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Look How Far These Guys Are Going to Help Chained Dogs

Written by PETA | August 6, 2010

You say you care about lonely, neglected dogs who are chained up in all weather extremes 24 hours a day, 365 days a year? How far would you go to prove it? Seminole County resident and PETA member Bryan Wilson (right) and a friend went so far as to chain themselves up for eight hours in the blazing Florida heat to call attention to the plight of dogs who spend all day, every day fighting off flies, fleas, and hopelessness.

Bryan Wilson


“Dogs are very social animals,” Wilson told a reporter. “By [depriving] them of their human packs, they are essentially reduced from family members to lawn ornaments.”

Wilson, who helped draft a proposed law restricting chaining in his county, isn’t the only one going to bat for chained dogs. Deborah Linz and Paulette Dean, who are featured in the current issue of PETA’s quarterly magazine, Animal Times, were each successful in passing ordinances restricting chaining in Kanawha County, West Virginia, and Danville, Virginia, respectively. More than six states and 120 communities across the country have banned or restricted chaining.

Want to be a hero to dogs by working to pass an anti-chaining ordinance in your community? You’ll die happy! To get started, visit for information on lobbying for anti-chaining laws.

Written by Alisa Mullins

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  • peta/p!nk4ever says:

    thankyou guys so much for doing stuff like this to protest against stuff that’s needed to be protested against. i don’t even know who you guys are but what you’re doing just makes me look up to you so much thanks guysxoxo

  • Ryan says:

    These guys are true heroes for animal rights supporters everywhere. You guys have my full support from all the way from Sarnia Ontario Canada

  • Erica says:

    I know a dog who has been chained 24 hours a day. And never let him be free for even a minute he was tied.. So there near his place he poop and pee. And when it rains he always get wet i saw him trying to move or hide but how can he move? he is tied up? How can he hide when he don’t have roof or house near him? And he don’t get to eat every he is very very thin… I feel so sorry i waited for the owner to come back . And told him about it. Then he put up a drum so then when it rains he can hide. He said he cannot let him free cause whenever he do he always chase for their chickens and eat them. But sometimes he is bringing him food.

  • Velva says:

    We local activists go out every Fourth of July and support these fellow activists. The news media and many dog lovers along with their dogs will stop by on this hot day with food snacks and drinks. We have made it a tradition now for the last few years.

  • Lauren says:

    These guys are awesome! It’s really great to see people speaking up for animals and calling attention to the neglect and isolation that tons of dogs across the country face every day.

  • antonia says: