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No ‘Little Trim’ for Natalie Imbruglia!

Written by PETA | November 13, 2008

I honestly can’t tell who’s more stunning in PETA Europe’s new anti-fur ad—Topsy, or Natalie Imbruglia! I mean, sure, Natalie’s gorgeous, but Topsy has such fluffy ears ….

Really, though, “Torn” artist Natalie Imbruglia really shines in her new ad, which points out that even a “little fur trim” is the product of an industry that skins animals alive.


Natalie Imbruglia


“There is no kind way to rip the skin off animals’ backs. In the wild, animals are caught in snares and steel-jaw traps that slam down on their limbs—they often cut down to the bone and mutilate animals’ legs and paws,” Natalie says—and that kind of torture is a part of every piece of fur we see. Natalie continues, “Anyone who wears any fur shares the blame for the torture and gruesome deaths of millions of animals each year.”

This isn’t the first time Natalie has spoken out against fur, by the way. In 2005, she told Cosmopolitan just how she felt about fur when she shared her opinion of furry Jennifer Lopez. Oh, Natalie, you took the words right out of our mouths!

So when you go shopping for that new winter coat, don’t forget to make sure that all the trim is totally faux—and you can check out PETA’s Shopping Guide to Compassionate Clothing for some great cruelty-free resources. Topsy will thank you for it!

Written by Amanda Schinke

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  • soheil says:

    beautiful… دوست دارم!!!

  • me and you says:

    Natalie you are so beautiful !!!

  • clgoh says:

    I really like the use of international artists to promote awareness campaigne. Why? Simply because the source of the message comes from someone the audiences look up to. Giving a bigger probability to change people’s feelings behaviour and thoughts about all this cruelty. I do love fur clothings but only faux one because I cannot help but fall in love with God’s beautiful art. But God created these furs for a reason to protect this animals from weather conditions. And it would be very unethical to take away their shelter. Imagine this. Would you like someone to strip you naked under the blazing sun or during the ice cold winter? If not do not strip these animals naked either!

  • Karen Dutcher says:

    I would like to add that anytime someone wears fur or eats an animal they are giving support to abusive criminal behavior by some of the most viscious animals of all. Humans. All it takes is one look at a video from PETA’s hidden camera in some factory to know that these people are deranged abusers. If you think for a moment that is because they are only abusing animals please go to the nearest psych center for a check up. These people are not right in the head. These animals being abused could just as well be human. If you aren’t moved by the idea that animals deserve to be treated humanely then do it because you don’t want to be supporting the criminal behavior of others.

  • caroline says:

    I think we should all boycott the companies that do testing in animals and all the stars that wear fur if we cant make the difference who can?

  • Paulina Gonzalez says:

    Gracias Natalie!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rainbow Warrior says:


  • wow says:

    Natalie is so sexy! I love her so much!

  • Stefania Guiducci says:

    Thank you! I totally agree!!

  • Maria Isabel says:

    Ah Natalie. I always thought she had a beautiful voice but now it’s clear that her SOUL is beautiful as well!

  • lynda downie says:

    I love this ad!

  • SASHA says:

    Beautiful picture with a beautiful message ! Oh yeah BEAUTIFUL BUNNY!!

  • tricia says:

    great ad thanks natalie for trying to stop this awful industry pity a few more celebs dont get on board hey beyonce and jlo

  • hunter scott says:

    fur is murder. eating meat isnt soo cool. and natalie…shes smokin hot

  • Jo-Anne Carlyle says:

    Way to go Natalie and you too Topsy

  • NT says:

    As the proud guardian of a rescued rabbit I can understand why anyone would refuse to wear fur! That ad is amazing!

  • Kelly says:

    I think that’s great that she did the antifur ad but she used to be a model for L’oreal which makes me oh so sad.

  • lucyaol says:

    it’s a great ad.. O