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Liz Claiborne Cosies Up to PETA

Written by PETA | August 1, 2007

Dan_Mathews_Tim_Gunn.JPGNot too many years ago, the only way PETA VP Dan Mathews could get a designer’s attention was by storming their office and painting slogans on the wall, or disrupting a runway show or two in his underwear (hey, I’m pulling this stuff straight from his memoirs). But now Dan seems to have a foot firmly in the door. After reading his new book, Liz Claiborne big wigs Tim Gunn (of Project Runway fame) and Anne Cashill invited Dan to be the featured speaker at the company’s monthly designer roundtable last week, which was attended by several of the company’s designers—many of whom work with leather, wool and even fur—as well as the company’s CEO, William McComb.

In honor of PETA’s visit, the company treated attendees to delicious homemade cookies in the shapes of foxes, beavers, and bunnies, with the words “Save Me” written in icing across the bottom. The fashionistas also received a copy of Committed and were aghast at the cruelty involved in creating animal-based “fabrics” as they watched PETA’s fur industry exposé hosted by former fur wearer Martha Stewart, our undercover Indian leather investigation hosted by Pam Anderson, and our Australian wool exposé narrated by Pink. One handbag designer at the event promised never to use leather again! He’s quite a charmer, our Dan.


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  • Sup says:


  • Emma Bowden says:

    Well done Dan well done PETA. I don’t care what anyone says about PETA when it comes to direct action tactics and informing the world they are always there!!! Keith if you are going to make a stupid comment at least try using the spellchecker first you have only made yourself look an even bigger cretin than you obviously are. I have heard of MENSA but in your case DENSA would be more appropriate. Get a life and let people who give a damn in life carry on making a difference. You never will!!!! You sad sad individual.

  • kelly says:

    Tim Gunn seems to be a man of great integrity Every so often someone like Tim comes along to help move our society out of the dark ages.

  • ale says:

    Bravo Dan and Tim! Keith ignorance is not bliss! please educate yourself…

  • stasya berber says:

    yes animals eat other animals but they dont kill countless thousands to make cruel fashion statements. Wild animals dont raise other animals in squalid conditions or treat them with equally unjust deaths by not even giving their prey the dignity to fight back for their lives. true we are animals. but we act more animalistic than we think

  • Brookelynne says:

    That’s very original of you Keith did you read that off of a bumper sticker? Anyways lets think about what animals do in nature they do what they need to survive. They do not keep their prey in concrete sheds and slaughter them just because they are tastey. They eat them because they don’t have another way humans do have another way. And on another note they definately don’t skin other animals alive and parade their skins around as a status symbol wise up punk.

  • Kelley says:

    The cookies were weird. I hope they were vegan. Sometimes you have to take what you can get though. I am glad the people at Liz took the time to listen to Dan and read the book.

  • laura says:

    i love tim gunn hurray!

  • keith says:

    Well Done Dan Mathews.. you should think about a dabble in Politics.. look what you could acheive for All Living CREATURES.. Three rousing cheers for Dan Hip Hip Hooray Hip Hip Hooray Hip Hip Hooray Jolly well deserved I say !! Keith.. United Kingdom.

  • Licorne says:

    My compliments to Dan Mathews and his success also through his book and thanks to Liz Claiborne for inviting him! Together a big step forward that’s what we need!

  • Janet says:

    Keith Patnaude You wouldn’t be saying this if you were the one on the freakin grill…or if someone was making a handbag out of your loved one. Try a little Empathy will ya.

  • Courtney says:

    I had the pleasure of meeting Dan last night at his book reading in Detroit. Dan is very passionate articulate and such a good laugh. If anyone goes into a boardroom to get designers to quit using horrific measures for “fashion” then Dan is definately the one for the job! Keep up the good work PETA.

  • Michael Conley says:

    Recipe for these wonder cookies?

  • millie says:

    Absolutely wonderful news! By the way Keith retarded is not spelt ‘retarted’ each other are two separate words and frankly I can barely understand the rest of your comment. We may have eaten animals when we were in our early stages of evolution but we do not need to do it today. Animals are farmed inhumanly and are cruelly killed. It is NOT natural! I don’t think I would eat meat anyway because that would be unbelievably heartless and absolutely unnecessary. You would probably feel the same after watching a PETA undercover investigation video.

  • Kenna says:

    Hmm I know this is quite hackneyed but hey what the heck It takes one to know one Keith. In this case I’m talking about a moron.

  • CupcakeMagee says:

    What a pity that ol’ Keith had to dash off to that MENSA meeting I’m sure he had all kinds of other pearls of wisdom to share with us poor misguided fools… That being said kudos to Tim Gunn and Anne Cashill for being open to the concept of Fashion AND Compassion. After all it’s a winning combination. Love the cookies!

  • Russell says:

    In response to Keith Patnaude The animals that eat meat in the wild MUST HAVE meat in order to survive. As humans we can do more than survive on a vegetarian diet. In fact we can thrive. Therefore choosing to eat meat strictly to appease our appeptite is morally wrong. Since the food chain does not dictate that we must eat meat we should not. And before you call us “fing morons” i challenge you to this. I say Eat all the meat you want to. Go for it. But you first must track it in the wild stalk it. Jump on it at the animals full gate and kill it with your bare hands. Then chew through the skin and fur and eat it raw. As nature intended it…since your so concerned with the natural order of things.

  • keith patnaude says:

    peta people u are retarted lets think about what animals do in nature???????????? hmmm they eat eachother lets think wht we are animals so guess wht we eat other animals duggg fing morons People Eating Tasty Animals

  • Canaduck says:

    Those cookies look so good!

  • Brianna Fritchey says:

    This is very exciting news! I do hope we get some very very positive outcome from this!

  • Tamara says:

    Fantastic! ok the cookie idea was a little weird…cause in a way they are eating that animal…but I’m glad this happened and it sounds like it went well.