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A Long Happy Life and a Peaceful Release

Written by Michelle Kretzer | June 19, 2012

Max the cat and his guardian had spent 20 happy years together. Of course, the time finally came when, because of Max’s advanced age, his health deteriorated. This always-friendly cat was losing weight fast, crying out often, and suffering from dementia. He even began biting people out of confusion or pain or both. Max’s guardian had waited too long to end his suffering, and he knew it. He called PETA.

Not wanting Max to suffer another minute more, we quickly arranged for euthanasia at a local vet’s office. Although saying “Goodbye” to his constant companion of two decades was agonizing for him, Max’s guardian knew that he owed it to this beloved cat to do the right thing, no matter how difficult it was. This was not a time to be thinking about himself. Max was all that mattered.

Most folks let their animal companions go on too long because they feel guilty about euthanasia or are afraid of letting go. But we must be strong and always make the best decisions for them. Isn’t that the very least that they deserve?

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  • Shari says:

    For MIMI: THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR STORY! It really touched me. And thank you for helping that ferel cat. Check with your local groups on TNR so they can spay this ferel and hopefully find a home.

  • Mimi says:

    My mom had a hard time with her baby kitty Windy Girl. She was getting old and her gums and teeth acted up so she couldn’t eat. Her teeth were not bad from neglect, it was only recently this happened due to age. She was becoming thin and my mom gave her pain medicine but in the end realized she was only prolonging her suffering. I told my mom not to cry for Windy Girl. I told her be greatful that she rescued her and that she had 7 years of unconditional love. I told my mom if you want to cry, cry for all the other animals that are not as fortunate as Windy Girl was. My mom made the right choice in letting her go. What is interesting is, a week or so later a stray cat showed up who is semi ferral and was skin and bones. The kitty is now putting on weight, his coat looks good and he is building up trust with my mom…. Those are the animals we should all cry for. The ones who never had a chance……