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Lose the Blubber: Go Vegetarian

Written by PETA | August 17, 2009

For most of us, summer is fading fast, but for residents of Jacksonville, Florida, bikini season lasts all year. What does the Sunshine State’s endless summer mean for PETA? Our phone lines ring off the hook with reports of “beached whale sightings.” Good one, guys.

Luckily, we know the secret to getting—and maintaining—a killer beach bod. Did you know that vegetarians are 20 to 30 percent leaner than meat-eaters? So, to help residents and tourists “lose the blubber”—and hopefully to deter prank callers—we’re launching a brand-new billboard urging people to go vegetarian:


Lose the Blubber


Written by Liz Graffeo

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  • Joecarl says:

    First time I realize that we don’t need to eat animal products by watching youtube video last week and feel sad. So I decided to be one of the vegan people to lose weight, to gain strength and have a healthy life style. Most Importantly is Love Animals.

  • Ollie says:

    We definitely need more smart people like you anorud.

  • Blue whales endangered species says:

    All doctors say they we must eat meat, but that we have to eat meat sparingly.

  • PETA says:

    Re: Louise Potts. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on PETA’s billboard. We apologize for any offense we may have caused; that was not our intent. The original billboard was replaced with one that said “GONE. Just Like All the Pounds Lost by People Who Go Vegetarian.” It had no provocative artwork, and stood as a tribute to the people who took our 30-day Pledge to Be Veg ( or are trying a meat- and dairy-free diet in their own way. We agree that a world where self-esteem is unrelated to body size would be a wonderful place, but we also know that most people feel depressed and embarrassed about their weight and often need some tough love. Our aim was not to insult people who are overweight but to get people talking—and then persuade them to make a simple, positive change for their health.

  • Louise Potts says:

    Beached whales – does someone at PETA have a problem with different body sizes…I’m all for promoting vegetarianism, but I’d draw the line at degrading overweight people to make a point. Not very nice at all PETA! I’d also suggest that quantities of food consumed (and genetics), meat based or not determine how much excess body fat one carries.

  • Ebba says:

    SO funny! Absolutely love it! People getting offended are just too sensitive 😛 I’ve just been reading about the PLRS lab and have to say that PETA does a great job, keep it up!

  • unfoffappenny says:

    HI all i’m 69 years old and gradually nearing the end of my life and in in my old age it’s becoming difficult to play with my grand children… no surprise there because i haven’t exercised in ages haha. anybody have any suggestions for someone nearing their seventies can do to be able to get in shape again? thanks!

  • Lex Lower says:

    I’m a longtime vegetarian and am definitely not what you would call skinny. This ad is not funny and is offensive to both people who are overweight and to the mission that PETA stands for. There are ways to discuss vegetarianism that aren’t shallow and hurtful.

  • Hazel says:

    You can eat meat and still be thinfat. You can be vegetarian and still be thinfat. The only reason vegetarians tend to be 20 to 30 leaner is because becoming a vegetarian will make you watch what you eat. It’s a diet focused on avoiding animal products but a it’s diet nonetheless. You now have to read labels and make sure there are no animal products whereas before anything that sounded delicious was good enough. It is not that you’ve cut out meat from your diet that will make you lose weight because meat is not unhealthy but that you’re actually paying attention to your diet at all.

  • Rachel Turkel says:

    I find this ad to be really offensive. It’s great to be proud to be a vegetarian but there’s no need to put down those who aren’t. Not only does this ad propagate the myth that vegetarianism automatically makes you thinner but it also promotes the idea that thinner better which is just untrue. Quite simply it makes fun of people and I don’t think that’s what Peta should be about. Ads like this really give vegetarians a bad name even those of us who don’t typically associate with Peta. Let’s go back to a message of valuing the body both animal and human.

  • Nancy Waugh says:

    Why not a blubberbutt man? Those men who we wish would wear a shirt at the beach to cover up their breasts?!

  • Nurkoonsdaz says:

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  • Lisa Cuddy says:

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  • Hupusartguist says:

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  • david says:

    Just a few problems about this ad. 1 what defines leaner? fat vs muscle? flesh includes fat btw. and muscle increases weight due to density 2 depending on where people live the average body fat is different as a meateater with 10 body fat 20 less is no big deal in fact a little dangerous 3 when do people ever eat whales?? 4 fat is just store of extra energy use it and it will be gone. so instead of eating only veggies imbalance of diet exercise more. 5 selfproclaimed vegetarian diets are dangerous without vitamin supplements unless a dietitiannutritionist specifically follows your diet and tells you what to eat and guess where they get fatsoluble vitamins from … seriously the list goes on. Why not just follow nature eat nutritious things be it meat or veggie and take only as much as you need to stay alive?

  • sypesoodser says:

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  • SoundJohn says:

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  • kerrakHaure says:


  • Kat says:

    I understand the need to grab attention and get people talking but this ad is tactless and has NOTHING to do with saving endangered whales. Come on… PETA could have been much more creative than this.

  • Brittany says:

    Being vegetarian certainly is healthier and we still get to “save the whales” But ads like this are unnecessary. C’mon PETA really? I agree with Aaron PETA is against animal cruelty what about human cruelty? My goodness. Well said.

  • Jessica says:

    hey 15 yr old you need to realize that not all people ‘did it to themselves’ or have a ‘glandular problem’… some overweight people are that way due to mental stress from their troubled lives. have you ever stopped to think that some people eat to excess because they see the world’s obsession with ‘fit’ people and despair of ever ‘fitting in’? i was sexually abused all my childhood and getting fat was my defense mechanism. i know it wasn’t a smart thing to do but i was a kid and didn’t know any better. now i’m working on getting ‘fitter’ but a billboard like that would’ve thrown me into despair 10 years ago. so PETA don’t do it. it’s more likely to cause harm rather than good.