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Live Export Hell at Sea for Sheep

Written by PETA | September 13, 2012

PETA has sent an urgent letter to Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard asking her to put a stop to cruel live exports after tens of thousands of sick sheep shipped from Australia to slaughter in the Middle East were left stranded aboard their vessels, struggling to survive in sweltering weather after being turned away by officials in Bahrain and Kuwait. One ship remained in the waters off Bahrain for more than a month before reportedly unloading the animals in Pakistan for sale to an unidentified buyer.

© Compassion in World Farming
From the moment their journey begins, sheep are kept in miserable conditions.

Live Export Means Dead Sheep

Many people and companies have joined PETA’s boycott of Aussie wool after learning about the cruelty of mulesing, a procedure in which young lambs have huge chunks of skin and flesh cut from their backsides, often without being given any painkillers. But there’s another important reason to shed wool: Every year, around 3 million discarded sheep are packed onto ships to face their deaths in North Africa or the Middle East so that the wool industry can make even more money off the animals.

Many of the sheep starve to death, are trampled, or become ill and die en route to their final destinations. The grueling journey can last several weeks through all weather extremes, with sheep confined amid their own waste on ships that hold up to 100,000 animals. Conditions are hot and cramped—the perfect environment to spread diseases, such as the outbreaks of scabby mouth that caused these two ships to be turned away.

© Compassion in World Farming
The sheep are crammed together so tightly, many are unable to reach food and water troughs.

Sheep who survive the journey are subjected to handling and slaughter methods upon their arrival that would be illegal back in Australia. The animals are kicked, beaten, prodded, and dragged off trucks and into slaughterhouses by their ears and legs, and some are left to die in barren feedlots in scorchinghot temperatures. Sheep have their legs tightly bound and are thrown into the trunks of cars, have their throats slit while they are still conscious, and are left to bleed to death in prolonged and agonizing ways.

What You Can Do

These are not the first cases in which sheep have been nightmarishly stranded—and unless live exports end, they won’t be the last. Wool sales support this heartless and bloody industry, so save a sheep—don’t buy wool products. Urge Australian Minister for Agriculture Joe Ludwig to end the live export of animals

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  • liz says:

    So sad 🙁 How can some people be so cruel!!

  • Małgorzat says:

    Sheep are such gentle beautiful animals who never hurt anyone or anything and certainly do not deserve this. PLEASE STOP THIS FROM HAPPENING.

  • Tina Rice Wendzel says:

    Someone shut this kinda stuff down!!!geezz.if this isnt a sign of our times what is.we havto ware seat belts{should be our choise,But by God I have sean Enough.spay and nuetering shouldnt cost anything eather

  • remy ariane says:

    mais comment n est il pas possible de les emmener mourir dans la dignité,l humain n a vraiment aucuns respects

  • eve says:

    Why thousands of animals get shipped this way, while the majority of mankind does not approve of this, is beyond me.Let the Arab people breed and feed their own sheep, or have them slaughtered in Australia and export the meat.

  • Alison Bentlin says:

    The human race has a lot of sins to answer for. Animals are not put on this earth for our benefit. They are not ours to do with as we please. Innocent loving creatures who endure such barbaric suffering. What have they done to deserve such treatment. Makes me sick and the thoughts haunt me. Please everyone lets try and inform and educate as many people as we can and put a STOP to this.

  • Vivek Kumar says:

    “………. all humans will be totally accounted for on the “Day of judgment” for their evil deeds…………..”

  • chauvelon says:

    Sheep are such gentle beautiful animals who never hurt anyone or anything and certainly do not deserve this. PLEASE STOP THIS FROM HAPPENING.

  • allard says:

    quelle honte !!! l’holocauste dure encore ça ne finira donc jamais !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gabriele joerg says:

    unbelievable cruel people !

  • Becker Eliane says:

    Non à la maltraitance animale ! Non !!!!

  • Nora Trogen says:

    Live exports are so bad in any cases. This must STOP and just now!!!

  • Space says:

    All life deserves resoect! Abhorrent cruelty which is just ignored time and time again. Accept for the like minded here … vile humankind disgusts me! I hope what goes around…comes around!

  • lisa fox says:

    ALL IN THE NAME OF GREED!!! People are so evil in this world. The governments are to blame for this unecessary cruelty. SO VERY SAD!!I hope it ends very soon

  • Sally Rowbottom says:

    Please stop the live export of animals, please stop their suffering and this terrible ordeal. This is a barbaric practice.

  • Cathy says:

    The treatment of these poor animals, who have never hurt anyone, deeply disturbs me. I watched a video a few years ago of the sheep being slaughtered in some damn freakin’ Middle East country. It never left my mind….it angered me and the sadness was overwhelming. They slit the throats of each while the next victim was watching. Then the very last sheep, who was visibly terrified….the asshole guy punched the poor thing around (yes..PUNCHED) before he slit her throat. MANKIND is an OXYMORON!

  • luis ordoñez says:

    no tengan poca mdre alto a la exportacion de esas criaturitas vivas que solo recorren un infierno para ir a otro,no sean tan malditos todavia que se estan enriqueciendo a sus costillas las trata asi que inconciencia tan bestial no puede ser que malditos asesinos ambiciosos creadores de dolor y sufrimiento innecesario hacia esas bellas y nobles criaturitas

  • Lynn Cooper says:

    Sheep are such gentle beautiful animals who never hurt anyone or anything and certainly do not deserve this. PLEASE STOP THIS FROM HAPPENING.

  • megan says:

    Oh my gosh ! That is just disgusting , I wish I could make you feel what they feel you sick bastards ! Karma will sooner than later get back at you & ill be front row seats to watch . 🙂

  • kristina says:

    So glad that PETA is onto this live export problem. So many Aussies absolutely hate live export and are so passionate about it.This is not a minority group but a huge concern for 1000,s of us from every walk of life. So many are sickened. We want the government to implement reform if not total committment to ban. There are so many other ways that food could effectively reach its destination without cruelty. If only the Prime Minister knew the passion and how stopping live export could win her re election ……

  • Emelye Dwyer says:

    Please please – open your eyes and see how cruel this is. These animals deserve the right to comfort and dignity. Not these disgusting methods of practice. Humans are become more and more like parasites and it has to stop. Full stop.

  • michelle sabbar says:

    This need to STOP just cruel!!

  • Anne-Sophie M. S says:

    this is pure evil and non sense ! Time for whoever is responsible to wake up and stop that crap NOW !

  • Esther says:

    Please stop this cruel way of trwating animals!!

  • grace sri wachyuningsih says:

    for the love of god STOP LIVE EXPORT!!

  • Angela Gamblin says:

    Please stop this cruel and barbaric practice now.

  • Angela Gamblin says:

    Please stop this cruel practice now.