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Live Earth Got the Message

Written by PETA | July 13, 2007

As you probably know, we’ve been in touch with Al Gore and the Live Earth folks about the whole meat production/global warming/environmental destruction connection. Well, I just found out that the video at this link was shown at the NYC Live Earth event last weekend, so it looks like they got the message. Pretty cool if you ask me.


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  • johnronni says:

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  • RERyan says:

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  • kris shulfer says:

    oh my god!! i watched much of the live earth concert but i definately missed this!! it is nasty but it is so true!! almost 3 minutes of pure pooping i couldnt handle it makes me gaggy!! yuck!! it was quite funny thou!!

  • Ana says:

    Mike I agree. I only wish another video would show the intense suffering these animals endure both on factory farms and in the slaughterhouse. Hello take a look at your meat!!! Ugly violence and cruelty to these creatures bad for the earth and bad for your health not to mention constipation also!!! But at least the effort to encourage veggie menus is there!!! Great!

  • K says:

    Haha oh god gross.

  • Jessica says:

    At first when I realized what they were about to show I thought I was going to be grossed out. But I couldn’t stop laughing. Almost 3 strait minutes of POOP. ROFLMAO

  • Mike says:

    Further proof that a vegetarian diet prevents constipation.

  • Arnold Gruber says:

    I am very satisfied that Live Earth has taken up this important matter! It is impossible to be a first class environmentalist without including the animal issue and encouraging people to go vegetarian!