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Little Rock Tries to Silence PETA

Written by PETA | June 9, 2011

In what appears to be a violation of PETA’s First Amendment right to free speech, the city of Little Rock, Arkansas, is denying our application for a permit to display our crippled-chicken statue near a McDonald’s restaurant.

In a rejection letter, Little Rock City Attorney Thomas Carpenter blamed “public safety concerns.” But not only would our proposed location not interfere with foot traffic, the city has also granted countless other permits to place large items, such as benches, on the sidewalk, presumably with no “public safety concerns.”

Is Little Rock afraid that the backup of people rubber-necking at the statue will cause a traffic jam? Or does it just not want its residents to learn that McDonald’s suppliers slam chickens upside down by their legs into metal shackles, often breaking their wings and legs, cut their throats while they are still conscious, and scald the survivors to death in defeathering tanks?

While we’re wrangling with Little Rock, you can e-mail McDonald’s and tell the company that you won’t be caught dead near an Unhappy Meal until its suppliers switch to the less cruel slaughter method that PETA is requesting.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Kylie (the voice for animals) says:

    The truth is that us vegetarians are not trying to force vegetarianism down non-vegetarians’ throats but we are simply trying to stop the torture and murder of animals by spreading the word and showing the TRUTH. In any other matter I would not hesitate to let you to have your own opinion but in the matter of this where your “opinion” takes the life of another I will not stand by idily and watch as you continue to allow the torture and murder to continue. Whether animals can speak or not they CAN feel pain, they CAN feel emotion. It is not can they speak, not is it can they reason but can they suffer? Think about it.

  • Gilbert Offenhartz says:

    After PETA’s position in the Stevens case whereby an innocent man was forced to serve a prison term (late exonerated by the Supreme Court) for exercising his right to free speech. PETA is hardly in a moral position to argue “free speech”. PETA harasses! Let them put their chicken sculpture where it will not cause a safety hazard. Let them take out a newspaper ad. Let them just mind their own business. Little Rock, I salute you for tour courage in standing up to PETA.

  • american hunter says:

    it says right their in the bible that god put all living things for humans to live in command over, but treating them badly is different, but hunters dont usually treat the animals unethically, we also build places for them to live, with out our money for conservation ( the money it costs for tags and such ) the animals would not thrive as easily

  • chicken is yummy says:

    Please stop trying to force vegetarianism down everyone’s throats (quite literally). By all means, abstain from Mickey D’s, but don’t use scare tactics to try to make others do the same.

  • Lucky says:

    Well said Fred!

  • Carol says:

    I have sent an email to McD: is anyone leaning heavily on the elders of the city of Little Rock?

  • Fred says:

    They’re not trying to silence you – they legitimately have a safety issue there. And, benches of course will be along sidewalks because people get tired. I’m all for freedom of speech – even incorrect; however, if a city says no for safety reasons then it should be respected because THEY know their city.

  • jmccool says:

    its probably because it would anger way to many people and they dont want the statue to be destroyed…PETA is not to popular there. I’m a little rock resident

  • erica says:

    i live near little rock, in jville, AR, and i think it would be awesome to see that statue… 😉

  • yolibeth says:

    i hope you guys can display them through out the country that would awesome and a great way to spread the word…its madness that they wont let you guys display it there. mayb there trying to cover something up..idk, or maybe they dont want the public to now the truth about animal cruelty