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Little Nuggets vs. McCruelty in Big Apple

Written by PETA | October 29, 2010

It wasn’t your average Chicken Dance: A pink stretch Mini Cooper delivered a troupe of little people dressed as dancing chickens to a PETA protest outside a McDonald’s in New York’s Times Square yesterday afternoon. “I Am Not a Nugget!” declared each of the little “chickens” with signs and dance.

The “chickens” paraded in front of the restaurant and stormed the door when the manager opened it to scream at them to move. They all tried to get inside, causing a commotion and preventing anyone from getting in or out for several minutes. When someone put a box of McNuggets in the hands of one of the performers, he held up a nugget for the cameras and yelled, “They break our wings! They break our legs!” and then threw it on the ground.

Flocks of tourists watched the chickens perform their choreographed musical protest against McDonald’s suppliers’ outdated and outrageous slaughter methods, which cause millions of conscious birds to suffer broken bones and many to die in tanks of scalding-hot water.

McDonald’s European suppliers already use a slaughter method that renders chickens unconscious while they’re still in the transport cages—and two slaughterhouses in the U.S. have begun to implement the new system, controlled-atmosphere killing (CAK). But McCruelty still refuses to require its U.S. suppliers to upgrade to CAK. Until it does, PETA’s protests, both big and small, will continue. Please join us in speaking up for chickens.

A big thank you to Centerfold Strips, which approached PETA to volunteer its professional dancers for this protest!

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • Cody Stern says:

    Peta speeks the truth to see more about our belovid animals please visit my website

  • Cody says:

    Mc. Donalds is a bad bad place I wish animals could talk to us so that we can stop treating them like 2nd class people or animals its just bad ANIMALS HAVE THE RIGHT TO RESPECT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cooioso24 says:

    it is AWESOME wat peta can do for animals. u guys rly take it over da top! i mean, this rly spoke to ppl. ill bet a lot of them joined them in say “CLUCK U MCDONALDS!!!” sryously, if i was there i probly wouldve went up to n empolyee or manager and went “CLUCK U!!!”

  • Loveyourself says:

    What does this organization suggest to people who can’t afford to eat healthy and not eat meat, this question is for the typical family who are on foodstamps and welfare

  • Char says:

    No video? 🙁 And I like Meg’s idea. 🙂

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    Now that is clever!!  At it’s next gala, PETA should give out an award for the most imaginative protest and present it the way the Acadamy Awards present the Oscars.  Can’t you just imagine Pamela Anderson announcing, “And the nominees for the most imaginative protest are:  “I Am Not a Nugget”, featuring Centerfold Strips at the New York Times Square McDonalds, “Here’s The Rest Of Your Fur Coat”  by the Black Friday Protesters, “No One Likes An 8 Second Ride” by Buck The Rodeo, and “Slavery Is Alive And Well In The Circus”  By The Friends of Elephants.  And the award goes to….