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Los Angeles Poised to Protect Elephants From Circus Abuse

Written by Michelle Kretzer | December 3, 2012

Los Angeles has been on a roll lately (ever since PETA’s new Bob Barker Building opened there—coincidence?). First, the city banned pet stores from selling puppies, kittens, and rabbits from breeders, and then it became the first major city to embrace and endorse Meatless Monday. Now, the City of Angels is considering a ban on cruel elephant acts.

Here’s what’s going on: The City Council’s Personnel and Animal Welfare Committee proposed a measure that would ban circuses and other traveling exhibits in L.A. from forcing elephants to perform

If the council passes the measure, Ringling Bros. and other circuses that abuse elephants will no longer be allowed to haul them to Los Angeles in cramped, stifling boxcars or trucks in which they’re kept chained for up to 100 hours at a time. These circuses will no longer be allowed to drag elephants into an L.A. arena and force them to stand on their heads or balance on balls, with the ever-present bullhook looming threateningly nearby. In L.A., they would no longer be able to deprive elephants of the right to be elephants.

Ringling Bros. is already blasting the measure with both barrels, so the L.A. City Council needs to hear from every single person who has elephants’ welfare at heart. Please write—even one line—to the council and encourage it to support the ban on cruel elephant acts. Get everyone you know to do the same so that L.A. can continue to serve as a role model for cities across the country.

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  • Laura Hall says:

    Not only are the elephants, tigers, horses, camels and monkeys confined in a small area where they stay in one place to go to the bathroom and eat and sleep all in the same place, but out of the confinement they go INSANE and on top of that, gets the bullhook pierced in their skin, or if not the bullhook it will the Whip, or if not the Whip then they use the Electric Prod and if not the Prod then they use the blowtorch. So they live Insane and In Fear and have to sleep and eat in their bathroom that barely gets cleaned. I’d rather die. Please Bann All circuses that have animal performs and encourage them to use ONLY performers that WANT to perform…not WHIPPED to perform. Thank you!

  • Caroline O'Bryant says:

    Profiting from the suffering from another should be illegal in the first place on any level. These are beautiful animals that should be in the wild and not chained up their entire lives performing for humans that should know better. Think back to when you were a child…I’m sure you were fascinated by elephants and loved them…..but you did not know the horrors that they had to endure. If you had, even at that tender little age, I bet you anything that your little soul would not have wanted anything to be in pain or be unhappy and miserable. Find that inner child in you and do the right thing. Forget about the big players, with their big bucks – forget about lining your own pockets – think of God – think of why these beautiful animals exist – would they have really been created just to be kidnapped from their original habitat and then forced into a captive world of misery? If so, that is not the type of place I want to live or the type of God that I want to know. But I have a feeling that these were not the purpose of these wonderful animals, and every time we see Satan leading somebody else down the wrong path, we have a chance to stand up and do what is right and wage war against evil. Please wage this war for the innocent creatures of this world that simply do not have a voice of their own and who depend on the hearts and voices of the ones left in this world who are still willing to do what is right. Please protect them from misery that you yourselves would want to be rescued from if you were in a similar position. Don’t laugh – none of us know what the truth of this universe really is – wouldn’t it be ironic if those of us who turn a blind eye actually come back as those very same people or creatures we ignored and then we are made to suffer just as they did?? I’m not so sure about the whole God thing – but I know right from wrong, good from bad….and so do you. Thank you