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We Love Famke Janssen!

Written by PETA | July 2, 2008


Famke Janssen has played a gamut of roles on the big and small screens, including her upcoming appearance in the highly-buzzed indie film The Wackness, which comes out on July 3. While this Netherlands-born beauty can play everything from a Bond girl to an X-men mutant to an indie star, we love her most for her true super-heroine role of promoting kindness to animals.

Her new role in The Wackness is already getting rave reviews, and we couldn’t be happier! The Rama’s Screen review says, “Every year there’s always one independent movie that premieres at Sundance Film Festival that goes on to be the year’s most groundbreaking film worthy to compete with other Oscar worthy contenders and for this year, The Wackness is definitely it.” Right on, Famke! Ya’ll need to get your behinds to your most eclectic lil’ indie theatre tomorrow to see this movie!

You probably remember that Famke showed that she deserved a halo and wings for her devotion to her dog Licorice. Both Licorice and Famke appeared in a PETA “Be an Angel for Animals” ad. In the ad, Famke reminded everyone to spay or neuter their companion animals and ensure that they receive proper veterinary care and get plenty of attention and exercise.

Thanks, Famke, for using your beauty in the most attractive way possible! We all wish you the best with The Wackness!

Posted by Robbie LeBlanc

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  • FamkexFan says:

    Even if Famke isn’t supporting the movie she is still awesome. i hope that more people follow her example and help to save our worlds animals! Love Ya Famke P

  • creejay says:

    yeah Famke isn’t really supporting this movie at all….but she is GREAT!!! she has Taken coming out in the fall and a starring role in 100 Feet. Famke and Licorice are so cute together…

  • Chuck U. Farley says:

    Editing aside thank you Famke and PETA.

  • someone says:

    oh and the wackness also features a trollson twin……….

  • someone says:

    that is really great of you to support her and all but ummmmmmmmmm Famke herself isn’t supporting this movie… they shorted the movie by about 20 minutes and cut out the bulk of her part in the process…she put her at the top of the trailers posters billing etc. but she is actually hardly in the theatrical version of the wackness you should check out her smaller indie Turn the River which had a very limited release and will be out on DVD july 22nd that is a true gem of a movie which Famke carried most of and did as much publicity for as she could unlike the wackness for which she was the ony cast member never attended and premieres or press conferences or basicly market the movie in anyway whatsoever