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Lobster Liberation Times 30!

Written by PETA | August 25, 2009
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Long before I kicked animal flesh out of my diet, I celebrated my birthdays by eating lobster.

As in, let me celebrate my birth by paying a cook to throw a fully conscious, feeling being into a pot of boiling water to scald to death for my dinner. Ugh.

No wonder my heart skips a beat whenever I read about a caring person who liberates a lobster from a filthy lobster tank so that the animal can be returned to the sea. So my heart nearly burst out of my rib cage when I read that a Slovenian tourist and his daughter bought 30 lobsters for 1,300 euros (more than US$1,860) from a Croatian hotel-restaurant called Hotel Niko in order to free them.

Thirty lobsters have been spared excruciatingly painful deaths and have been returned to the ocean.

Tonight, I’ll be celebrating their release with some “Mock Lobster.”

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • Nena says:

    Restaurant owner said that guests at the restaurant with lobsters on their plates were pretty uncomfortable watching kitchen crew as they took lobsters one by one and released them into the sea. This Slovenian man did the same thing last year in Malta. Also this year a Russian tourist entered the same restaurant bought a lobster and returned it to the sea. Next day he came with his little son bought another lobster and released it. And he returned every evening with his son for next ten days and repeated this “free a lobster” action. The point here is people are becoming aware of this cruelty and that’s what counts!

  • ava says:

    What a kool thing to do to liberate all of them. He has done wonderful thing and set a wonderful compassionate example to his daughter. God bless him.

  • Candice says:

    Such an act of kindness and beauty brings tears to my eyes it is uplifting and inspiring. Focusing on the fact that yes the restaurant will buy more lobsters is unfortunate. The fact that we are reading about it as I am sure others have and will means that this kind act is being acknowledged and awareness is being raised. Get it?

  • Gunnel Söderba says:

    When it comes to animals too many people live in the Stoneage. Its of course very cruel to boil animals alive. The lobsters in this case got a second chance. Gunnel Sweden

  • Redbell says:

    What probably happened is that the tourist paid much money for the lobsters released them into the ocean and they were caught again right away and put in another tank. The “nice” person just helped the lobster industry profit twice on 30 lobsters.

  • Jacob says:

    Hi I’m afraid we have a typo. “…paying a cook to throw fully conscious feeling being into a pot of boiling water…” It should be “a fully conscious feeling being”. I’m glad someone had the heart and money to do that. Most people would just call him gay.

  • Brien Comerford says:

    As terrestrial beings humans have no right to infiltrate the seas and kill aquatic creatures. We are destroying ecosystems and biodiversity.

  • Shelly says:

    Abby the point is not that the restaurant turned around and bought more lobsters which it most likely didn’t since fish markets are open early morning. The point is that 30 lives were given a second chance and that is wonderful. If we were all pessimistic about our small steps toward a more compassionate lifestyle we would be no where.

  • Bluebell says:

    That’s pretty cool. If I had the money I’d do the same. Although I stopped eating seafood years ago shortly after I gave up meat it’s only recently that I’ve become equally as sensitive to lobsters etc. suffering as any other animal.

  • Matt Greenwood says:

    That is amazing! Not the Boiling Alive bit but the saving them bit Poor things.

  • Abby says:

    The restaurant probably had an easy time buying an equal number lobsters and likely made a profit out of it as the price they charged the tourist probably was much higher than the restaurant’s wholesale price for procuring lobsters. Unless fewer people eat lobster at that restaurant in the future it will end up being a zero sum situation.

  • Jennifer says:

    Please isgn my petition to stop selling live lobsters at Meijer Superstore! Thanks! httpwww.thepetitionsite.com7stopsellinglivelobstersatmeijer

  • henry m. says:

    Dont you miss the garlicbutter and lemon with that bug? Mmmmmmmhhmmm!! But watching die can make you into a veg. Im torn between eating one of my favorite meals and protecting it to live its 50 year life. Congrats on your change. Hope to follow your footsteps soon!

  • pat ciochetto says:

    lobster are boiled alive.