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For the Love of Dogs, Go Cardinals, Go!

Written by PETA | January 29, 2009
cnn / CC
Kurt Warner

Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner has to have a lot on his mind right now. With the Super Bowl right around the corner, he’s gotta be fully focused on taking the Cards to their first “Big Dance.” And stress? Not only is he feeling pressure to bring home some more Super Bowl bling, but his wife and kids are also pressuring him to bring home a dog.

According to a recent article, good ol’ Kurt allegedly promised his family that they could get a dog if the Cards win the Super Bowl. While Warner doesn’t seem quite ready to bow to their request for a new bow-wow yet, wife Brenda isn’t backing down. And neither are we. Recently, our sports aficionado Dan Shannon penned a missive to Warner asking him to consider adopting a dog from an animal shelter.

“The Cardinals have been called an underdog all season, so I think you’ll easily sympathize with the ‘underdogs’ staring out from the shelter kennels, longing for someone to take them home and love them,” writes Dan in the letter.

Our advice to Kurt? Watch out for the blitz, don’t get on Anquan Boldin’s bad side, and avoid getting tackled by or tangled up in Polamalu’s hair. And if you do win, skip Disneyland and take the kiddies to your local animal shelter instead. If you don’t win, head to the shelter anyways. Nothing mends a broken heart like the love of a good mutt.

Written by Amy Elizabeth

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  • CARLA says:

    so now that cardinals lost… is he still adopting a dog??

  • Pat Welker says:

    Did anyone catch the commercial where they punched an innocent koala in the face…IN THE FACE!!!!!! Seriously we should protest that commercial. They rejected a perfectly good add by PETA but allowed the punching of a koala bear. Fake or not this is an outrage. PETA supporters unite. Also KFC should change its name to KFD for Kentucky Fried Death or deliciousness…you decide

  • Amy says:

    Go Steelers! And yea get the wee mutt either way.

  • Sally says:

    How about adopting a Greyhound? Arizona still has Greyhound races I live in Tucsonall over the state. These dogs are sweet and quiet and though long legged they prefer to sleep and be petted rather than run. “Greys” come in all colors though Gray is rare due to an old wives tale that Gray greys can’t run and are often drowned at birth. Even though there are tons of rescue groups at least 60 of these dogs are still killed just because they can’t make enough money for their owners. Arizona has LOADS of Greyhound rescue groups go pick one. By the way when South Tucson tried and passed a bill to make the living conditions of these dogs better PETA wasn’t there.

  • Debbie Barnes says:

    Kurt do you remember an incident where some American sportsman was found with several pitbulls and was charged with all kinds of things including animal cruelty?A dog will love you regardless of whether you win or not.Good luck and I hope you team does win.Im holding all my thumbs!!

  • Megan says:

    He should adopt a dog no matter what…. Esp bc Pittsburgh’s winning neways

  • EAS says:

    For those who love the Steelers or are fans of the AFC Kurt please adopt a dog regardless of the outcome just because it’s the right thing to do.

  • Ron Bond says:

    Your claim that vegans have better sex is most valid. Just ask a rabbit

  • Carla says:

    Go Cardinals Go!! I’m rootin’ for ya Kurt!!