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Lobster Escape!!!

Written by PETA | November 13, 2007

Update: I just heard from my friend Harald at PETA Germany that the kind soul who rescued the lobsters is a PETA Germany activist! So, if you’re reading this, anonymous German lobster-liberating activist: Danke! From der bottom of mein heart.

It’s been a good month for lobsters. Well, insofar as it’s possible to have a good month when your people are routinely boiled alive and made into bisque. Let’s call it a “slightly better” month than usual. First, a study published in New Scientist proved what we all know already: that lobsters feel pain (scientists are sometimes a bit slower to catch on than the rest of us—they are a methodical people). And now, there’s news from Stuttgart, Germany, that dozens of lobsters escaped from an Asian supermarket out into the street, where they were rescued and sent to an animal sanctuary. Here’s how our good friends at Der Spiegel described the incident:

“The clawed crustaceans, some of them up to 15 centimeters long, managed to crawl out of their crates, which had been poorly secured with wire mesh, then scurried across the floor of the supermarket and squeezed through the metal shutters covering the front of the store. The front door had been left open by mistake.”

Congratulations, lobsters! We’re all pulling for you. We’re all pulling for you. And for more on this story, Stephen Colbert, ladies and gentlemen:

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  • Ivan Shadowsong says:

    I’m glad they were returned to the ocean and not sent back to the cruel ownerso of the “death” market lol. Congrats to those lobsters who made a daring escape. In my youth I saw a similar instance involving dungeness crabs at a restaurant… though it sadly did not have a happing ending. ALl the crabs were clining together to fend off nets tongs and even human hands trying to seize them. They must’ve smelled or heard the screams of other crabbies being cooked in the kitchen. To all who read this plz reconsider your diets knowing how these critters are being killed and tortured.

  • monica says:

    I feel shudders everytime I walk by lobster tanks in any store. Sometimes I have to avoid it. I can’t believe people boil these creatures alive. They are helpless little beings that just want to lead a normal life in their element not couped up in tank piled on top of eachother not knowing of their fate. Its a prison. They have feelings and they do mate for life.

  • johnine says:

    Dr.Christopher C. I hope when you fall asleep tonight you are able to dream! In your dream you will be whisked away to a beautiful island! The beauty however is overshadowed by the fact that you are the only human there! You see the inhabitants of this tropical paradise are of the crustacean persuasion! Ah yes dear” Dr Kevorkian” they are all LOBSTERS!! They are sooo VERY HUNGRY but not for long! The families gather together for BIG FEAST!! The big black cast iron pot is filled with boiling water their long awaited scoundrel”Dr.C”!! As they melt their butter sharpen their knives in anticipation of their celebrated dinnerwhen the last horrific cry of torture is heard!!!!! OK said The Head Lobster Chef”It’s ready..Lets Eat!” Poor Dr “Coldheart” for he never awoke from his dream! He was found scalded in his bed the next day! Oh! if dreams only came true!! Sleep well you idiot!!and you call yourself a doctor??…SHAME ON YOU!! J.C.

  • Christopher Cochran MD says:

    Heidi I would contend that most people take much more from the environment than they give. When I restore 200 acres to natural habitat I aid millions of bugs plants mammals birds lizards etc. I take three or four deer twenty or so each of rabbits and squirrels thirty or forty dove fifteen or twenty quail each year….even with those deductions I bet I am miles ahead of you in the positive. But I don’t do it to impress or compete with you. The natural environment is a give and take. What have you given lately? Did you rescue a cat? Good because they eat all the little birds and mammals I work so hard to preserve. Maya Vegetables typically do not have an absorbable form of Fe. Our bodies are lousy at absorbing Fe in the first place but very efficient at recycling it. Males and nonmenstruating women need almost no Fe as they do not lose much. Popeye wasn’t strong because of the Fe in spinach rather the folates and other nutrients. Fe deficiency even in strict vegans is rare because so many foods are fortified with ferrous Fe. If you must take supplements tend towards ferrous gluconate as it is easier to absorb and doesn’t cause as much GI upset and constipation. If you persist in being Fe deficient and your physician doesn’t investigate it find a new doctor.

  • Caboose says:

    Right Maya but what about international relations? How hard is it to understand “R” and “U” ? Heard of leet?

  • missygurlemt says:

    I can see both side of this issue. It very hard for some to think of suffering and do nothing to curb it.I see so much suffering everyday with people being in the E.M.S. that after seeing so much with living people with souls its overwhelming to think of trying to save all the animals too Others can turn a blind eye and eat their cheeseburgers. I for one am a Judas to animals cause it breaks my heart to know what happens how they are often killed by people who seem uncaring and abuse them or torture them.I dont think however that you could find someone compassionate to kill every day cause a kind compassionant person could not do that day after day. I still eat my meat though. You would think of me as an uncaring person but I am not. Their are many views on this matter presented on this site some wonderfully presented others leave room for definate improvement. I do try to rescue cats and dogs on a regular basis. I have a foster care for them in my home which is supported totally by myself. I feed the birds and squirells recycle and do many different things to help the enviroment. I have three children who are growing to respect animals and be responsible like neutering and spraying them. Maybe people should remember you can catch more flys with honey then lemonaid. Alot of attitudes have to do with life styles how they grew up and life experiences. I do hope I have offended no one as that is not my intention. I just wanted to put my 2 cents in on this issue. not like it matters though!Please respond if you desire. Thankyou for reading my book lol please overlook my many grammatical errors

  • Maya: Master's candidate, wildlife biology says:

    Caboose Hey there sorry to interfere but I noticed you asked about why it’s hard to ignore profanity. Stephen Pinker just wrote section about that very subject in his new book he’s a linguistics professor. It’s really interesting. I can tell you one thing my mom is a language teacher and if every individual spoke their own language it would be awfully hard to communicate. I understand what you meant about following your own path and making a statement. That’s great but it depends on the level of dissent. As Pinker points out if a few people decided to drive on the wrong side of the road in order to make a statement the problems it caused would not make it worth the effort. Of course that’s an extreme example but personally I beleive that cooperating and communicating all on the same level is a tool we need in order to solve conflicts like the one of animal rights. Written with respect of course. Looking forward to more dialogue with you.

  • Caboose says:

    Christopher I respect you but I’ve something to say. Why is so hard to ignore profanity? I mispell words to try to condense my responses and I dont believe in a written language. I guess you hate gamers right? I can’t help it but we have to learn not to judge people based on their beliefs or name OR pseudonym. Why is it so bad to be a kid at heart? Note No grammatical errors detected.

  • Maya, Master's candidate, wildlife biology says:

    First Hi Julie! To answer your question I agree that factory animals used for pet food are probably subject to terrible conditions that human meat sources are also subject to. However cats are obligate carnivores. Depriving them of the proper diet can lead to blindness heart disease and death. This can happen in less than 2 weeks because cats need extremely specific diets. Some dogs do well on vegetarian diets but work with a vet. I think you’ll find that it’s challenging but maybe worth it for some. Obviously the last beings we should make suffer are our pets. Let’s eliminate human cruelties first. Also companies like Wellness and California Naturals may consider using only humane certified meat if enough people ask them. Also hello to Dr. Cochran I am glad to hear that you’re involved in land conservation. Since you’re an M.D. I’m wondering what you’ve heard about vegetarians and people’s ability to absorb nonheme iron from plant food to avoid anemia. I’ve heard that for some it’s impossible and they wind up with heart problems. That’s something I’ve heard recently my sister’s a nurse but she was up in the air about it.

  • Heidi says:

    Christopher Cochran MD…. i have the most problem with you on this topic mainly because i cannot understand caboose and disregard random “i love eating lobster mmm” comments as people believing themselves highly amusing and pat themselves on the back well done so i’m sure you understand that you are the main opposition here. If i volunteer at my local homeless shelter i’m doing good work. If i recycle paper i’m helping the environment. However if i went out at weekends and killed people on the streets and went logging i would surely be undoing the good work i’d done? Conservation and hunting don’t go together if you take and then give back you’ve acheived nothing. No ammount of good can replace the bad you have done. You can learn from mistakes and you can try create a better future and never do it again but it never undoes what you did in the first place. Also a life is a life giving the squirrels and birds a place to nest is good but they have the same right to life as the deer rabbits you shoot do. Killing one saving another… do you do that as a doctor? no you try save everyone i’m sure. Though it is a shame that as an educated person you think the way you do. I find that usually the uneducated such as my parents who didn’t have the opportunities that i have had care little for animals but are shocked to hear how much their lives impact on animals but yet disbelieving also and also the highly educated think they as a higher being can do what they please. I can only hope that somewhere in the middle there is a group who know their place in the world neither better or worse than anything else and with the same right to life. I do not think myself better than you even though i think myself blessed to care about others though this also brings me great emotional pain that you don’t have as i feel everytime i see a lorry of animals going for slaughter hear new scientific developments or see a squashed hedgehog on the road. I actually feel sad try think about this before you make sarcastic comments to animal lovers and animal rights believers. Though your comments cannot hurt us as i feel pity when people cannot understand the great relief i feel knowing i do not harm others but i do feel pain from the impact that people such as yourself have on creatures i care about. Animal rights isn’t a hobby i can take or leave i must believe in a world where animals are not exploited because if not i feel sad. I do not wish to harm anyone only to help others see as i do and others that we must stop unnecesary pain for animals such as fur trading researching and then evaluate if we really need the practices left after this. Do you need meat? For now society is not ready for a mass vegetarian movement but individuals can decide that actually no they don’t vegetarian options are tasty and also relatively cheap and give you such a good feeling i made a compassionate choice. Not that i’m smug i only wish to leave behind memories not a footprint that most people aim for as in my opinion a footprint must crush something for it to be left.

  • Heidi says:

    First of all Christopher Cochran MD i am not rich but i do find it cheaper being a vegetarian as meat is so expensive in my country in comparison and do not think your education can replace compassion. Anyone can learn from a book i myself am at university but it does not mean i am above anybody. Compassion is something that not everyone has and those who do not posses it are surely the saddest people as they will never love like we do. Have you never had a pet? I know that my guinea pigs feel emotion why do they come running to me when i have no food for them but run away from my father who does not like animals but is holding food? That is not an animal instinct of goig for food neither is it fear as they know he will not hurt them they simply do not like him as they have no emotional connection. Anyone with a pet knows that they love them for more than they provide food. secondly ” what about the poor fishermen?” what are there no more jobs in America? land of opportunity? I don’t know about you but in England we have a job centre and benefits trust me they will not starve. When slavery ended people thought oh but the poor traders what will they do? They got other jobs! And a “slimy sea bug” is more precious to me than some humans as being a human does not instatnly grant you the full mental capacity of one you will still never learn to think of others

  • Holly says:

    Julie httpwww.allcreatures.orgarticlespetfoodcomm.html you will find vegan pet food here.

  • rojo says:

    welcome ROJO2 our oceans must be protected and fished sustainably and it is important that people with actual experience like your dad are involved. Urbanisation is the way of the world luckily some of us can remain in primary industries like farming and fishing otherwise civilisation would crumble.

  • Julie says:

    Just wondering how other vegetarians handle the thought of the animals that are in the cans and kibble that we feed our dogs and cats. I don’t eat meat but I can’t stand the thought of the animals that I feed my own animals…the carnivores that live in my house.

  • Christopher Cochran MD says:

    Caboose When you overuse profanity misspell words on purpose and use video game references in your name you DO discount what you have to say. By using good grammar and spelling you enforce your message with confidence and maturity. All the Best.

  • Jasmine says:

    someone should come up with a free the lobster day. i feel so sorry for them the way the scream when some sick person throws them in a pot of boiling water. that really disgusts me!

  • ROJO2 says:

    This is another Rojo but I am happy that we are evolving. Our ancestors did not have our choices and eating animal was a challenge. We no longer have food and educational challenges in our society. My dad came from a long line of rural fishermen but he got tired of the “legacy job metality” and moved to the city to drive a taxi and give his kids a better education and chance. He is now a 76 year old semivegetarian. I am very happy that he could think for himself bc he still loves the ocean so he wants to protect it and the animals that live in it.

  • Sims says:

    I think lobsters are most comfortable with garlic butter and a medium rare rib eye. yummy

  • Caboose (Combine Slayer) says:

    Holly So ur a person who thinks “profanity” is something bad? sad. What is “Profanity” really but emphasis for ur dialouge. If i say that ur stupid not u its plain. Now if i say ur fucking stupidagain not aimed at u which one sounds like I really mean it. So dont label a word “bad” just because it doesnt sound nicecuz every blind cause runs on emotion. When I said that u wur fucking rich it was no insult or disrespect. Lemme guess ur antigun too right.

  • Caboose (Combine Slayer) says:

    Holly The first meaning fits us humans.

  • Holly says:

    I speak with some experience. I was raised on a large dairy farm. My grandfather was a doctor as well as my uncle. Our father hunted and was involved in land and water conversation back in the 50’s we all ate meat. We were so sheltered from the horrors of the farm we didnt know that the meat we ate came from our barns and the animals we loved. One night one of our black Angus broke through the fence after her calf and was struck by a car and killed. My little sister and I went out side after being told not to and found our wonderful Angus who we called Ada hanging in a tree. Our hired hand told us that day that the slaughterhouse people were coming for her. We were horrified! We both stopped eating meat that day. I lost a lot of weight and our mother did every thing she could think of to get me beyond what I saw that day. My little sister did not loose weight. She has not eaten meat to this day and has been a vegan for the past 30 years or so. She has devoted her life to saving farm animals. I remember well the debating that went on in our house about being a vegetarian. We had some history our Mother’s Mother was a life time vegetarian and our Mother was also a vegetarian for most of her adult life. The hunter’s in our family our father and grandfather and unclein those days remind me of Christopher in his debate in defence of his meat eating and life style. although they were not arrogant Change takes time as I saw in my family. Its been since about 1959 that this debate began in our family and of the seven children six dont eat meat and three of us are vegans. Our father did continue to eat meat but did not eat it very often and stopped hunting back in the late 50’s What I saw in our family was change through debate and time. Even the most out spoken against vegetarianism in our family did after years become vegetarian or vegan. I think that is why its important continue to debate look for the good in people even if you dont think you can find it its there and hope for change. It does not happen over night. I think good people like Christopher come here because they want to defend the things they were raised to believe as truth but a part maybe a very small part of them may read something here that will begin a new truth worth thinking about. and as it was with my family they were not ready for this change but with time anything is posible and for us was.