Don’t let a stray dog wander around in obvious pain or hunger. Help the injured squirrel. Help that baby bird that fell out of his nest. It’s time to reconnect with our humanity in order to save humanity and better our lives. God intended for you to see what you are seeing. It’s up to you to take action.

  • Zenna, Freddy and Joey says:

    Wow. People suck.