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They Love to Run (Part 2)

Written by PETA | June 9, 2008

Shortly after Eight Belles’ death, I wrote something of a dissertation in response to some folks who had taken the opportunity to claim that horses love racing because they’re, like, “born to run” or whatever. But here’s a little visual aid for anyone who remains unconvinced. This clip is from the Brooklyn Handicap stakes race that took place on June 6 at Belmont. The jockey is John Velazquez, and the horse is Nite Light—who, as far as I can tell, likes horse racing about as much as I do.

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  • kat says:

    my thought’s exactly. just because a horse won’t go into the gate doesn’t mean he hates racing. what about the horses who freak out when a bird flies up in front of them? looks awfully similar to me.

  • Anonymous says:

    The horse is scared of the STARTING GATE not of running! Starting gate phobia is exceedingly common among race horses. And while I do admit that his phobia was handled incorrectly by grabbing his ears they are causing association of the already frightening gate with pain this proves nothing!

  • kat says:

    Number one. You say this horse didn’t want to run just because he was afraid of the gate correct? Well look at it this way. We have our eyes on the front of our face. We see it we don’t care. No big deal. But a horses eyes are on the SIDE of their head therefore they see things differently. What looks like just a normal gate to us looks like a giant hungry armwaving monster to the horse. It’s no wonder Nite Light didn’t want to go in. So you really can’t use it as an excuse for ‘he hates running’. No horse hates running. It’s in their nature something called fight or flight. The thoroughbred breed has taken this and focused on flight but the horses are trained not beated and abused to run. We’ve all seen what happens to horses who are abused. They absolutely REFUSE to do anything often becoming depressed and many die simply because they’ve given up on life. If these racehorses were ‘abused’ and forced to run most would probably just up and quit eating playing and living in general. Horses are very intelligent animals more so than we give them credit for. We tiny little 200 pound humans have pretty much no chance to make a 1000 lb animal with hard hard feet do something they really don’t want to do. On the issue of the drugs and riding crops most drugs are indeed illegal and guess what happens to stupid stupid people who use them? They are permamently banned from the sport and the horses who were overdosed are barred from racing until they’re under a trainer who has the ethical moral to train them legally. And for the whips if you will notice go ahead. watch a race. MOST JOCKEYS DON’T EVEN TOUCH THE HORSE. It’s true. All they do is swing the whip to the side of the horse. There are jockeys who do use them but it doesn’t hurt the horse. It’s kinda like getting whacked with a wiffle bat. The horse is trained that seeing the whip move means go faster. It’s used only on the top of the stretch the last part of the corner before the finish line. According to the regulations it can only be used lightly and if abuse is suspected the jockey is suspended. All this being said there’s still the issue of slaughter. Yes racehorses get slaughtered. Yes champion racehorses get slaughtered. No no horses are safe from it. Fortunately the majority of the US slaughterhouses have been closed down due to heavy regulations on shipping and treatment of the animals. Those that are still open are now forced to treat the animals that come there racehorse or not humanely. But not every racehorse is slaughtered though PETA seems to want us to believe this. State penitentiaries have begun to take in exracehorses to rehabilitate the horses as well as the inmates. Many horses go through racehorse owner funded training and rehabilitation programs and are then sold as trail horses show horses jumpers dressage and just pleasure horses. To go even further many trainers jockeys etc. fall in love with the horses they work with and buy them off the owner IF the owner decides to sell. Many owners will never give up their racehorses simply because they love them too much. In conclusion I am going to admit that the horseracing industry has some HUGE faults in it. Drugs should be made completely illegal not just controlled. Training methods should be monitored by officials instead of just being left up to the ownertrainerjockey mix. Horses shouldn’t be run until they are three years old and their legs are up to the mile. Yes there are owners jockeys and trainers out there who only want money and could care less about the horses welfare but they normally don’t do well in races and are often shut down before they can do any major harm. There is nothing wrong with racing horses and when the horse is treated right he will love doing it just as much as people love watching them. Most racehorses are treated incredibly well with huge amounts of pasture large clean stalls plenty of horse mates and excellent care and treatment. I’m not trying to ‘paint a pretty picture’ mostly because it’s true that racing has its ugly side. But instead of focusing on destroying a sport that has been around for centuries why not just focus on cleaning it up?

  • W.C. says:

    You should have at least have SOME understanding of a sport BEFORE you criticize it. While it is true that this particular horse did not like the starting gate TODAY I can assure you he loves racing because he has a terrific record of success. The starting gate is somewhat restricting and there are a handful of horses that don’t particularly enjoy the experience just like many humans don’t really like elevators or other tight closed situations. Horses are schooled and taught that the gate is not dangerous and they will only be in it for a moment. Virtually all learn to relax and have no problem with the experience. Once in awhile one will get moody the way children and even adults do but in no way is the horse harmed by the experience and I can assure you they love the race.

  • Holly says:

    No Shame here belle I was never the lead person. My parents thought we should earn our riding lessons and we did as did my children. We had pleasure horses on our farm. We did not show or race our horses. I showed horses and ponies for other farms. I was a member of the Pony Club in my youth. Our farm was a dairy farm which is why of 7 children 6 of us are vegetarianvegan today. For my riding lessons I cleaned tack. Washed and groomed the horses for shows and cleaned stalls and when I had learned enough and rode well enough I showed ponys and horses for other farms in my youth. I did not give meds. On our farm we had vet that came to the farm and our hired hand gave meds as did my father not me and on the other farms they had their own system for med giving I was never involved in that. I knew race horse people cus we lived on a farm and in Maryland there are lots of horse farms. So thats who we hung out with. My best friends father was an ownertrainer of one of the larger horse farms and I would go to the track with them and hang around. I learned a lot there for sure. Got to hear all the talk… I have seen the most happiness a person can see in those people over the years and I have seen the saddest of days too. But we are not talking about the happy days here today and there are many for sure we are talking about the great sadness also that happens as a result of horse raceing. I have heard all of them talk about the glue factory when a horse did not race well it was open conversation at in those barns and on the porch after dinner with many of the owners trainers and jockeys and not just the ones I knew. I saw trainers who were sad to tears when a horse they had spent so much time with had to move on and they all knew it would mean the slaughter house. I spent years and years of summers and weekends at the track in the barns just hanging out listening and learning from the owners trainers and jockeys. It was a great education I got from them all. I learned that death was a very real part of the dairy farm I lived on one. and death was a very real part of the horse farms as well… If you read all of my posts about Horses you will find that my problem is not as much with the race track although I do think there are problems there and I do think these horses are used and some abused for the greed of humans as it is with the over population of horses and the end result being the slaughter house. Because race horse owners over populate to get that one Great horse that shines on the race track. Because of this very large overpopulation of horses as it is with cats and dogs more horses must die and most of these great horses end their lives in the slaughter houses. Because some end up at auction and are bought by good intending people who really cant afford to keep them and the horses dont get good vet care or food and some go back to auction and then slaughter. most race horses go from home to home after the race track yet some go right to the slaughter house Also horses are slaughtered because the last owner of the horse often do not know how to care for an old used up horse or cant afford the vet bills and cant afford to dispose of the body of a horse that dies so the horse is sent to auction and off to slaughter. It is convenient way of disposal. and as stated in past posts people loose their property in this bad economy and free their horses cus they dont want the horses to be sent to slaughter and they love them and those horses starve to death. The way I see it this is the worst possible thing that could happen to these great horses. Death in the slaughter house. I dont think horse people are bad or uncaring there are many good people who own horses but it is rare to find one who truly lets their horses live out their natural lives in the pasture. And those who do have money and large hearts. We both know thats not the norm though. Another thing I have noticed about horse owners and trainers who come to this blog they do shut their eyes as tight as they can on the subject of slaughter house at least in the old days horse owners trainers and jockeys talked about it even through tears they did not deny it as a reality as the end result of not just race horses but all horses and pony’s in most cases… go vegan…

  • belle says:

    Hypocrite alert! Holly shame on you. Worked at a racetrack. Proves you do not practice what you preach. Obviously most peta members know little about horse racing. You know nothing about the role of crops blinders jockeys trainers medications…etc. I can tell by most of the posts. I feel sorry for any horses you cared for. You probably denied them pain medication because that’s “unethical” and didn’t use crops when needed leaving them confused and rambunctious. And according to peta’s “total animal liberation’ policy you should not be with horses at all. SHAME ON YOU!!!

  • Holly says:

    Yes Dave Knowledge is power. You seem to think that none of us know anything about horses and we learned what we know from HBO. Well I can tell you that for me and others here is totally untrue. I was raised on a farm in Maryland we had horses. I showed horses in Maryland for many years. Was a member of the Maryland Pony Club. I have worked in the barns of race horse owners breeders trainers etc. I have spent lots of time in the stables at the track in both Delaware and Maryland during races. Spent lost of time with the jockeys too. I do know horses and horse people. So Dave when I speak I do know what I am talking about. Have a great day Go Vegan. and save the horses… Thanks to all of you good people for planting seeds of knowledge and caring for our animal friends. Keep up the good work and keep talking about it… awareness is power too…

  • Lori says:

    Well said Kaylin! I too am a horse fan and although it is sad when beautiful creatures like Eight Belles and Ruffian get put down due to their injuries chills go through my body when I am at a track and see the strong bodies flying by. I still cry when I watch Secretariat at Belmont…absolutely beautiful proud and so perfect. If you watch the movie Seabiscuit it does portray a very accurate picture of how Seabiscuit inspired many lives in so many ways. For Big Brown’s run for the crown it was touching to hear Kent Desormeaux talk about how the wins had a positive effect on his cripled son Jacob. And as for the horse it is “born in the blood” as Dan Fogelberg sang. Although there are some holes that need fixed in the industry as any inductry there is a tremendous amount of love in it for the horses and it produces a great happiness in the hearts of fans. Call the sport what you want but I and many others would be truly heartbroken if racing was banned.

  • Kaylin says:

    There is a horse I ride frequently at my barn. She’s a 27 year old mare but acts like a four year old! Her favorite thing to do is to gallop fastto run and give her legs a nice long stretch. At a walk she tries to go into a trot. At a trot she gets sneaky and tries to canter..and so on. My instructor and I believe she used to be a racing horse. She now does barrels and wins in other western events on top of being a lesson horse for advanced riders. I never have trouble encouraging her to take it up a notch or pick up the pace. This is an example of a horse that enjoys working in partnership with humans that is beneficial to both. While many practices of the racing and even the showing world are questionable we must understand that horses are animals that are built to run and endure work. Everything from their physical makeup to their ancient instincts lean towards running. Horses are also very playful and competitive creatures so it is only natural that they have a love of running as well as the desire to win. But just like any athlete horses have their “off” days too. Saying that a horse does not like to run because it was feeling grumpy one afternoon race is like saying a worldclass track athlete does not like to sprint because heshe got into an argument with their coach prior to a race. It would be more accurate to say that there are certain terms or conditions that have not been met to satisfy the desires of the horseathlete which would probably be behind the reason of their poor performance. In other words if something is bothering a horse it will let you know by not behaving normally. Now I’m not trying to smack down anyone’s arguments that horse racing is a cruel sport. Honestly there are sports that people like and sports people hate for some reason or another. But when you say you think horse racing is cruel because of whips and drugs and dirty tricks you are refusing to accept the fact that there have been several great winners in history that have won huge races without using the whip once. And euthanizing a downed horse in pain is far more humane than keeping them alive to endure their pain if the injury is too great. Thanks to research done in efforts to save Barbaro horse medicine has taken a significant leap so that horses that do have bad injuries can be comfortable and hopefully heal more successfully. However if a horse breaks its legs people must realize that it is NOTHING compared to if a human falls and breaks hisher leg. Horses are extremely balanced animalsthey are top heavy and rely on all four of their legs to distribute the weight but after one of them breaks then all that weight is then transferred to the remaining three. After a long period of time these legs and hooves break down from the added stress therefore making it extremely painful if the procedure is not successful in the end. Treatment is also very costly so for both financial and humane reasons putting a horse down is usually the most sensible. And for those horses that turn out to be hopeful prospects in the beginning but fall short of the mark there are plenty of opportunities that offer exracing horses a life as a jumper or barrel horse. The slaughterhouse is no longer an option for owners anymore Horse Racing can be an enjoyable sport both for spectators owners and horses however people are doing the right thing by cracking down on drugphysical abuse to the animals in efforts to encourage more fair plays and better sportsmanship in the industry. I’ve noticed this in the above posts but if people have comments about my post I would so kindly ask that you not attack myself or my character but refer directly to the statements I support. Please remember I’m a horse lover too!

  • Holly says:

    Thank you so much Carla what a truthful post. The truth needs to be told and people need to listen… Agan Thank you Carla.. Save the horses from abuse and painful death in the slaughter houses.. Make “horse owners” responsible for the life and health of the horses! Go Vegan Save up to 100 farm animals per person per year and your health and our earth.. Don’t let your body become a graveyard for farm animals… Go Vegan!

  • Carla says:

    Let me tell you 1st about slaughter in a sentence A horses name is not tatooed on their ass. They are just flesh when they get sent to SLAUGHTER and there isn’t a namebrand horse policeman waiting at the gates of the slaughter house checking horses names to make sure no “good runners” or “champions” or well loved national favorites get killed. Trust me on that. History bears the truth see Exceller Ferdinand…I am certain the list goes on. Do you think Barbaro would have been given life saving treatment had he been on the track say in Indianapolis or some other small track? Doubt it. Second This video disturbs me 1st as a horse person. I have a horse whose ears you can’t touch guess where I got him…a TB horse rescue. I have to literally disassemble his bridle to get it on his head. Why should any animal be treated this way and then the crowd applauded the VICTORY of the human khaki clad men over the vile beast who was holding up the post time? What you see when the cameras are on is tame I do believe compared to what happens when no one is looking. I Have seen it on tracks and in training barns on many different horse disciplines About horses loving to run..I don’t know but my Off the track TB has these terrible scars all over his hips…look like whip marks to me. He loves to run of his own accord now. SEe other posters about feeding and stabling practices of races horses. They are kept like hot house flowers only worse bc they are fueled by artificial sources of pent up energy. I know this too bc how many adoption agencies for exracers say things like “still coming down from his on the track meds can’t be turned out with others”. Third Horse race lovers…I find that many ppl I KNOW who love horse racing don’t love horses. And if they do love horses then they are almost deeply torn by the oppositional forces of humane treatment vs. love of the sport. They love the race they love the betting part they like the socialization and competition part. They buy into it. Then there are those who make money off of it…trainers etc. Some of them are compassionate afterall I know this. But really…shouldn’t the changes to an industry come from the inside? And why do insiders get so upset when someone tries to upset the apple cart and call them on the carpet for their behavior. I don’t think it should take a congressional investigation wow tax payers money at work there for a self regulating organization to begin to polic themselves in the treatment of their primary asset the HORSES. I mean honestly aside from regulating betting at a state level how does the horse racing industry note the word usage there INDUSTRY ppl!!! show up in Washington wo it’s latest star what is Big Brown’s trainers name…oh wait I forgot with pie on its face and pretend to be professionally concerned about the welfare of the horses. And finally I think the horse lovers of the world should serious take a look at how NONHORSE people perceive their actions. Especially the ones who pay entrance fees and buy tickets to events like races Rolex 3day events fancy barn tours rodeos etc. It is in these people’s perceptions that we can learn most of our weaknesses. And since they are footing the bill for so much of what professional horsemanship is doing esp. in racing I think PETA is sounding an outsiders wakeup call that will signal more than just dialogue. You can’t condemn the whistle blowers for being appalled at what they see just bc in the eyes of the offenders they don’t know what is professionally acceptable or not. Keep up the good work.

  • Holly says:

    Hey Dave I know people have done that with dogs and cats for years that why we have so many Farrel cats and dogs out there these days pet owners fall for one reason or another and the pets are left behind to fend for them selves. I dont have all the answers but I do think that we humans need to be responsible weather its a cat or a dog or a horse. If we cant care for them we need to bring in people who can help. I would much rather see a horse euthanized painlessly then sent to a slaughter house. That is how the kill shelters handle the over population of cats and dogs they cant place…another thing over population of horses is a problem too. too many horses not enough homes for them… Hey have a Great Day and Go Vegan save up to 100 farm animals per year and your health and our earth…

  • Dave says:

    Holly Because of economic times.. Private pleasure horse owners are letting their horses go free in the wild because they can no longer afford to take care of these animals.. Weeks later these horses are found dead from starvation. Some foreclosed home owners are forced to bring their pets to a shelter because they no longer have a home or even worst just leave the animal at the home hoping for the best..What are you doing about those owners? What are you doing about the pets? So you still want to rant and rave about Horseracing? You people are clueless to what the real problems are. Please research … Please take the time to learn .. Knowledge is Power. Dave

  • Holly says:

    I was so up set when I posted my last post I typed to quickly and did not reread before I posted but I think you get my point…. lynda downie got right to the point…thanks Lynda… Save the horses from abuse and painful death in the slaughter houses.. Make “horse owners” responsible for the life and health of the horses! Go Vegan…

  • Holly says:

    So Sarah you admit that the slaughter house is the end result of all horses or they houses will starve and now that the slaughter houses are shut down in the US You horses owners sell them knowing they will be sent out of the country for slaughter house death You Sarah think slaughter house death is ok for your most loved horses! who YOU CAN NO LONGER AFFORD TO FEED? My God what happened to taking on a horse as a loved friend and pet. A person who takes on a horse should be responsible for the animal for life and should be screened to assure they can afford to feed and give vet care for life…and never allow the horse to be sent to slaughter cus you the horse owner cant afford your horse any longer!. Sarah I want to know do you send off your dogs and cats to slaughter too when you are done with them? No if you cat or dog are old and in pain you have them painlessly put to sleep…so you should do the same with your horses and if you cant do that you should not own them in the first place… Shame on you for buying horses you cant afford to feed and then send them off to an awful death… Shame on you…. The US Slaughter houses are shut down in the US because they are Painful death houses that is why they are closed the people who care demanded it the next step is to pass laws that wont allow you horse owners to sell at auction to people who are know as killer buyers who transport your most loved horses out of the country for slaugher house death… Then you horse owners will have to be responsible for the whole life of your most loved horses…and if you cant afford to keep them or feed them then you should not have had them in the first place and the law will get you for starving your most loved horses… If you cant afford them for life you should not have horses… The laws will make it so… and we will not stop until it is so… GET THEM PETA! KEEP THE PRESSURE ON!

  • lynda downie says:

    Sarah don’t you think it should be the owners who take responsibility for the full life of the horses they own?

  • Melissa says:

    I have worked with horses for 25 years so i know a little. No they did not just push him into the gate. Watch the jockey and one of the men loading. They repeatedly twisted the colts ear. Very painful as you can imagine.

  • Sarah says:

    To all of those grossly misinformed… all of the equine slaughterhouses are now shut down…. hope you all have the funds and time to take care of all of the starving horses now not just the racing ones but ALL of them.

  • Johanna says:

    That horse was scared to go to that gate maybe it doesn’t like small spaces? But see it got out of that gate RUNNING with the other horses. If you try whipping an untrained horse it doesn’t know what to do. Horses are trained to response to a whip.

  • vegancoin says:

    Horse racing is indeed a dirty business when horses are raised in factory farm conditions endlessly doped up with “enhancement” drugs are forced to run in dangerous conditions housed and transported with minimal standards and care being little more than gambling icons. Case in point Eight Belles. Even though the camera fortuitiously panned off of her it was no pretty picture. “ummm well all you people it could be ALOT worse” i can imagine nothing worse than being treated as a precious and pampered racing horse one minute a valuable commodity but the next minute ending up in a kill pen or a slaughterhouse because the horse is no longer profitable doesn’t run fast enough has turned up lame due to mistreatment and abuse or doesn’t meet some equally insane and arbitrary inhumane standard. Horses suffer the owners and trainers do not.

  • kristi jackson says:

    ummm well all you people it could be ALOT worse. how did they abuse the horse dont misunderstand i love horses and if i knew they were abuseing the horse then i would know that would be wrong. but there are thousands of people out there and all they did was push the horse in the gate and all it is is that the horse is afraid of the gate and it isnt tht bad i have horses and that wasnt hurting the horse….the horse didnt feel any pain. but if what some of the comments are true like one of them says that they get slaughterd then omg the people that eat the freaking horse have some seriouse problems and why would some1 eat a horse….but it could be alot worse did you see that china fur farm go look that up that is 10X no 10000X worse than this and if this is abuse then im against it but its not that bad so….

  • Dave says:

    In 1989 348400 horses were slaughtered in the US compared to the 100000 currently. Two things contributed to the reduction of horse slaughter in the US. Every year more and more horse rescue and adoptions are being made and better yet horse owners taking more responibity with horses after their careers at the track is done. I have a friend who owns a horse who is a broodmare. He bred her for several years. As she got older she was retired and now spends her days on the farm in her own field. He still pays all her bills and flies to Kentucky to visit her several times a year. As a breeder she just ok. But she is the pride of his life. You see the thing you don’t understand is that most owners feel the same way about their own horses. You can rant and rave all you want but until you learn you will never know. Knowledge is power. Dave

  • Coral Giffin says:

    Vegancoin your personal attack is uneeded. No pretty pictures either. Hundreds of thousands of human beings are engaged in meaningful partnerships with their horses. get them onside in your campaigns and you have a powerful lobby who already love horses. 15 of those slaughtered are thoroughbreds in the US. That most assuredly is not 15000 racehorses. Get this straight horses are injured everyday in their home paddock. Not all thoroughbreds are race horses. If you keep blathering about all thoroughbreds this way you will alienate all those who keep breed show compete ride and enjoy thoroughbred horses and do thoroughbred horses no good at all. Just quietly if we acieve the ultimate aim of shutting down the whole racing industry where do all the racehorses go? Are you going to ensure they are retired safely with good feed care vet services etc. How many hundreds of thousands of racehorses will be slaughtered then. Or do you have a horse nirvana up your sleeve?

  • Dave says:

    vegancoin… And where did you acquire your equine education? HBO Special? 5000 word article in a magazine? Please don’t quote statistics you took out of a magazine. By looking at your other posts your demeanor suggests you would never be willing to learn the truth about horses and racing … Knowledge is power.. Take time to learn before you argue. Dave

  • Dave says:

    kelly…..Let me ask you.. Where did you get your extensive knowledge of horse racing? Perhaps you took the crash course offered by HBO.. Face it before Eight Belles you knew nothing about racing at all. Typical of PETA and their followers to jump on the bandwagon stomp their feet and yell as loud as they can about something they know little about.Way before the demise of Eight Belles and Barbaro organizations such as GraysonJockey Club Research Foundation or The Gluck Equine research Center have been involved in research to help understand and minimize racing injuries and related deaths…Other organizations such as THOROUGHBRED CHARITIES OF AMERICA their mission statement”To provide a better life for Thoroughbreds both during and after their racing careers by supporting retirement rescue and research and by helping the people who work with them.” I don’t think I have to explain what they do. You people think this is a cold noncaring industry based on greed. That is so far from the truth.. But you will never understand that because your not willing to learn the truth…. Want to hear a truth? Because of economic times.. Private pleasure horse owners are letting their horses go free in the wild because they can no longer afford to take care of these animals.. Weeks later these horses are found dead from starvation. Some foreclosed home owners are forced to bring their pets to a shelter because they no longer have a home or even worst just leave the animal at the home hoping for the best..What are you doing about those owners? What are you doing about the pets? So you still want to rant and rave about Horseracing? You people are clueless to what the real problems are. Please research … Please take the time to learn .. Knowledge is Power. Peta has detroyed 19215 left in their care….You do the math.

  • vegancoin says:

    No your useless commentary speaks for itself go head and paint all the pretty and bucolic pictures of life after racing for your typical racehorse that you want but the “truth” is much more shocking and revealing. In the USA 100000 horses a year are sent to slaughter and 15 of them are thorougbreds. That’s 15000 race horses. You do the math.

  • Coral Giffin says:

    I support PETA in many of their campaigns. Lets not throw the baby out with the bath water. Yes get the overtraining and drug use right out of any horse and human sporting endevour. As for the going to slaughter from the race track have you any idea whatsoever of the worth of a thoroughbred. There are thousands and thousands who retire onto dressage competative jumping gymkhana and pleasure riding. their owners and riders adore them. They are not flighty emotional wrecks they are members of families. My family have been involved in owning training and racing in Australia. My dad is 78 and retired and all eleven of his equine mates are buried on his property.

  • Dave says:

    Lily… They don’t have enough funding which is crazy! What they are referring to is the SKY ROCKETING cost of hay and Bedding… Due to the high cost of fuel there has been a drastic increase in the hay bedding and grain…. On a sad side note … Private owners with pleasure horses have been letting horses go in the wild because they can no longer afford to feed the horse. Most of these horses are found dead in the woods due to starvation.

  • Dave says:

    Lilykit “my thoughts were also that he’d end up being slaughtered very very sad! Lilly THEY WILL NOT SLAUGHTER Unbridled Danger for not loading.. Again loading is an issue for a lot of horses… He will not get beaten or abused… Where do you get your information from? Basic Gate training as its called is WALKING a horse through the gate with the gate being open … Then you might want to try to walk the horse through the gate with a rider on its back.. When the horse is comfortable in whats its doing the gate is closed … The horse is not beaten the horse is not hit… Trainers want it to be a positive experience for the horse not a negative experience. Some horses have problems walking through gates to a field … Door to a trailer or even their door to their own stall. Please ask questions and learn the truth. Dave

  • Dave says:

    Trained YES…..Abused whipped and forced to run is not the case . Please get the correct facts. Horses are not whipped or forced to run.. Dave Please research the truth